Written by s_t5116

10 Oct 2012

We were invited to go to an old friend’s house. We haven’t seen this person since high school, and he is one of my wife’s old high school boy friends. They dated when they were young, and although they got quite passionate, they never slept together.

We had completely lost touch with most of the people from school, and only since social web sites started popping up had we began to get in contact with them again. My wife had found some old girl friends, who led her back to this man. She was quite excited to be in contact with him again and to learn all about his life. His new partner and their new baby together, so we were invited around to have some drinks and catch up on old times.

We decided we would take a few bottles of red wine, as we like a drink and heard that they did too. We had a great evening reintroducing ourselves and meeting his lovely lady, who was quite stunning to look at, with an excellent personality as well. We all hit it off straight away, and the evening was great fun.

As the night drew on, and much too much wine had been drunk, the subject turned to sex, and we were all very open about what we liked. The old boy friend took this as a cue, and porn appeared on the TV. It soon became apparent, that what they liked was the occasional bit of fun with other couples, and the young woman had taken quite a shine to my wife’s breast.

Now at this stage, we had never done anything sexually with anyone other than each other, so it came as quite a shock to me when the stunning young lady slid herself down next to my wife, placed her head on her shoulder and began stroking her breast. but what I found even more shocking, is when instead of being uncomfortable about it, my wife loosened her top to allow more access. In short order, the two girls had begun stroking each other and laughing. Tops were lost, as the girls began to play with each other’s tits, and then kissing and licking each other’s breasts. We all got really turned on by this, and we all spread out on the lounge room floor. As the young woman lay down on the floor, my wife’s old boy friend was up out of his seat, cock in hand. My wife moved straight in and took him in her mouth, and slid her hand down the young women’s beautiful body, touching her on her legs and belly, moving down to her mound. All the while, the young woman continued to touch and play with my wife’s breasts.

I moved in behind my wife to get a closer look at things, and began rubbing her between her legs, I could feel that she was wet and seriously turned on. I loosened her pants and dropped them to the floor, while moving around and gently touching the young women’ breasts. Not sure what boundaries lied where, I decided the best course of action was to concentrate on my wife’s well being. I kept rubbing her fanny mound and clit, to her moans of pleasure, as she was being stimulated all over. My cock was aching to get out, and as the old boy friend had already broken this taboo, I wasted no time in dropping my pants and fishing out my old fella. I moved in close behind my wife and rammed her box full of my cock, working away quite quickly, banging her hard. Too excited to take my time, as there just seemed to be tits, arse, pussy and cock everywhere you looked. At some stage that I do not recall, the young woman had lost all of her clothes, and both her partner and my wife were rubbing her fanny and clit vigorously. My wife was moving forward and back on all fours as I shafted her hard from behind and the young woman’s hand rubbed her clit from the front. All this was too much for the old boy friend, and he soon lost his load all over my wife’s face and tits.

Strangely excited by seeing another man cum on my wife’s face, I wasn’t far behind him, and after a few more hard strokes, I cum my load deep into my wife’s love tunnel, leaving me soft, and my wife dripping cum onto their carpet.

The old boy friend had gone off at this stage, and I was privileged to watch my wife bend down and take the young woman’s pussy in her mouth. Her very first taste of pussy other than her own juices, as if it was the most natural thing in the world for a straight woman to suck pussy. The moans and sounds of joy coming from the young woman were wonderful, and I knew that my wife still needed more attention. With both men soft already (and too drunk to return to action,) I decided that I would try to finish her off with my hands. In the mean time, the old boy friend had returned with a few of his partner’s toys, and he moved to the bottom of the young woman and began working her with a large pink vibrator. The girls were having a great time rubbing each other’s clits and sucking each other tits, sharing the occasional passionate kiss. I had moved my hands around my wife’s pussy, and inserted a few fingers, and was steadily finger fucking her. Her pussy was so wet that I inserted another finger, and then another, until I had all my fingers deep inside my wife’s snatch. With a bit of a push, I managed to get my hand in past my knuckles, and as she was so wet, soon had my whole hand in to my wrist. I bulled up a fist, and steadily fist fucked my wife hard. She started moaning in delight, while playing with the young woman’s clit. She soon let out a loud moan and her whole pussy tightened around my fist as she cum hard, squirting fluid as she did in great quantities all over the carpet and over me.

In the mean time, the old boy friend had worked his partner into frenzy with the vibrators, while my wife kissed and sucked and stroked. The young woman soon came to a climax, smiling and laughing.

We sat for a while afterwards, grinning at each other, while the women shared one last cuddle, before my wife and I headed off toward home.

Although on the scale of things, this is only a small encounter, these two wonderful people showed us a completely new world, and introduced us to this web site, where we have met some beautiful people. It is only fitting that a story be written about our first encounter.

And as it happens, the whole thing was on not one, but two cams on this very web site 