14 Aug 2019

It was holiday time! My favorite Aussie holiday destination – Port Douglas, far North Queensland. One of my besties owns houses and units up there. Lozza always lets me use the Penthouse free of charge; providing I give him plenty of notice. The “Penthouse” was nothing of the sort. It was an upstairs single bedroom apartment in a non-descript resort; located at the wharf end of Macrossan Street.

I arrived at Cairns airport at around noon on Thursday. It was October. As usual, the moment I exited the plane, the humidity hit me. Fuck! It usually takes me two days to get used to it. Victoria is dry heat. It can get up to 50 Celsius down there; but it is not stifling like up here. Even at 35 Celsius, at 80% RH, it was hotter. The body just couldn’t cool itself. We humans cool, by evaporation of sweat from the skin. At high humidity, the evaporation is compromised. This is why, only refrigerative air conditioning works in the tropics (Sorry for the science lesson … lol!)

My hire car was a Benz. 6 Cylinder. Very nice. I made a mental note to head up to Cape Tribulation for a drive. Hopefully, I will meet a nice chick to share the journey. Port Douglas is about 45 minutes’ drive north of Cairns. I love that drive. Hills and ocean views. I called Lozza. “Hey cunt. What’s up”. “Jex. Where are you”? By the way; Lozz and I went to school together. Boarders at Scotch College Melbourne. At that time; my nickname was “Jex”. All the people in my life, from that vintage, still call me Jex.

“I’m half way. What you up to”? “Getting the shark cat ready. The trout are biting”. “Awesome. You want company”? “I’ve put your beer in the esky, Jex”.

I went straight to the wharf. Lozz had the cat in the water. “How’re ya goin’ mate”? We hugged. “What the fuck! You look awesome Lozz”. “I’ve been running again”. We took off, heading East to the reef. It took over an hour at 35 knots to get out there. 40 km off shore. We anchored in 90 foot of water and started fishing. Coral trout are a delicacy. So sweet and tender. We caught about everything except coral trout. “Let’s fucking move”.

The next spot was 120 foot deep. There were tiger sharks circling. No fucking good. Another spot. This time 75 foot. Better. The trout started coming in. Once we got a decent quantity, we headed to a sand bar for a swim. The was a sailing boat there. “Hey. Where’s the goggles and flippers”? “Here”. I dived in for a squiz. I love the Great Barrier Reef. Coral everywhere. Fish everywhere. I free dove down about 25 feet and found a giant clam. I placed my hand inside. It closed on me. I laughed to myself. This always felt like a giant vagina. I arm fucked the clam; then started to run out of breath.

Back on the surface, I looked for Lozz. He was on the beach talking with a bunch of girls. That bloody slut. He was always worse than me. Well, maybe not these days! I swam to the beach and shook off; letting the goggles and flippers fall to the ground. “Jex. Get over here”. He introduces me to the girls. There were six. They were there on holidays. No guys with them. They had sailed out a few days ago and were camping there on the atoll. It was clear they wanted company.

They were a mixture of 20s, 30s and 40s. We didn’t ask about personal stuff. It was a party. North Queensland is like that. I think it is the climate. You just let your hair down and forget about the outside world. This is why I keep going back. It suits my lifestyle. They had a camp set up. Barbie. Chairs, table. We went back to the cat and got the trout. “Do you have salad”? “Sure”. Says [Blonde25]. She was in a black bikini. Nice boobs. A little big around the thighs and arse. I liked that. We had brought the gear to clean the fish and proceeded to do that. 31 fish of various sizes. More than enough and then some. “Can you show me”? [Brunette31]. “Sure”. She was skinny, with no tits to speak of. “Stand here”. I stand behind her and show her how to clean a trout. Then fillet. “Put the fillets on that plate”.

“Who wants a champagne”? [Brunette 40]. She was quite over-weight. Huge boobs FF. Cute face. A hell of a sense of humor. “Only if I can use the bottle afterwards”. She laughs. “I hope on me”. A seed is sown… Champas are poured. Two bottles. Music is introduced. Dire Straits. So, apt. It was getting dark. We had finished filleting. “Got butter and flour”. “Yep” [RedHead37]. She had a gym fit perfect figure. C boobs. In a green skimpy bikini. I had my eye on her. I had my eye on all of them. So did Lozz. He was already pashing [Blonde25].

To describe Lozz. He is short. Around 5 2. He has dreadlocks. Bone thin and all muscle. A ten inch cock. I had seen it. Boarding School – remember. I am 6 3. Very muscly. Only an 8 inch cock, but thick and hard. PS. That dispels the myth "Tall, big hands and feet". I’ve had no complaints; except my friend Sharon who thinks I am too big. She is too small – fuck her and her little pussy. But I do love her, all the same.

“Let’s fire up the barbie”. I do that. “Where’s the butter and flour”? [Bald39] gets it for me. She was an enigma. I realized she was lesbian. So, there must be another. Ah, there. [Brunette 19]. Short hair. Thick set. Not paying attention. OK. At least we had action and good company. I cook. Bald39 makes the salad. “Lozz”. “What”? He was in-between Blonde25’s legs, devouring her pussy. “Get some wine from the cat”. “Fuck. OK”. He removes himself from her and dives into the water.

The food was delicious. Fresh trout caught hours earlier and salad with nice trim. Yumm. I had Brunette40 on one side and Blonde25 on the other. They were both playing with me under the table. My cock was hard. I was hungry, having not eaten all day. I needed my energy food. The wine was fab. Chardonnay from Gapsted Victoria. It was after 9 pm and the sun had settled. The girls had oil burners spread around, like in survivor. So sexy and mysterious. What next?

A fire. “Is there fire wood anywhere”? “Not sure” says Brunette19. Let’s go and see. We head. “Got a torch”? “Hang on”. She heads for the sailing boat and dives in. A few minutes later, she returns with a water proof under-water torch and hands it to me. We didn’t find wood. But we found heaps of old coconut hulls and dead palm branches. I built a fire. Perfect.

“Has anyone got a guitar”? “Yes, actually” From RedHead37. “But it’s in the boat”. “Where”? “I’ll have to show you”. “Ok”. We stroll to the edge of the water and dive in. We swam to the boat and boarded. She takes me down stairs. She got the guitar. It was a gut string acoustic. “Nice boat”. She stands and watches me, waiting. I take her in my arms and kiss her deeply; placing my hands on her buttocks and squeezing. “Ooh. I haven’t had sex in ages”. “Really”? “Yes”. I remove her bikini top. Such awesome boobs. I take a nipple. She grabs my cock. I remove her bikini bottom. Shaved pussy and wet. She pulls down my shorts. My cock stands up like a soldier. She gets on her knees and takes me. Wow! What a mouth. What a throat. She was going at it like the world was about to end. "Hey. Slow down. You'll make me cum". This served to only quicken her pace. She had my balls in one hand, squeezing them. Her other hand had the base of my cock; moving up and down in rhythm with her mouth and throat. I closed my eyes and held her head with one hand and her hair with the other. The itch. The burn. The clamp. My cock merged with her throat and mouth as if they were one organism. "Hmmmmmm"; this was really turning her on. "I want you to come all over my face". She spat on my cock and proceeded to wank it, really hard; aiming me at her face. My balls exploded. The first jet hit her fair and square in the left eye. The second, her nose. The third into her mouth. She took me again and sucked the last few drops, as I entered the sensitive phase. I slid him out. She used her hand to scoop my come off her face and eat it. All of it.

Getting the guitar to the shore was easier than expected. The ocean had calmed, almost to a flat sheet. I held it above the water and side stroked. "You two took your time". RedHead37 grinned. "We had to tune the guitar". Oh. Great segway. I sat and did just that. It was a Maton. Nice work. Great acoustic sound. I played and sang "Stairway to Heaven". It was an appropriate tune for Lozz, who was laying on his back; with Blonde25 straddling his face and Brunette40 in cowboy; taking his entire cock in style. I put the guitar down and approached. Brunette40 grabbed my cock and stroked him back to life. There was still sperm dripping from him. "Hmmmm... you've already had a crack". She licked it up and sucked all that was left. I positioned myself behind her and searched for her arse. She arched her back and reached for me; guiding him. I entered easily and started double penetrating.

Bald39 and Brunette19 were 69'ing each other, not far from us. They were both unshaven. Bald39 had a mane of pubic hair, from her arse to her belly button. Brunette19 was hairy, but neatly trimmed into a cat head shape. I always love watching girls do each other. You can learn so much from them; because they know what each other likes. No girl is the same. Guys are much more boring and predictable.

Brunette40 was coming like a well paid whore. I could feel Lozz's cock on the other side of the wall of flesh between her pussy and arse. We were good mates, having shared dozens of girls over the years. We had never done each other. I'd only explored my bi side in the last ten years. We had known each other for over 40. "You gonna come, cunt"? "Yeah, soon". "I won't. I just unloaded when I got the axe from the boat". RedHead37 gives me a smile and raises her eyebrows. I thrust harder, until my knackers are slapping them both. "Oooohhh....yyyyeeeessss". She squirts. A powerful one; all over Lozz's stomach and chest. This fucked his concentration and he unloaded into her. I pulled out and went for a beer.

We partied, fucked, sang, ate, swam and laughed until the early hours. It was one of the best parties I had enjoyed for a while. They were fantastic people. Liberated. Intelligent. The amazing thing about it, was none of us shared any personal information, at all. They could have been Supreme Court Judges for all I knew. It didn't matter.


The next day, I was sun-baking at the pool down from the Penthouse. When I visit Port Douglas, I always colour up. I have a technique that works, without getting burnt. Having just come from a Victorian winter, I had no colour at all. This is how it works. You wait for the hottest part of the day when the sun is directly over-head. You get naked and lay on a lounge. You time it. You turn over and time that. Then you get out of the sun, completely. Day one is 15 min. You gauge the result at night to determine whether the dose was about right. You adjust the next day. The weather up there is consistent; so this approach works. Within a week; I usually have a base that will allow me to spend as much time in the sun as I want. I never use lotion. Yes - I KNOW! But I'm a risk taker. Always have been. By two weeks, I have a deep brown, golden tan.

You may be thinking: "He sunbakes naked in a public place"? It's not public. Only guests and staff. I know all the staff. I have fucked most of them. I always do a check of who is staying and whether there are children. This time, there were 5 couples (no kids) and a pair of girls (no kids). Hence, I didn't care who saw me. I was on my back; having a beer; headphones blaring with my favourate band - Steely Dan. I had sun glasses on. My eyes were closed. The sun felt brilliant. I was getting hot. Off with the headphones and glasses to have a swim. There was a couple on the adjacent lounges; just settling in. They were in their thirties. I dove into the pool to call off. They were both watching me.

He was tall and skinny. Dark short hair. Reading glasses. Wearing board shorts. No hair on his chest. Cute face. She was athletic. Long brunette hair below the shoulder; tied in a pigtail. Yellow bikini. C or D cup boobs. Very cute face. They looked like a married couple who both worked Professional Jobs (DINKS). I swam to the edge and jumped out. I hopped back on the lounge and stretched. He had started reading his book; not paying attention. She, on the other hand, was a different story. She kept staring, then looking away.

I decided to engage her "You OK"? She hesitates. "Hi. I'm just a bit weirded out". "What do you mean"? "You are not wearing anything". I grinned. "No shit. Is that a problem"? "No. Not really. It's just not normal". "Is for me".

We chatted. He kept reading. They were from Brisbane. He was an Engineer. She was in Real Estate. They were here for a week, lapping up the sun and the sea food. Today was day two. "How do you get away with it"? "With what"? "Going naked". "It's a private pool. I know the staff. They know me. I check the list of guests. Make sure there are no kids". She contemplates my strategy. "Very clever, Adrian". Her name was Sue. She hadn't introduced him. He was arse deep in his book. I looked at the cover. It was Sci-Fi. I happen to be a Sci-Fi nut. I had read all the books by the author he was reading. A guy called Peter Hamilton from the UK. "What's his name"? I look at her husband. "Pete". He looks up; a little annoyed. I stand and shake his hand. "I'm into Hamilton. Have you read the Nights Dawn Trilogy"? "Oh yeah. It was bloody brilliant". Sue was forgotten.

Pete and I swapped notes for well over an hour. We had read almost all the same books. He was a Civil Engineer. I had been an Engineer for 32 years and had a good handle on all the various disciplines. We did business. My company could supply Process that his needed. Cool.

"Are you two going to come back to the living"? We snapped out of it. "Sorry babe. I don't meet people like Ade very often". "I know honey; but we are on holidays. Can you leave work alone, please". "Sure babe". I continued to bake, putting my sun glasses and head phones back on; giving them their space.

Not long after that, I get a tap on the leg. I had fallen asleep. It was Monica; the Receptionist. She whispered in my ear. I stood up. She took my hand. We went to her room. Half an hour later, I returned and sun baked again. Sue and Pete were watching me; waiting for more conversation. I let them make the move. "Did you just do what I think you did"? "What's that"? "Did you go and have sex with that girl"? "Yes. I honored her needs". "Are you a sex worker, or something"? "I've done it. But it's just my lifestyle. I Rock and Roll through life; enjoying every moment that comes along". They both think on that. I went back to sleep; listening to Diana Krawl. When I woke, the sun had started moving behind the trees. I looked at my phone. Fuck! It is after 6. I had slept for over 2 hours. They were gone. I grabbed my shit and headed for the Penthouse.

Hmmm. The tan was coming along nicely. I had a shower. Shaved head to foot and got dressed. Where to tonight Ade? I felt like the Nautilus. But it's not worth spending $200-300 on a meal on your own. Just walk and explore. I grabbed a stubbie and fucked off into the night. The Italians on the corner were busy. "Adriano! Come Stai"? "Benne". I kept walking. Had a good feed of sea food last night. Don't feel like it now. Feel like steak. Yep. Let's hit the pub. There was a band playing. This pub is on the corner. It has a great outdoor, covered beer garden. The band were set up in the corner. A three piece. Bass, drums, guitar. They all sang. They were indigenous and so fucking talented. I grabbed a big glass of beer and found a seat near them. They had just launched Earth, Wind and Fire's "September". Oh my fucking God! The drummer was doing all the licks perfectly. The guitar player had the riffs, down pat. The bass player was going over the top. Their lyrics and harmonies were fucking awesome. There were two girls at the table. "Dance"? They accepted. We hit the floor. Then I saw Sue and Pete. They were on a table towards the rear. They were watching. I waved. They both waved back.

I danced with the girls for another three songs, then went and finished my beer. They were interested. But I had other things on my mind. I had to eat. I approached Sue and Pete. "Have you eaten yet"? "No". "Can I shout dinner"? I ordered us all eye fillet steak, pepper sauce, with chips and salad. A bottle of Merlot from the Borossa Valley in South Australia. The food was just what I needed. In the mood for partying now. "Lets do Karaoke". They agreed. We went upstairs.

The bar was packed. The Karaoke was flowing. A girl was trying to sing Madonna's "Material Girl". She was crap. But that's the way. No judgement. All just fun. I got us drinks. Pete and I had a beer. Sue had a Champagne. We settled around a stand up round table, next to some others. It was loud. Difficult to have a conversation. The song list folder was on the table. I had a look. Plenty I could sing. I put in 5 tickets. It was going to take a while. Pete and Sue didn't partake. All good. We had a few drinks. I was getting the impression they were bored. Then my name came up.

"Adrian. To sing New York, New York". I headed to the stage. The DJ handed me the Mic. I tested it. Not bad. He had a screen. I didn't need it. The intro started. I started. "Start Spreadin' the news. .... I'm leavin' today ... ". I nailed it. The room changed. I went back to the table. Pete had got more drinks.

"Nice work, Ade. You didn't tell us you sang". We had a great night.

Around 1.30 am, we had had enough. "I'm fucked". Sue replies "Yes. Time to go". We leave and walk together. "Ade"? "Yes". "We have talked about this. Can you show us"? "What"? "Sex with three". "Sure". I stopped walking. I looked at Pete. "How risky are you"? "I'm ready". Cool.

We go to their room. He opens another bottle of red. "Hey, Pete. Slow down man". He puts the bottle on the coffee table next to the glasses."There for whoever wants". I sit on the couch and wait. I'm the experienced one in this situation. I need to let them find their way. They also sit; not sure what to do. "Show me how you kiss, when you are horny". They embrace and kiss. I go to their stereo and put some sexy music on. "Keep going. Undress". They obey. "Get on the bed". They obey. "Pete. Take her pussy into your mouth and suck her Clit". He does that. It was like my tuition was energizing them. "Sue". "Yes". "Turn around and take his cock in your mouth". She does that.

I leave them. They are travelling on a good plain. I grabbed his red and went back to my room; feeling good.