13 Feb 2011

When she was much younger my wife was a bit of a party animal and had quite a crush as many young girls do on the guys in some of the bands of the day. One of her favourite bands, no longer big time was doing a show at a club nearby and as I knew she had been a big fan I booked us a table for dinner and the show. When I told her where we were going she was like a young schoolgirl, very excited, even though she is now in her early 60s. The band of course was no where like they had been. The vocalists voice was very gravelly and horse but my wife thought they were wonderfull and cheared enthusiastically the whole way through the show. They took a break midway through the show and too my wifes utter delight the vocalist,I,ll call him John and his lead guitarist came over to our table and introduced themselves to us. My wife couldn,t believe her luck and invited them to join us which they did pulling up a couple of chairs from a nearby table and virtually crowding me out as they sat either side of my wife. They were with us for half an hour before they had to return to the stage. I saw John chat do one of the waiters just before they got back on stage and next thing we were given a round of drinks compliments of the band. “That was generous of them” I said and my wife grinned and said “that was the least they could do”. When I questioned what she had meant she told me they had been feeling her up under the table the whole while. My cock sprang to attention at the thought. She was certainly horny because for the rest of the show she played with my cock under the table. When the show was over she went to the toilet returning soon after and handing me something to look after. When I looked it was her panties. “In case they return” she said and grinned. We were just about to give it up and go when John returned and sat close to my wife. I was watching more closely now and knew from his arm movement he had his hand on my wifes leg under the table. The look on his face told it all as he realised she was no longer wearing knickers. The knowlrdge that he was playing with her cunt right in front of me had me hard as a rock. We had a few more drinks on the house then he invited us back to his hotel room for more. I wanted to say no but Jenny wanted to go so we went. Jenny sat between us in the cab and it would have been impossible for me not to see he had his hand on her leg almost touching her twat. He had his arm round her as we walked to his hotel room. When we went inside Jenny sat on the two seater sofa and John sat beside her leaving me to sit in one of the chairs facing them. We were soon joined by two other members of the band, Gary the base player and Lenny the drummer who strolled out of one of the bedrooms naked a girl not even old enough to be his daughter on his arm. These guys like my wife were in their 60s and this girl looked about 16. He walked her to the door and pushed her outside and closed the door behind her. I guess she wouldn,t put out for him. I hadn,t seen his cock until he returned to where we sat and it was huge and looked like an elephants trunk. Ive never seen a cock like it before or since. Little wonder his young friend said no. “I like the look of that”he said flopping down into another of the chairs. I looked to see what he was talking about and saw my wifes skirt was now up round her waist and John had lifted one of her legs onto his lap so her bare cunt was well and truly on show. They were kissing now and his hand slid up onto her cunt. I watched for awhile trying to control my own throbbing boner and then reminded her I had to work next day. She was not ready to leave and suggested I go home saying she would like to stay awhile and would follow soon after. I knew not to argue, she was in the mood for sex and her old rocker hero was going to get it. I caught a cab home but couldn,t sleep and when it reached 3.00am and I had wanked myself silly and still no sign of her I returned to the hotel. The door was unlocked and I let myself in to find naked bodies everywhere. My wife was passed out naked on the floor on her back a pool of spunk on the floor between her legs. It had been an orgy with all the guys including the lead guitarist who had returned later going through her several times. I leant over her and shook her gently to wake her and without opening her eyes she put her arms round my neck and moaned for me to fuck her. If I hadn,t have wanked so much I would have but I just said I was taking her home. She went off to the bathroom to clean up and when she didn,t reurn after 15 minutes I went to find her. I found her in bed with Lenny sucking his big cock. He looked up as I opened the door and said “Come and join the party man, she,s a real firecracker”. He didn,t even know she was my wife. I took her home and next evening when I returned from work she told me Lenny had given her free tickets for the next show and she was going for a repeat performance