Written by Sandy Day

20 Aug 2015

I am a married lady late 30's who has i might say let myself go a little. I have put on a few kilos but according to my Husband I carry it well and am still sexy. I know i have a pretty face with long curly blonde hair and large boobs but i tend to wear frumpy clothes and to say the least our sex life has been in a lull. We booked a night at the theatre to see Les Miserables at the Capitol theatre and i was happy to get out on the town. A new hairdo and some new clothes, slacks and a nice silk shirt and Jacket looked good when i got changed in our hotel. Hubby and I had been fighting over the last week and now it was time to get some happy back into our lives.

The show was fantastic and on our walk back to the hotel we walked past club x on George St and although never being adventurous i asked if we could go in for a look. As it was late we decided we could come back the next night as we were staying in the city for two nights. On the next evening a Saturday we went to dinner and had a few drinks and then my hubby asked if I still wanted to go to club X to which i replied why not. I was weaing the same pants with a v necked T under my jacket and some nice heels, looked ok. up the stairs and whoa the toys and movies but the shop was nice bright lights and clean. Another couple were looking at the toys and we just looked around for a while. The other couple went to the counter and got a ticket to the cinema and soon disappeared through the door. I asked my Husband if he wanted to go to the cinema and he said it will be full of men pulling themselves and i wouldn't like it. I replied that the other couple hadn't come back and it had been at least 10 mins so i wanted to go see what its like.

We got a ticket and in through the first door. Two cinemas, the attendant told us the one on the right was tranny movies and the left one straight so in the left one we went. Plastic seats up one side with a good sized screen. Girl sucking off big cock playing. I looked around there was a scattering of men most with their dicks out. Most were looking back to the back row or at us as we entered. I looked back to see what they were watching and saw the other couple making out in the back row. She had her shirt off and was playing with his dick. Two guys were standing in the row wanking while watching them. We took seats three rows down me up against the wall and turned to watch the couple.

She was nude now and had one of the watchers cocks in her mouth sucking him. All the other guys were moving back towards the action wanking and watching her service the lucky guy. A couple of guys stayed near us watching to see if we were going to play i guess. I was horny as hell and hubby had a noticeable bulge in his jeans. The girl behind us was now sucking another guy and we could barely see as the crowd was thick. Guys were cumming on her and her partner just watched.

It was too much for me so I asked hubby to take me outside. I was sweating and so horny i had never witnessed anything like this and my mind raced with wicked thoughts.