Written by Will W.

7 Feb 2017

Those of you who follow my posts know that my wife and I have a very special relationship. You probably also can tell that we are originally from the states. My wife hails from the Southeast and grew up an Atlanta Falcons fan. So she was naturally very excited when they made the Super Bowl this year.

As usual, we had several of my friends over to watch the game. My wife looked cute in her Falcons jersey and black shorts. As the pregame show ticked on (and the liquor poured into my wife,) she began talking about how the Patriots didn't stand a chance against her Falcons.

After a few minutes of running her mouth, one of my friends asked her if she was so certain, why not make a bet on the outcome.

"Sure, I want a new deck for the back. When you lose, you can help Will build it." Julie seemed sure of the outcome.

"What do I get if you lose?" my friend James shot back.

"What do you want?"

My other friend, Steve, who you may remember started fucking my wife late last year, was listening intently and chided in, "What about giving each of us a blow job if your team loses?"

This was not where I wanted the conversation to go. Steve was one thing, but EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS? I wasn't having any of this. I asked Julie to come into the kitchen for a minute but she waved me off. "Blow jobs? That's it? You're on! How many of you all want in on the bet?"

Eight hands shot up in the air, every hand in the room except mine.

"OK. You're on!" Julie seemed to be enjoying herself way too much.

As the game began, I was a wreck. But into the second quarter, things actually started looking good for Julie and her deck.

7-0, Atlanta



By halftime it was 21-3 and my wife was talking smack. "Well there's no more football after tonight so next weekend will be a great time to get started on my new deck." And, "Oh you poor boys! You all will have to give each other blow jobs after this!" She even went as far as grabbing one of the boy's crotches and saying, "It's a damn shame too because this seems like a nice cock and I am VERY GOOD at giving head. Just ask Will."

After a while the tension in the room started to build. I grabbed my wife and took her into the kitchen. "What the fuck are you doing? Those are my friends out there. Be nice!"

"I'm just having some fun with them." It was obvious that Julie had had a few too many.

"Well they're not having fun and God forbid you lose this bet, they are going to tear you up. Be nice! This game is not over."

My wife returned to the living room and remained cocky but was no longer chiding them.

The start of the third quarter saw Atlanta take a 28-3 lead, and at some point my wife's shorts came off. Not sure who did that or when it happened, but by then most of the boys were fixated on my wife.

Oh, come on," my friend Julian was saying. "The game is too far out of reach. Can't you give us a chance? How about ten points to make this interesting?"

"I'll tell you what. I will give you ten points and if you don't cover that spread, you will have to build my deck AND stain it."

Steve was watching the game and seeing what I saw. The Falcon defense was starting to look tired. He looked at my inebriated wife and said. "Ok. We get ten points and if we do not cover the spread with

the ten points, then you get a new stained deck. If we cover the spread with the ten points, it's a push and no one wins, but IF the Patriots win outright, you have to fuck every man in this room."

My wife laughed at him, "That isn't going to happen. No fucking way. The Patriots aren't going to win."

Steve smirked at her, "Then put your pussy where your mouth is."

I tried to jump in but my wife shushed me. "It's a deal."

The rest of the game was hard to watch, as Tom Brady became Tom Brady-esque and New England came roaring back. By the end of regulation, it was more than apparent that my wife's big mouth had lost her her new deck. The question was whether or not she was going to get gang banged in front of me for the first time. I was not thrilled at the propect, seeing that all of these men were close friends and work buddies of mine.

By the time New England won the coin toss, I knew my wife was fixing to get royally fucked.

All the men in the room celebrated that final drive and slowly my wife began to become more and more quiet. When New England scored the final touchdown, everyone in the room was celebrating. Steve looked at my wife, "Let the payment begin!"

The first thing they did was sit on the couches and make my wife perform a striptease for them. As she took off her Atlanta jersey, I realized that she only had on a pair of black thong underwear. She threw her jersey at me and danced around the room in her thong, her perky breasts jiggling around. Some of the guys began pulling out their cocks and stroking them. Some would even reach out and sample my wife's goods, pinching and rubbing her ass and breasts. It was like I wasn't even there.

It was Julian who came up with the next game. They blindfolded my wife, made her get on her knees and then lined up and took turns making her suck their cocks, trying to guess which cock belonged to which man. Once she guessed correctly, that man was out.

It was then, as they were all undressing that I got to see where I stood amongst the rank and file. It did not bode well for me. Steve, Justin, Tom and Julian all had larger cocks. Of the four, I was most surprised by Julian. He and I had grown up together and I always knew that he was bigger than me, just did not know how big he really was. The other guys were more in my neighborhood, with James being just a bit smaller.

My wife took turns taking their cocks into her mouth. It seemed the larger the cock, the longer she sucked them. She also got a lot of the smaller ones out of the way by guessing their names quickly. Before the first pass, James, Rick, Tim and Bob were seated on the sidelines watching the spectacle with me while Steve, Julian, Tom and Justin kept my wife's mouth busy. She was having fun with this. She sucked their cocks ferociously for a couple of minutes, cradling their balls in her hand. Then she would guess the wrong name. Tom looked over at me, "Your wife sure likes sucking dick."

"Only the large ones." He didn't talk to me after that.

At one point I got up and went to the bathroom. Upon my return this free for all extravaganza was ramping up. My wife was on her hands and knees on the couch sans thong with Rick's cock in her mouth and my best friend's cock in my wife's pussy from behind.

"Too bad about that deck, eh!" Julian chided her as he gripped her hips and plunged into her pussy with some ferocity. My wife's response was muffled by the cock in her mouth. She began moaning and pushing back onto Julian's big dick.

After several minutes of hard fucking, Julian withdrew his slick cock out of Julie's pussy and rammed it straight up her ass! My wife groaned on Rick's cock and not long after that Rick grabbed her head and dropped a load into my wife's mouth. She greedily swallowed what she could but some dropped out of her mouth, making its way down her chin and onto our

sofa. All the while Julian kept pounding her ass. My wife began to enjoy it. "Oh fuck me, Juless you stud! Fuck my ass with that big dick! I have wanted you inside me for years now. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck that's good dick. One great big beautiful dick. Fuck me baby! Fuck me Julian you stud!"

I had been pulling on my cock once I got back in the room and just hearing my wife calling out my best friend's name in the heat of passion made me cum hard.

Julie found her pussy and started cumming, which sent Julian over the edge. My best friend grabbed my wife's hips and pulled her ass up against his hard body, sliding that long cock all the way home as he dropped his load deep in my wife's ass.

He dismounted and Steve walked over to my wife. "Let's take this upstairs." With that he lifted my wife up off the couch and carried her to our bedroom.

Julian and Rick were dressing to leave, so I walked him out. When I got upstairs, my wife was being ravaged. She was lying in the middle of our king size bed with Steve underneath her, his cock up her ass. Tim's cock was plowing her pussy. She was also servicing Justin and Bob with her mouth, each cock in one of her hands, sucking one for a minute and then the other between moans of pleasure and unintelligible words of passion. Tim came next, unleashing the first load of the night in Julie's pussy. He was immediately replaced by Justin.

Watching Julie take Justin's big dick in her pussy and Steve's monster cock in her ass made me hard again. It also made my wife more vocal.


Justin did not disappoint. It did not take long for him to grip my wife's thighs and pull her all the way up onto his horse cock before unleashing his load deep into her womb. He pulled her onto him so hard that Steve's cock slipped out of her back door.

When Justin was done, he dismounted and I was able to see the copious amount of cum dripping from my wife. Steve put his dick back in her ass and started pumping again. Bob was next on my wife and it did not take him long to cum. He was followed by James, who had some staying power. Once he had dropped a load onto my wife's tits and belly, Steve got out from underneath her by flipping her onto her side and then getting her into

Doggiestyle. He rammed his massive dick into her ass, Julian's cum clinging to his shaft as lubricant.

Julie was having some trouble getting her words out because Tom's dick had found its way into her mouth. "HRRRRMMFF... FUCK YES... AUCK.... FUCK MY ASS STUD!" Most of what she was trying to say was indecipherable.

Then Tom started a new trend. He turned around on the bed and said "Tongue my ass, girl!"

Julie complied. She gripped his cheeks and shot her tongue up into his sphincter. Tom moaned with delight. Soon he was replaced by some of the other guys, who were getting hard again.

Steve finally groaned, slamming his

massive load into Julie's ass. She collapsed on the bed exhausted.

Tom moved into position to take her. My wife, lying in our marital bed, legs agape, loads of cum running from her pussy and ass. As Tom assessed the situation, Steve blurred out, "She needs cleaning before you fuck her. Will loves cream pies, don't you?"

Every one looked over at me, dick hard in my hand. Tom smiled at me, "Clean her for me, would you?"

I blushed. I could not believe that every one of my closest friends had fucked my wife and knew our secret. She was a hot wife, I her cuckold. I knelt in front of her and began tonguing my wife's pussy and ass. The mixture of her cum and theirs tasted sour and salty at the same time. My friends cheered me on, poking fun with little jabs about how their cocks tasted or how their cream pie was that they made for me. It was not long before she began to respond to my lapping. Then I felt Tom's hands on my shoulders pushing me out of his way.

He lined his big dick up and pushed himself in, slowly at first as she had to adjust to his size. Steve was longer by far but Tom was considerably girthy. And as Steve had not fucked my wife's pussy tonight, it took her a while to adjust.

He pushed in a half inch and then pulled it back, then some more and pulled it back. Julie's pussy looked to be stretched to the maximum. All the while she moaned and screamed in Tom's ear, "OH TOM. WHO KNEW YOU WERE SO WIDE? YOU SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! FUCK ME STUD! SPLIT ME OPEN WITH THAT HUGE COCK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME STUD! DRIVE THAT BIG DICK ALL THE WAY HOME. THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT! NOW YOU'RE GETTING IT! NOW YOUR GETTING IT STUD! YOU'RE BALLS IN! OH FUCK TOM! YOU'RE BALLS IN FUCKING ME HARD AND ALL I CAN DO



Tom fucked her for what seemed like thirty minutes. My beautiful wife met him thrust for thrust in the bitch heat that she was in. When Tom deposited his seed, the entire bed shook. He collapsed and lay on top of Julie for some time, catching his breath.

Then the whole thing started over again. All seven of us, myself included, took their turn with my wife again. I got to fuck her ass for the first time in a while, leaving my seed with Julian's and Steve's. I also ended up eating two more cream pies before the night was up. James even tried one but nobody else was brave enough to give it a try.

Everyone had so much fun that Julie's deck did get built and stained after all. The boys are still waiting for payment on that.

Julie was crushed that her team lost the Super Bowl. However, she did get royally fucked as a consolation prize. My hope is that she has learned not to make rash bets any more, but I am not holding my breath.

And now my secret is out. Our hot wife/cuckold lifestyle is known to all my friends. As much as this does concern me, at the very least I can say that my team won the Super Bowl!