22 May 2017

I watched on as Shona slept soundly, a little late that day. When she woke, we went out for a nice lunch and then a little dress shopping. Shona found a very pretty cotton dress for herself, I liked it of course - it was very short. Buttons up the front, and a bright floral pattern on white. I asked her to change in the store, she put on the dress and placed her other clothes, including her knickers and all, into the store's bag. I was excited from that very moment.

"Hey, sweetheart, would you like to go for a cruise into the mountains, commune with Mother Nature a little." I suggested.

Of course, Shona, knowing me very well, grinned, and said, "Sure, Ok. Shona smiled at me and asked “are you going to try and fuck me up there, again?"

"Well, yes, of course, but I do want to show you another place I have found for us, even more secluded."

We drove to the quiet reserve, I pulled into the parking and we hopped out. I guided her up the pathway and we had a nice, cuddly stroll.

After quite a reasonable walk, we reached the very small clear area, I had found previously. Shona looked around and revelled at the seclusion. She smiled naughtily. We were far enough away from the road that we could hear no cars, and the silence was obviously very comforting. I hugged her to me, kissing her and Shona responded, feeling my arse and pulling me into her warm, passionate embrace. She quickly became quite aggressive, kissing me hard as her arousal started to possess her.

"Oh, Ric, I like this place better, its way more shaded and the grass feels really soft.

I pushed her back and started to roughly and urgently, unbutton her dress. Opening it completely, I exposed her nakedness and stood back, she cheekily shrugged the dress off and she stood in the clearing in just her runners, hands on hips, smiling, her naked treasures open and available to my eyes.

The sunlight was dappled over her naked body, shining thru the branches above her.

"Are you going to do me standing up? Or are you gonna push me up against the tree and fuck me senseless?"

"No way” I laughed. “But first love, I think you need to be on your knees."

"Really?" She asked cheekily.

Shona smiled and dropped to her knees, I pulled her towards my belly. She took her time releasing my belt and lowering my zipper and slowly, teasingly, allowed my jeans to drop to the ground. Shona rubbed her face against my warm stiff cock, still penned underneath my underwear fabric. I stepped out of the jeans as she looked up at me. She pulled down my underwear, It was no longer in her way, so she leaned forward to take my growing hardness, deep into her warm mouth, where she spent a wonderful few minutes sucking and swallowing at my cock.

"Oh, baby, you're fucking amazing, I really want to stay in your mouth but, I need you to stand up."

"Now?" She asked, muffled, her mouth full of cock.

"Let me get something first."

Making her stand still for a moment, I open our backpack and pulled out some lengths of soft rope.

"When did you put that there? You knew you would be getting me out here, didn't you, you nasty man!" Shona laughed.

"Of course, sweetheart, I like to be prepared. So, now give me your wrist."

She held out her wrist and I wrapped it in a firm knot, one that did not tighten around her wrist. I did the same for her other.

"What are you doing? Are you going to tie my hands behind a tree and then fuck me?"

"Nothing so unsubtle, go stand over next to that tree." I pointed.

I watched her bare cheeks bobble as she stepped across the thick grass, to stand where I directed her, the ropes attached to her wrists dragging behind, through the grass.

I spun Shona to face the centre of the clearing and positioned her between two trees that were about 2 metres apart. I threw each rope over a branch, each about two feet above her head. I pulled down on the ropes, raising her arms into the air, and brought the ends back to her wrists. I pulled harder and her hands went up and out, until her arms were stretched high and wide. I tied off the loose ends and she was set, in a standing "Y." Shona kept pushing her hips towards me, she was clearly getting excited being naked and exposed to the warm sunshine, shewas now being very naughty.

I went back to the backpack and got more lengths. These I put around her ankles. I pushed her gently, making her spread her feet, which made her spread her calves, which exposed and opened her pussy labia. I ran each line around the base of each tree, tying them off. Shona was now secured between the trees, stretched out in an "X" and sexily unable to move, other than sway back and forth a little.

Now it was time for me to get to my knees.

My face was level with her pussy, I ran my fingers up into and along her silky slit and I was excited to touch her, feeling how really wet and excited she was. I inhaled deeply to savour the scent and warm stickiness of her pussy liquidity on my fingers. Shona moaned at my touch and again pushed her body forward, clearly wanting more attention to that area. I eased a finger into her cunt, sinking deep and adding another to stretch out her little fuck hole. I leaned into her pussy and let my tongue separate her lips, just enough to lightly flick her clit, she gasped at the touch. Shona tasted wonderful and she ground downwards, in response to my lusting, fingering attention.

Shona was staring down at me, as I tongued her. With her standing, spread out, like this I could not run my tongue the entire length of her moist slit, I also was not able to insert it into her hole, so I concentrated on her clit. She rocked, groaned and moaned as she pressed her pussy against my face. I licked and pressed back and I was quickly rewarded as she squealed in orgasm, her pussy got even more wet, as it does when she cums.

I pulled back and she let loose a little whimper as I stood and shed the rest of my clothes. I looked at her as the sun shone on her soft skin. Her pale body stood out against the background of green. Her raised arms had the effect of lifting her breasts, making them look larger and fuller, her nipples were erect. Her spread legs exposed her excited pussy slit, and her delicious moisture on my mouth was obvious.

"God baby, you gotta fuck me now, I need your cock in me now, come over here, pleeeease?" Her voice rose in her need.

Ignoring her for the moment, I gathered her dress and put it, along with my shirt and shorts, in the backpack. Moving things around, I retrieved another item and turned back to Shona. I reached up and placed a blindfold on her, taking away her sight.

"No, please, I wanna see you, I wanna watch you fuck me, please baby..."

Her hips were gyrating, she was starting to lose control, Shona was so sexually excited. She was moaning and groaning, her voice starting to whine. "C'mon, do me, baby, pleeease..."

I looked at my watch. I figured we had about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes until the first of the guys showed up. I looked on lusting at her spreadeagled naked form, her totally unstoppably naked, spread body. So I thought to myself, I was keen to fuck her, so why not just go ahead and fuck her now, just to get her started, on our sexy afternoon in the woods. Certainly, my cock was insisting on some attention!

I had not told Shona that we would be having company. I wanted her to be surprised at the arrival of her guy’s, she was in for a nice surprise, solid fucking, out in the bush, on this warm nice spring day.

So, I bellied up to her and took hold of her hips, pulling her close. Shona rose seductively onto the balls of her feet, which also had her opening her legs to me. I pressed my cock between her moist thighs. The angle was perfect and I had no problem easing inside her slick, very welcoming pussy. She sighed as she dropped herself, onto my cock, her sopping wet cunt was opened and became fully occupied. I moved my hands to grip her arse cheeks. I began to fuck her and held her close, as we got into the rhythm of our outdoor fucking.

I attacked her neck, nuzzling and nipping her skin, and she pushed back as best she could, what with her leverage being only the ropes supporting her. Her head fell back and her mouth came open and I squeezed her arse cheeks tighter. It was gorgeous, sliding in and out of her, my cock was so happy to be inside of her, and in just minutes her second orgasm hit and I felt her cunt tighten around my cock. She squealed and then I joined her, pushing, jamming myself into her as much as I could, my cock erupting, pulsing my excited male ball fluids, deep into her womb, hotly filling her sweet cavity.

Shona's pussy had received its first hot load of the day.

I eased out of her and the sensitivity of my cock was such that it almost hurt to drop out of her body. Her head fell forward as she recovered her balance, standing up again, her breathing slowly returning to normal. My wet cock slipped out of her and she moaned softly.

"Oh, I hate it when you leave my body, your beautiful cock, I always feel so empty." she said softly.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, that's not going to be a problem today" as I held her face and kissed her.

Her face rose, eyes hidden behind her glasses and a look of confusion crossed her face.

"What, what do you mean? Are you going to have me fuck someone else? Is that what you've planned? Is that why I'm tied out here?"

I could see a shiver run through her as she realized my intentions.

"Yeah, baby, I've got the guys coming out here, they'll be here soon, and you're gonna have another fuck, or two, right here in the bush. In fact, I think I hear someone right now..."

I did hear footsteps crunching through the grass and then Sean, followed by David, came onto the clearing. At first they saw only me, naked, and look of surprise crossed David's face. Then I stepped back to reveal their suspended prize, Shona hanging naked by her ropes and David let loose a sexy laugh and an "Oh, my god," from Sean.

Hearing their voices, Shona moaned and her body writhed in her ropes. "Ric, you're doing this to me again, oh baby, aren't you? You're giving away my pussy again?"

"Yes, my love, everyone's going be here for you, all of your guys, and you, my sweet, are going to have so much fun."

"Oh, god, you make me feel like such a tart. How many?" She asked

"Sweetheart, the same guys who've had you before, you'll know them all."

"Are they here, are they ready? You have me so hot baby, I am so hanging for more some more cock, I need to cum again, I need more. I need someone, fresh and fucking hard cocked, inside me now."

I kissed her and stepped back. I watched the two to get undressed. David was first and I stood back to let him move in front of Shona, his hardness rigidly poking into her soft, warm belly.

"I've already had her so you'll have an easy time getting into her sweet pussy." I said.

A sexy moan came from Shona's lips at those words.

"Yeah,' he whispered to himself.

He leaned down and sucked her left nipple as he reached around to squeeze her arse. She gasped and moaned and pulled on her ropes and she pushed her breasts closer to his mouth. Then straightening up he pulled her hips forward, pushed his hips closer and slowly pressed his cock between her thighs.

Standing to the side, I watched as his cock pressed into her further and while I could not see the actual penetration, I could tell he had entered her, by her growling groan. David started moving back and forth, sliding in and out of Shona's gooey cunt. Even though she had just come on me, she was still on an edge, as she had said, for suddenly her head went back, her mouth formed a grimace, her neck muscles tightened, and with a loud moan a third orgasm overcame her.

David continued thrusting in her body as her orgasm lessened. Just then the next two arrived. Their reaction was to be just as surprised as the first two; great big smiles took over their faces as they saw Shona tied and available, between the trees and David fucking against her belly. They saw Sean and me and they stripped rather quickly. Soon three very eager cocks surrounded David and Shona as they fucked.

They all reached to touch Shona, rubbing her back, her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples and her arse. That she could not see, only heightened her sensitivity and she moaned all the louder from all the touching. David was lasting quite a while but all too soon for the enthusiastic Shona, he pulled her hips hard against himself and shouted and flooded her cunt with his heavy ball contents. After catching his breath he eased himself out, his cock shining in the soft sunlight from all the sexy moisture. A slow trickle of thick white cream moved down her inner leg, it was so sexy to watch, and then Sean bellied up to her; he knelt slightly to get the angle better. He pushed his cock down and his hips moved forward and he was instantly in. Shona gasped at the intrusion of his cock, just as if she was not expecting it.

By now Eric arrived and then Ted a minute later. They wasted no time getting ready for their turn with Shona, and they stood close to her and everybody did what they could to caress and stroke her. So many hands, so much touching: Shona had to be in sensory overload what with all of the attention she was getting and in the midst of it all that she had a cock moving in her sloppy wet cunt, and she knew there were even more waiting their turn.

I stood back a bit, to take in the incredible view. I marvelled at what I was seeing: my wife, stripped naked, tied, extremely vulnerable, surrounded by a bunch of just-as-naked guys, hard-on’s everywhere, all eagerly waiting to get inside her, all waiting for their turn to fuck her.

I was glad to see that David and Sean did not seem to be in a rush, that they were taking their time with Shona. I hoped that attitude lasted the afternoon; I wanted Shona to be experience total exhaustion.

After many minutes we could tell that Sean was approaching his climax, we watched as his hips drove, moving to continually get himself deeper up inside her. I moved behind my sexy wife and pressed my index finger to her anus. There was so much seminal lubrication that I was able to completely and easily insert my finger up her arse. My other hand tightly held onto her belly. With my anally inserted finger I could feel through her perineum wall, Sean's thick veiny cock invading her, constantly reaming in and out, it was an incredible sensation. I actually felt from the inside, Sean's cock swell, I instantly knew, as Shona did, he was about to cum in her.

Sean grunted hard as he came, adding way more warm fluids to Shona's hard working cunt. He backed away, admiring his handiwork, breathing heavily; his steps unsteady as he stepped back. I released Shona and I removed my finger from her arse. By this time Shona was not able to speak anymore: all that came out of her mouth was moans, groans, gasping and monosyllabic sounds. But we boys were far from done, with her luscious body yet.

I noted that everyone was quite polite; Paul was motioning Brandon forward to have his turn. They all knew there was no rush, we had the whole afternoon, and Shona’s body was fully capable of all this intense usage. It was obvious to all the men, from my erection, I was enjoying watching and participating, with my Shona being well fucked like this: I certainly was hard.

Brandon took Shona vigorously. After hornily watching Brandon fuck Shona for a few minutes, I stepped forward, reached in and pushed my fingers into her creamy cunt, running through her soaked and flooded thighs. Between my roaming fingers, I could feel Brandon's very nice, very thick, cock piston in and out of Shona’s cunt and lips, it was incredibly hot to actually feel his veiny dick sliding into her pussy. I pushed her back via her cunt mound, even harder onto his reaming erection, offering her tightly onto his cock. Fuck she was wet with so much cum. She was a creamy flood all the way from her thighs to her ankles. I continued to push her back and I felt him smash her even harder, going really at her, fucking her deep. I fingered and fondled her cunt with one hand, grabbed a breast and squeezed with the other hand. I kissed her firmly and Shona nearly bit off my tongue. Eventually I reluctantly withdrew my slick wet hand from the pussy action and rubbed the cum along my erection, massaging the slick semen along my own excited cock. I realized that the sounds coming from Shona had changed and I turned back to watch.

I found myself now facing Shona's cunt from about 1 metre away, I dropped to my knees in front of her. Brandon had finished in her, he had blown his load and Paul was now using her. Shona was a fucked limp, suspended mess, but still she performed, still keen to take everything from every man, everything this sexy afternoon had to offer. Paul was now gently fucking my wife, going about it differently. He had moved behind her and thrusting into her cunt from the rear. So, I was looking straight into her cunt as he fucked and moved within her. It was a wondrous sight, and I watched the leaking seminal fluids, they were actually rolling and dripping from her cunt folds, as he fucked in and out of her.

Paul was holding onto Shona by gripping her breasts, squeezing them tight. His hips pushed against her arse, her thighs were spread wide, exposing her swollen sex, and his very thick, rigid cock was slicing into her cunt, his hardness easy to see. As he shoved into her, her inner lips followed his cock, disappearing and her outer lips compressed around his hardness. As he withdrew, her outer lips expanded, became full, and her inner lips appeared, sliding and sucking, back down along his cock. At the same time, her clit, that tiny little button, came into view, just for a moment, and I longed to reach out and touch, even lick it.

The accumulated litre's of cum in her cunt, from myself and the other men, was thickly smeared out over her outer cunt lips and heavily coated his veiny reaming cock. It was spread over and actually dripping, from her pounded and swollen labia, running down her thighs. I looked down at the grass, at the not so little, sexy seminal puddle, forming in the dirt.

I stayed there, kneeling in front of my wife, watching her take his cock, totally fascinated. And it was not long in cumming, Paul groaned his orgasm, grinding onto her arse and pushing cunt deep, as deep as he could be inside her. We all watched his balls tighten and his cock pulsing, that melting hot torrent of cum throbbed through his long cock length. It was hot to watch Shona cum on his cock. Shona quivered as he flooded her, Shona clearly orgasmed and her body collapsed forward, held only by her ropes. As he began to withdraw, unplugging her cunt, her body could hold no more cum, white liquids were now drooling, in long strands, from her cunt, down onto the dirt.

It was one of the hottest things we have ever experienced and the hottest thing I have ever seen.

Watching gravity pull the cum from her absolutely ruined pussy...