Written by goatieguy

23 Dec 2013

As we lay in the bed after an exhausting evening,Sarah my f/b ,ask would you be in for a four some ,for me ,3 guys and myself, she knew I was bi ,and other guys didn't phase me ,so I said yer why not you get the guys and ill get a hotel for us ,as I knew a single mum would not like to many guys at her place ,

Well the day came round I headed to the hotel early checked in and decided to go pick up Sarah ,when I arrived ,she said the sitter hadn't arrived can you go back to the hotel and meet the other 2 guys ,ill get there as soon as I can ,and I gave her a swipe key ,and headed back

Once I was back at the hotel John arrived soon after ,and brad within mins of him ,I explained to the guys ,and they were ok ,as Sarah had already called them ,so we had a few drinks and loosened up a bit and talked about our experiences with the website,as we drank and spoke ,it came out,two of us were bi and brad had a keen interest ,and as we had a few drinks under our belts it didn't take long for John and I to get our clothes off ,John sat back on the sofa as I put a porno on and brad sat next to him ,still with his clothes on ,,,as I moved back toward both of them I got to my knees and moved between John's legs ,leaning in I took his half hard shaved cock in my mouth as brad sat and stared at what I was doing, as I sucked him I heard him moan and say too brad ,get your pants off , slowly brad stood and dropped his pants ,and his shaved 8" cock dropped out , I stopped and looked for a moment as John said stand next to me as I watched John open his mouth and take the tip of his thick cock in ,,,,,as john struggled to deep throat him I went back to johns cock , after a few mins John stopped and said ,how you doing to brad ,and replied this is great , and John said your turn as we change positions ,I sat on sofa and brad and john got on there knees and brad slowly took me in his mouth , as he sucked me John ran his hands over his back and into his arse crack. As brad paused for a moment ,John gently rubbed his arse , and brad parted his legs offering more ,John reached for the lube on the coffee table and smeared it over his cock and brads arse ,and positioning himself between his legs ,and slowly pushed his cock in ,as brad moaned with pleasure and pain ,John eased his length in ,pausing and taking only short strokes till brad relaxed a little ,and he started sucking me that moment I saw Sarah quietly enter the room ,as she watched the guys not knowing she smiled at me and watched ,as john built a nice rythum on brads arse as the thrusts pushed him on to me ,,,Sarah watching us turned me on as the grin on her face it was for her ,,,