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sarah was late part 2

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Published 7 years ago
As Sarah watched brad experienced a anal orgasm, as john was now pumping him hard ,which was to much for brad to continue sucking me , so I eased my way out and sat beside brad as johns fucked him hard ,reaching under I took brads huge cock and stroked him with each thrust , As Sarah watched ,she slowly removed all her clothes , as I watched her ,, giving her a sly wave to come over , as she did the guys stopped , and john withdrew his cock from brad and she looked at us and said I'm here , as she gazed at brads cock size , and she took brads hand and led him to the bed ,she lay him on his back and run her tounge around his cock , as I lay beneath her raising my head to taste her Pussy ,,as john stroked my cock , ,and running his fingers to my arse , raising my legs he knew what I wanted ,pulling me from Sarah's Pussy he laid me next to brad and placed my legs on each shoulder and eased into me ,with a sigh and a moan Sarah and brad watched as john slowly pumped me ,,, then Sarah pushed brad back down and mounted brads cock slowly as I watched him enter her ,she rode his size , as john started slamming my arse , the pleasure was awesome as I watch and received , As this went on John and Sarah both started to cum , as they both moaned and fucked hard ,,,then collapsing to the bed , as brad and I lay there ,I said to him ,I want to see if I can take you , John handed him the lube and he took a huge dollop and rubbed onto his cock,as I raised my legs again ,I felt his cock press to my ass , as he gently pushed I felt my arse open ,like him before ,I felt a little pain as he slowly pushed in feeling him enter me and slowly withdraw ,the pain subsided and became pleasure ,as his strokes became stronger ,I felt my ass spasm as it clenched onto his cock starting him off on his orgasm ,,as I felt his cum pulse into me it started me off as my cock pulsed and blew to my stomach ,and Sarah leant over and licked it up ,as brads strokes slowly stopped ,he then pulled his now softening cock from me ,,as we all lay on the bed ,,,John suggested a drink before we start anything more ,,,, If anyone wants to read what happens next ,leave a comment ,, P.s. it is a true story

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