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nice group fuck

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Published 10 years ago
we had held a few orgies and all had gone well, being early 30's and most of the other couples too , helped a lot , young enough to enjoy and old enought to now how too, ally was one of our reg girls, her hubby was well hung and we all got on well together, a few of the others had been to our parties before, and there was 2 new couples, 6 couples in all, which we found to be a good number for fun without being to crowded, most times it didnt take long, one of the girls would pick a guy and go down on him, and the reg guys strip of and pick a girl each, soon naked bodies lay every where licking and sucking one another, one of the new girls, pat was my choice, she was pretty and nice boobs which soon sprung loose of her flimsy top, and her skirt dropped of just as quick too, we made sure that every one was told what happened at our parties so every one knew they would be stripped of and playing very soon after getting here, i licked her pussy while she sucked my cock deep in her mouth, boy could she suck too, my head was pushed aside by Rod, his huge cock aiming for her pussy, i sucked his cock to wet it for him and it slide in easy, he fucked her hard as i eat her pussy, my cock going deeper each stroke too, i needed more, so with rods help i flipped her over and wet my cock , pointing straight at her arse, my cock hit home first time, she jumped a bit but soon settled down to us both fucking her body, ally was nearby licking on a lovely clit and loooking at us fucking this lovely lady, she smilled and let me know she to wanted a dp, rod and i fucked away for about 10 mins and then let pat get some fresh cock from dave, not as big as rod but a nice fat cock, she took him easy, ally smilled and moved over on her knees, rod said my turn so i sldie under her and stuck my cock in her pussy, his cock pumped her arse hard, another guy slide his cock in her mouth and she took over riding us all, rods eyes lit us as he dropped a load deep in her arse, and slipped out soon afterwards, I couldnt let that go to waste, so i slide my cock in her wet arse, and took over fucking her,, the guy in her mouth seemed to be a bit upset i think he wanted her arse to and i said to ally would she like him in her arse, she said yes please both will fit nicely, boy you couldnt hold him back his cock was pushing in next to mine in no time, it went in and we both felt the heat of one anothers cock pumping her arse, we kept it going for 10 mins or so, by now my cock was swelling with cum, i looked at him and smiled, and he smiled back and we both worked up a bit more speed, and soon just about together filled her with 2 fresh loads of cum mmmmmmm, she sat up on me and emptied her hot cum filled arse on my chest, boy did it feel good.. then she went down and licked it up rubbing it in me as she went too, my wife saw what was going on and sat on my face while i ate a nice load of cum out of her wet pussy, ally played with her boobs and clit, next thing daves big cock was pushing into her pussy from behind, boy he doesnt miss a thing, and fucked her hard, he must have been full again because soon he jerked and filled her with cum, i swollowed his cock as it slipped out and sucked it dry, then proceded to eat his cum out of my wifes pussy, no sooner had i began then a nice big cock slipped into her arse, it was nice and wet and went deep first stroke, Im sure he must have been fucking her arse before she sat on my face as she took him easy and worked his cock for him my tounge sliding over her clit as she did,, i love seeing her arse filled with cock and mine soon grew, and without much effort, slide around and found a nice wet pussy to fill, the guy in her arse slipped his cock out and slide mine in her arse, then began to work his cock in with mine, I knew she could take 2 cocks, but not two big ones,, he worked her gently, and soon his cock was next to mine i left him to pump for us both i just loved feeling his cock on mine, all to soon my cock felt him squirt hot cum in her and pulse against my cock, mmmmmmmmm so hot, we both slipped out but i had one more surprise, i put a bit of lube on my hand and slide it in her arse, playing in his cum boy did he like that ,, he went around to her mouth and pumped his semi soft cock deep al the time we had been playing the others had also been enjoying thier own fun and some watched us, my fisting got the guys horny as, and soon 3 took over, one in each hole fcuking her hard, lilly was in heaven. the other woman were happy by how and watched as she took them all, one after another cum after cum, me taking her arse for one last load, we sat talking for awhile and agreed to meet again soon, lilly smilling and saying we might need some spare guys next time too, no arguements from me , and we set the date for 3 weeks times
gangbang fun

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