Written by me8u68

7 Nov 2012

Many years ago when I was single I had a mate renting a room off me and he seemed to have a continual stream of ladies dropping by. It became a bit of a standing joke, him with all these ladies and me with none.

I'd been single for about a year and hadn't had sex in that time.

I arrived home late one night after work to find Dan with another of his lady friends sit watching TV, a pretty girl about 20 with a full figure and large perky tits. Introductions were made and Deb turned out to be nice and someone who you could have a sensible chat with. Sometime later Dan headed to bed as he had an early start the following day and Deb followed.

I settled in to watch some TV thinking I'd have the lounge to my self for the rest of the night, and turned the volume up so I couldn't hear their bedroom activities.

I was surprised when Deb wandered back out to the lounge freshly showered and wearing a light nightie, she sat on the lounge next to my chair and picked up our conversation where we had left off. After a while I noticed she was touching my arm more and more as we chated. Not sure what what to do so I offered to go make a couple of drinks, still keep the conversation going, but when I returned I almost spilt the drinks as Deb had moved and I had a nice view of a neatly trimmed pussy. I handed Deb her drink while trying not to look (or at least not get caught) and she grabbed my hand and led me onto the lounge with her. I was not sure what to do as I was not about to make a play at a mates girl, but Deb kept touching my arm and then progressed to the top of my leg. Deb must have sensed my reluctance and told me that she and dan were friends and she had asked him to introduce us. The nerves settled a bit after that and I started to let my own hands wander up and down her leg, this led to some more fondling and then kissing. We headed to bed (deb in the spare room) shortly after as it was almost 2am and I had to open my workshop at 7am.

The next day a work all I could think of was Deb and how she felt, and promptly shut up shop at 5pm and made quick time getting home. Opening the front door I was disapointed to see Deb on her knees sucking Dan. They both looked up as the door opened and they were quick to stop me leaving again. Once I was inside Deb was quick to pull my cock out of my shorts and start to stroke it and lick the head, while dan moved around behind her and started to play with her ass cheeks.

As I was settling down and coming to grips with what was happening there was a knock at the door, Dan jumped up to answer the door as Deb told me to stay put and went back sucking me. I could here Dan talking to someone and was shocked as he let Jessica (another of his lady friends) wander into the the room, she looked at what was going on as if it was perfectly normal, said hi to Deb and I and headed to the kitchen. When Jess returned with drinks for everyone, her tits swinging free with her top and bra gone, she looked at me with a wicked grin and then gave me a deep and intense kiss. I was in heaven and had forgotten that Dan was even in the room till I felt Deb move and take all of my now hard cock into her mouth and saw Dan entering her from behind. My hands were all over Jess, running down her back, fondling her boobs and working on the zipper to her skirt. Jess stepped back and let her skirt fall to the ground and revealed a lovely shaved pussy, then dropped to her knees to help Deb work on my cock. This went on for a few minutes till Jess sat on the lounge next to me and I moved round to return the favour. I looked around a while later to see Dan pumping away at Deb who gave me a big smile. I kept licking Jess till she shuddered and pushed my head away, so I moved up and positioned the head of my cock at her wet tunnel and eased in slowly just enjoying the feeling, nice and slow was just what i needed and it wasn't long before I emptied a load deep inside her, as I pulled out Deb grabbed me and licked me clean before moving on to clean Jess with long strokes of her tounge.

I noticed Dan was nowhere to be seen but with the girls licking each other that was the last thing on my mind. Deb have her head between Jess's as I moved round and began fondling her ass and stroking her clit and pushing one and then two fingers into her slick pussy, it only took a few strokes before she collapsed in orgasm. We cuddled on the lounge for a bit longer before Dan came back into the room with a cake and candles and asked if I like my present, my birthday had slipped my mind with all that had been going on and Dan had come up with the perfect gift.

The girls were quick to tell us that the night was still young so after a few drinks and some food we kept playing till the small hours of the morning