Written by party shagger

20 Mar 2013

About myself I am Male, 6'3 and 105kg with about 6-7 inch cock. Watching porn one day I began to become curious about cocks and wanted to see a really big one. Not suck or play with it but just see it. See one in the flesh, maybe watch some videos and wank with the guy. So I posted an ad titled "want to see big cock" on another website. Anyway as you would expect a guy looking for other guys I got heaps of replies and invited a few around that didn't show. Then I got a reply from a guy, James, said he had a 9 inch cock and was keen. I asked a few more questions to get an idea of what he was like. He seemed alright so I asked him around when i was free.

Came to the day I had asked him to come around, he was a bit late but he had actually showed up. I had a set up the laptop to run through the TV as I do from time to time and so that there was a larger screen for both of us. Had a little chat while looking for a video to watch, found out that we both enjoy gangbang and double penetration videos so I found a good one with 4 guys on one girl. I told him to get comfortable, take his clothes off what ever he wanted. I strip down and sat there watching the video he did the same. Luckily he didn't lie about his cock size it was around 7inch flaccid and once hard grew easily to 9inch and was quite thick. It looked just like a few of the cocks in the video. I looked at him stroking ever now and then during the videos.

We had a chat while sitting there and he was actually quite a good guy. We both played sport and both had similar sexual interests. And I don't have mates that openly talk about this stuff like I do. So we were chatting and decided that we should try and find a girl to double team because neither of us had done it and both wanted to try it. So I got him to post another ad on the site, to find a cock slut. Didn't use those words but that's how we discussed it.

Was about a week before we had a reply and it didn't help it was just a guy asking to join. And the answer was "no".

It was a long shot but we didn't have any luck with the ads. So I decided to turn to a girl I know. I've known her for 3 years, we've hooked up once or twice. We are friends still and I still talk to her. I asked her around to my house just to "chill" one day and told James to rock up about half an hour after she was there so I texted him when she got to mine. I answered the door, she was wearing a blue shirt, kind of tight, fitted, hugging the shape of her breasts nicely and a pair of tight shorts. She is brunette, hair is wavy and sits just below her shoulders. Body is lean and petite, she is short probably just scraping 5'2" and nice firm breasts, maybe a C cup. Her name is Bree.

She comes in I offer her a seat in the lounge room, We chat for half an hour, I eagerly await James arrival. He rings the doorbell, I act surprised towards Bree, saying I'm not expecting anyone else. I open the door, "Hey James, what are you doing her?" "you told me to come over today" "ah, right. I double booked, I forgot about that". I turn to Bree, Do you mind if he stays, "not at all" she says. He comes in we've already planned where we will sit. I go and sit right next to Bree and he sits where I was on the lounge chair. As we sit and chat, Bree queries as to how we met and we make up some bullshit story about meeting at the pub and chatting about sports. Which she buys. While we are chatting I become a little bit flirty with her using touch a lot more and pulling her in closer to me. At one point when she makes a stupid comment a laugh and kiss the top of her head while hugging her in tightly to me. We are there for at least an hour talking and I chuck some football replays on TV. For some background noise. She gets up at one point and lays down on the couch with her head resting on my lap. I rest my right hand on her stomach, and soon start rubbing my hand slowly along her stomach, occasionally brushing her breast with my arm. She seems to be getting more comfortable with James and seemingly a lot more comfortable with me.

Soon enough I begin to get myself hard looking down at her tits and she notices a change. She looks at me with a little smirk on her face. She doesn't seem unhappy that I have a hard on. That's a start. I look over at James and smile a little bit. He knows whats going on. I slide a hand down to her leg and as i come back up, brush a hand between her thighs and come up towards tits and cup the right breast in my hand, then squeeze. She darts her eyes at me, then in James' direction and back at me as if to say no, he's her and I say it's fine he's cool with it. I tell James to get up, he does and comes over to us. Stands in front of where me and Bree are sitting/laying and I look at his pants. Without having to say a word he knows that I want him to take off his pants. He does and the reaction from Bree is "HOLY FUCK", when she sees his cock. Its pretty much the length of her forearm. She looks at me and I smile. She grabs the pole with one hand and wraps her lips around and starts to suck the few inches she can get in to her mouth. While James gets a good sucking, I get started on undressing her while she is laying with her head on me still. I pull her shirt off as much as I can with her laying down and need her to sit up, so she does and I slide off her shirt.She is wearing a black bra which I unclip and slide off revealing her nice firm tits. I slide behind her, with my legs either side of her, started to kiss her neck and play with her tits. Looked up every few kisses and watched her suck James' big cock. I starts to undress myself, I took off my shirt and then slid out form behind her and stood up to drop my pants.

I joined James in front of Bree and got my cock sucked. Soon James had bent Bree over and I was sitting on couch under Bree's mouth continuing to get my cock sucked while James eased his cock into her tight, pink pussy. Soon he had the full length of his shaft in her pussy and was starting to pound her harder. He pulled out after a few minutes of slamming her and she climbed onto me. I slid my cock into her wet pussy and she started to bounce on my cock. I slapped her ass once or twice. James was watching and stroking his cock a bit. He sat next to us and played with her tits a little bit, then moved his hand to her ass. By her reaction, he had started playing with her ass hole. He put a finger in and started to finger her bum. He stood up behind her and began to lube her ass up for his cock. He pushed the head of his dick against her asshole and pushed in slowly. As he did I kissed her lips and then sucked on her tits. He had a few inches in her ass now and was starting to slide in easier now. He began to pump her ass full of his long, hard cock. She started to yelp and moan as he went harder. I slid my cock back into her pussy and pumped up into her pussy hard. I could feel James' cock against mine inside of her. We were both going hard and I could see him starting to shake and quiver a bit. He was about to cum. He slowed and thrust into her, pumping her ass full of his hot cum. I inquired with her as to whether she was on the pill and I was alright to blow inside of her. She smiled and said "yes". So I pulled out ripped the condom off and shoved my cock back into her pussy and slammed hard back into her. My balls were slapping against my skin and hers. James had moved up standing on the couch getting his cock sucked. Bree was slurping on his long shaft, getting it slippery and swallowing more than she could the first time she tried. Taking almost the whole length in.

I was about to blow now, I slammed up hard and shot a powerful stream of hot, cum into her pussy. I pulled out and she flipped over onto her back. She told James to fuck her pussy again. He dived straight in, slowly fucking her pussy. He said "I love used, cum soaked pussy". I smiled at him and told him to "fuck her hard, make her our slut". She chimed in saying "fuck me hard, slam your big tool into my pussy!" That was different she hasn't said a lot. But I like it shes becoming a good slut. He pounded her pussy while I sat next to her getting a handjob. We changed position, she got on her knees, on the floor, I stood over her. She had a bit of James' cum dripping out of her ass, I gathered it on the tip of my cock and slid it back into her ass along with my cock. I had the whole length of my cock sliding in and out of her used ass hole. I started to pound her hole hard and fast while James lay on his back with his cock being worked over by Bree's sweet lips and tongue. I slide out and Bree crawls forward over Jame' hard cock and slides it into her pussy, she grinds his cock slowly and I slide back into her ass. I was sliding in and out slowly before Bree said "fuck me Harder Nathan, fuck me deep and hard." I did as I was told and thrust in and out rapidly. James follows suit and thrusts up into her pussy, she screams a little as our two cocks pump her pussy. I'm about to blow again and pull out this time. I say "I'm going to cum on your face" and Bree sat right down on James' cock. I moved to the side of Bree and jerked my cock over her face, spraying a hot jet of cum onto her face. Some drips down onto her tits. She starts to bounce on James' cock again pushing him to cum. She says "Are you going cum on my face too? Soak my face with another big load like Nathans?" He starts to thrust against her bouncing. I stand behind Bree playing with her tits and rubbing my cum into her skin making her skin gleam against the light. James' pulls out and slides out from underneath, standing up in front of Bree. He strokes his cock while Bree plays with his balls. He positions her face for the cum shot and shoots a big load of cum on her face, soaking her face even more. Bree is on her knees in front of the two of us smiling, face and tits covered with cum, her pussy and ass both having had loads shot in them.

She stands up and gives us both a kiss. We don't care at all that her face is soaked in cum. She says "this better not be the only time I get this." James and I smile and reply "It certainly wont be." We all showered and they hung mine for a bit longer. When Bree left she gave us both a kiss again. James and myself had a chat about what we just did. Certainly got to know each other in the last couple of weeks. We definitely have to do it again!

Sorry about the length of this story I like to go into good detail, hope you enjoyed :)