Written by lovemuck

6 Jan 2013

sorry fro any grammar errors...both a bit horny

We met D on Swingers Heaven and arranged to catch up as we were travelling through his area.

He suggested a rest stop near the local river, we were a bit unsure at first as it was pretty public but there was a gravel road that lead us into some scrubland, D was waiting for us there.

It was hot trying to read each other’s body language, pretty soon we realised we were all saying yes

We angled our panel van for some privacy – amongst some tress, a highway on one side, occasional cars on the other – and E laid back in the van.

We asked D to caress her inner thighs then stroke her pussy through her panties for a bit

E and me started to kiss so I handed D the camera and he filmed us kissing then zoomed in as E took me in her mouth.

I love encouraging other guys to enjoy my Lover and the way E was bent over me, presenting her cute arse to D said she was enjoying and ready to be enjoyed! E began pushing back onto D’s fingers that were starting to explore around the sides of her panties, I pulled her panties aside so he could get a good look at her sweet sex

He slid his fingers into her, judging by the way she moved I’d say he knew what he was doing. I get a huge rush when we include other people in our play and watching someone slide into my lover - finger, tongue or cock - is always a buzz …the freedom of un-jealousy

My Lover was really moving now, sliding onto me with her mouth and pushing back onto D’s fingers with her cunt

I started rubbing E’s clitoris as D worked his fingers in and out of her, both of us massaging her back. I started kissing her legs as she started cumming

Elated, E laid back

D and I stroke E’s inner thighs and occasionally rub her pussy. D begins to lick E through her panties, around her panties and eventually takes them off and proceeds to give E a lush headjob. She writhes about under his tongue. She is so wet he literally slurps her up which makes her gush more and suck me harder- delicious

D works her cunt like a pro – stroking her spots while his tongue worshipped her clit

E wants to return the favour

It was pretty hot watching E watch D put the condom on, I could tell by the way she was looking at his cock that D was in for a treat

E gives amazing head, it’s all about the attack - she loves sucking cock.

I slid into her from behind, she was so wet and I was so hard we started hammering straight away. I had a great view of her mouth sliding up and down D’s cock

It was so hot watching my Lover gorge herself on our cocks

I kicked back and E started to suck me again, going from cock to cock. E moved around to take me deeper in her mouth and present her dripping cunt to D. He was more than ready and eagerly slid into my Lover, once again there wasn’t much slow, tender probes just thrusts, both of them going for it! I love the feeling as E sucks me and gets pushed onto my cock by the thrusts of other guys fucking her, the sound of bodies slamming together

E gasps and moans and sucks and licks and kisses me and pushes back hard onto D. We thrash around for a while then D pulls out and lays back, E gets on her back and grasps D’s cock, starts to suck it as I enter her then pull out and lick her wanting to taste the latex, she gushes on me, I lap her up then get on top of her again straight away fucking her hard…just cm’s away she’s taking D’s cock into her mouth - hot !

We were a sweaty ball of sex, so slowed down for a breather and a drink of water but were soon playing again, lightly touching. D asks to fuck E on her back, she’s “very up for it” and leans back against me and my raging hard on. I get an excellent view of D sliding his cock into E. I feel E shake as she cums on his cock, I kiss her neck and tell her I love her, she cums again hard! All the time D is building up an awesome rhythm, slamming away into my Lover, he asks if he can come in E she responds yes by thrusting her hips harder under him, encouraging him on to a shuddering orgasm – I love it and E does too, cumming hard on D’s shivering cock !

D has to take off back to work, a true gentleman, he takes his condom, has a little lick of E and kicks back. I’m inside of E before he is in his car, both of us thrusting hard and urgently – revved from our catch up with D. I pull out to taste latex in E again and then slide my cock back into her all the time we’re discussing our highlights from our still hot sesh with D…wasn’t long before we were moaning, growling, shuddering and shivering together too

Looking forward to our next catch up