24 Apr 2015

Shona, idly turned the business card over in her hand.

It had been a wild couple of weeks since the “Street prostitute” episode and she was building in curiosity for her next sexual adventure. Shona, was nervous but picked up her phone and dialled the number...

A few days later...

I watched Shona put on a black short dress, her shoulders mostly bare, thin shoulder straps, low cut revealing cleavage. The dress sat high on Shona's thighs displaying her legs perfectly down to her high stripper heels. It was a revealing very sexy dress, showing off her curvy round arse nicely. Shona is 5'4" with a fantastic sexy body, sexy D breasts, the most gorgeous pretty face, brown hair and a very beautiful smile.

I booked us into the hotel. The room had a fridge, a lounge and a big bedroom with a huge king-sized bed. We went down to the restaurant. The music was great and the wine was outstanding. We were already both in naughty moods.

We walked out of the restaurant and headed back to the cocktail lounge that was rather crowded to wait for our guest. Music was playing and there was a nice dance area. We found seats right at the bar. As Shona and I chatted, I was well aware, guys were checking out Shona’s legs as her dress moved further and further up her thighs.

We were swaying to the music, chatting and touching.

Two men walked up to our seats, on the off side of Shona. Shona immediately recognised her previous “client”, they laughed, hugged and he kissed her on the cheek, they introduced themselves to both of us, quite strange after the wild car sex before, then, we all swapped names. They were Eric and Phil. I was quite surprised there were two of them now!

Shona started to talk to them and asked if they would like a drink. They joined us. We talked with the men (Eric and Phil) it turned out, funnily, we had once lived in the same area of Sydney that they were from. We just kept chatting, sitting and bought some more drinks.

Eric asked why we were not dancing and I said, laughing, that I was a poor dancer. "Phil's a good dancer" Eric said. Phil, on the spot, took Shona’s arm and asked “would you care to dance?” Shona turned to me and asked if that would be OK.

I said, "Of course, enjoy!"

Just as they got up the music ended and the bar called last drinks.

Shona was disappointed about not getting her dance. We all were just kind of laughing about it and saying things like "another day!" We knew we would never see the boys after tonight. We all really wanted 'one more drink'. I leaned in towards Shona and asked if she wanted to have another drink back in our room.

Phil overheard, "Why thanks! We’d love to go to your room for a drink!

He had overheard and thought I was asking them up for a drink! We certainly had all been having a fun time together, so I looked at Shona and she just smiled and slid off her seat, it was sexy catching a glimpse of her lacy gusset as her dress rode up. I am sure the boys saw her sexy flash also. So, we all headed up to our room, Eric and Phi following, thanking us. We laughed and said we would enjoy the company.

I open the door to the room, turned on our music and opened our store bought bourbon. The chatter continued as we poured drinks, some good dancing music came on and Phil asked Shona if she still wanted to dance. Looking over at me, I said, "You go for it, since I'm pouring."

We moved some chairs near the lounge and moved the low table.

Looking over, Phil really was an excellent dancer.

Shona is also an excellent dancer so she knew the moves. They moved getting into it while Eric and I just chatted about booze, the city and stuff, whilst idly watching the two dancing out on the floor.

It suddenly struck me that we were in our hotel suite with two complete strangers.

On many occasions, in the heat of sex we would play and whisper in each other’s ears, fantasies, wild fantasies, having Shona with other men, all of us using her body as we wanted, penetrating her, bringing her to orgasm again and again.

Watching as they were dancing, Eric's mobile rang. Eric told me two other friends had called looking for them, wondering where they were, Eric asked if he could invite them up.

I was unsure, I checked with Shona, who was too busy spinning to care, so I said, "Ok, sure."

When the song was over Shona came over, reached for my hand, her drink and took a large swallow, (as it turned out later, not her last big swallow for the night, ha-ha!).

The music was back on and Phil pushed me to dance with Shona. Ok, I’ll go I said, laughing. I have no dance rhythm so instead pushed other limits. My hand was on Shona’s shoulder so I pulled one of her shoulder straps down her arm.

Shona danced on and she was turning me on with a very steamy sexy smile on her face.

I pulled the other side of her dress down. The other two moved in, as we danced. The song ended, the boys roared for more, pushing full glasses into our hands. We laughed, downed a mouthful each as Shona pulled her dress back into place.

A knock at the door and we were to meet Bruce and Steven who were now joining us.

More music started and Eric was up saying, "My turn, with your sexy girl!"

We were all having a great time and Shona was enjoying all the attentive male attention. They were soon dancing, and much to my surprise, even Shona's, Eric very smoothly as part of the dancing, dropped both sides of her dress, off her shoulders, just like I had!

Shona looked over at me for support, to which I yelled back, "Go for it, Baby!"

Shona spun and turned her back to Eric and in that moment, he reached in to the zip on the back of her dress pulling it downwards, the flirting and the daring I had started, just went from strength to strength. The guys got louder and so did I. Shona turned back to face Eric, she pretended she hadn't noticed his zipper move, but her naughty smile said to me she was very aware and that she had heard me egging him on!

The song finished and as they came over, Steven, with a big smile on his face said, "What is this, an event to see who can dance and get the loudest applause?"

We all again laughed and Shona simply smiled, she laughed herself and took her drink as she put her dress back in place. Her zip remained down a few inches, I thought it looked so hot and was certainly very sexy and very daring.

The music continued, Phil said to Eric "jump in pal."

Shona looked over at me. I laughed, "Well, I'm not going to dance with him! Out you go"

Everyone roared with laughter at that. Eric took her hand and they began dancing. This was a much slower song so his arm was down low on Shona’s waist. Shona had her back to us as he reached in and unzipped her dress down even more. Shona’s lacy bra strap could be easily seen on her back against her soft white skin. As they separated during the dance I could see that Shona’s dress was now loose enough to start falling forward, showing off her wonderful D breasts and showing her whole lacy bra to its sexy fullest and Shona wasn't being careful at all.

At one point he placed his hand inside her dress at the back, roaming her soft skin. Shona pulled his hand away by turning sharply as she danced, waving a naughty finger at him. He then reached up and slid one shoulder strap off. As this song ended again we all roared with laughter. Phil told Eric that he was now the reigning champion in the applause.

Shona had to press the front of her dress to her chest now to keep the dress from falling. I passed her drink to her and she asked me to zip her up. I did a bit, but just enough to keep her dress up and left the one shoulder off.

She looked back at me with a cheeky grin and said with a laugh said, "Oh you’re a big help!"

I just grinned back and said, "Drink up, Baby", and she did.

We locked arms and we were both getting in the mood!

More music continued, Phil took Shona’s hand and called, "Let’s go!"

He immediately slid her dress off the her shoulder, which was still holding as her zip had come up enough to keep her dress up and tight. She turned her back to him and leaned in. I guess because she was leaning, no one, not even Shona, realised the zip had again moved down a bit further. As Shona stood up, she pushed her head back and reached up with both hands to fling her hair over her shoulders and back out of her face.

As she did this, unexpectedly, Shona’s dress fell forward and down below her sexy lace bra! She was now exposed and caught out in the open, Shona reached down to pull her dress back up. Without missing a step, Phil grabbed her hands and continued dancing, as if nothing was out of place. Shona’s lace bra was now fully on display and it really didn't seem like such a big problem, or maybe because I was enjoying Shona's sexy exposure, I just joined in with all the laughter. Shona blushed and gave a quick cheeky, sexy smile, so I knew she was excited and getting turned on!

As this song finished Phil definitely now got the biggest cheer! Shona came over to me as the song finished. She pulled her dress back in place, but left the top off. I tightened the zip, very little, just enough to keep her dress from falling off again. As we waited for another song to start, we were all talking and I just kept my arm across Shona’s bare shoulders.

The sexual tension was really thick in the air. I don't think anyone had any idea what was going down or what we should or shouldn't do next. The moment was definitely sexual and everyone was getting turned on as another round of drinks was mixed.

Music continued and Eric reached for Shona’s hand. They danced smoothly; he turned her around so Shona’s back was to his front. He completely undid her dress. The dress immediately fell to her waist. Shona caught her dress and looked at me, I just smiled back. Eric began to pull her hands from her dress, allowing it to fall completely to the floor. Now Shona was dancing in just a black bra, lacy matching skimpy underwear, thigh high stockings and her heels! Shona had never appeared sexier than in that devilish moment.

Shona was swaying her hips to the music, eyes alight, all her bodacious curves on display, every man in the room had their eyes glued to her amazing body, on her sexy curves, her amazing underwear, all of us together imagining in our own minds, just for Shona, grabbing Shona and fucking her senseless, driving our erect cock’s, our hot creamy orgasm’s deep into her body, filling her cunt with our hot spunk!

Shona kept her eyes down, her body swaying to the music. It was easy to tell she was really turned on, the way she was moving, the way she was deeply breathing. As the beat increased Shona moved faster, her breasts moving voluptuously against the bra's lace. Eric moved out onto the dance floor behind her and Bruce stayed right in front.

Eric undid her bra. Shona grabbed for the bra with both hands and pressed it back to her chest. It must have been the excitement of the night because as Bruce reached in and took both her hands, lifting them to move them above her head, her bra followed exposing her large soft breasts! We all called for more. Shona resisted just a touch and then fully gave in, smiled in her exposure and with her mouth sighed a cute little cute 'oh my'.

Shona asked me, "Are you sure you are happy with this?"

I smiled back, "Yes, just say when you want out."

She really began to breathe deeply and heavily, her nipples began to harden, I was so sure her pussy was on fire! Shona started swaying to the music again. I walked back to the side, Shona kept her hands high above her head, still clutching her bra above her head, completely continuing to display her full shapely breasts whilst swaying her hips to the music.

Bruce and Eric did their best to act as if dancing was the only thing on their minds, very badly! Bruce reached his arms in and around from behind Shona and came so close to brushing over her breasts with his hands, but he did not actually touch them.

Shona was swaying her body; Bruce had to move his hands in time to her motion in order not to actually touch her swaying breasts. At one point Eric reached up and was feeling for her bra, he started folding and twisting it about her hands as they stayed high over her head, binding them together.

The song finished. Shona came to me and called for her drink.

She said, "Well now you've stripped me for your viewing pleasure guys, it's time for me to call it a night, we’ve all had fun."

Eric laughed, "I think you had quite a bit of fun, too, you naughty girl!"

Shona just smiled coyly and took another sip of her drink. I could sense her relief, but with definitely much more than a little bit of disappointment, especially after her near naked boldness and sexy erotic dancing, that had Shona so flushed with ribald sexual excitement. We all were no way better, fuck me. Shona was so fucking hot in just her lacy underwear, stood amongst us, nearly naked, every man wanted to stand near her, to touch her skin, and I have no doubt, really wanting to plough the fuck out of her.

I loved her standing there in just panties, thigh stockings and her heels, Shona with the safety of knowing she had set her limits and everyone now accepting it, so I said, "Ok, before anyone leaves let’s finish our drinks."

I think she liked that idea too because she said, "Ok, I'll drink fast!", and laughed as all the guys replied, 'Oh no! Take your time, please, please!"

We all tried to make small talk with my mostly naked, undressed wife sitting amongst us. Another song fired up and Phil teased Shona by putting his finger under the edge of her underwear and began peeling them gently downwards, all the while saying, "Are you sure you don't want one more dance?"

Shona laughed again and slapped cheekily at his hand. Steven now also hooked his finger under her underwear from behind. "Just one more dance?” he asked, also helping to peel her panties downwards.

Eric went to Shona’s other side. All three men had a finger into her underwear and were now keenly trying to peel her underwear down over her firm thighs and over Shona's round full arse.

She kept pushing off their hands with little playful slaps. She was blushing, really excited and wanting more and wanting them to stop, all at the same moment. She was looking for me to save her. So I dam well did.

I walked over to Shona and pulled her to me, I squeezed a breast with one hand and pushed my other hand deep into the front of her lowered panties and pushed 2 fingers into her moist aching pussy. Right there, in front of all these men...

Shona gasped, looked me deep in the eyes and then smiled wide as the rest of the guys now pulled her panties to the floor and I was able to thrust my fingers into her cunt, even deeper.

Eric leaned Shona down onto the table and pushed her feet wide apart. Bruce began smoothing and caressing her round arse with his hands. Shona was breathing so much deeper and harder as each touch and caress caused her more and more pleasure and growing excitement. Eric was on a stool at her head. He undid his pants and this allowed him to pull a growing hardening cock out of his pants, still just half hard, close to her open mouth. Shona tentatively moved her face to his cock and began to lick the tip with her tongue, then urgently shoving it fully into her mouth with a big wet dive.

As she did so, she turned her head sideways and she looked right up at me, grinned sexily and then swallowed him all the way,deep into her mouth. Bruce was fully undressed behind Shona and was mashing Shona's cunt, fingering her, reaming in and out of her moist excitement. He finally moved his hand away and then reinserted the same two fingers up her arse. Shona squealed!

Shona’s knees went weak from her very first screaming orgasm of that night!

Bruce now began to move his cock towards her, pressing into her wet lusting pussy, just what Shona needed. She pressed herself back against the table to hold her balance giving him the access he needed to enter her. Bruce began with an easy stroke and then started driving faster, fucking her harder. Bruce rode Shona's body until he came, deep in Shona's cunt, grunting heavily, pushing so deeply, Shona's pussy never let go of his cock or spilled a drop, Bruce subsided and finally pulled out, making room for the next man. Shona’s own orgasm faded down as the next man lined up.

Shona also began to become more enthusiastic on Eric's cock with her drooling mouth. Steven stepped where Bruce had been. He was large, swollen and fully engorged, he had obviously the largest dick and it was stunningly thick. Shona blew a girly orgasm and came as soon as the large, strange cock filled her tunnel! As Steven kept up his rhythm Eric began to lose it in Shona’s mouth. He asked Shona if she wanted him to pull out of her mouth as he was about shooting his load.

Instead of answering Eric with words, Shona began to jack him hard with her mouth and her hand. Her head was bouncing as Steven kept his fucking pace. Eric couldn't hold out anymore and came hard. Shona swallowed it all! That is my sexy girl! Steven began to pound Shona's sweet pussy furiously, wrecking her cunt in the process and lost his load at the same time as Shona, having a second creaming in her cunt, it was fantastic and wonderfully entrancing watching Shona's cunt lips drawn in and out on this stunning piece of veined, thick, immense cock - Shona had now come for a third time tonight!

Shona stood up straight, Steven pulled out from Shona’s cunt, and I swear we could hear her battered cunt slurp as Steven withdrew from her body. We all just kind of slowed, catching our breath, looked at each other with kind of a 'WOW!' expression.

Phil moved to Shona and put his arm around her naked form, and began to pull Shona towards the bedroom.

She took little steps, sort of fighting, being taken, on her own, to the bedroom. He kept pulling her, looking over her shoulder to me.

I said, "Go on, and take your time! Enjoy yourself; I'll be there in a few minutes!"

Shona giggled, smiled at Bruce, then allowed him to pull her into the bedroom, a final look over the shoulder, leaving the rest of us in the main room. Shona’s heels made a sexy noise on the floor to the bedroom, her arse moved so sexy as she walked away from us in those high heels and Steven’s heavy load ran from her cunt and was making its creamy way south, down her thighs and into her heels, amazing, Shona was simply stunning to watch.

It was not long before we overheard fucking sounds, grunting and excited groaning noises coming from the bedroom, Phil was certainly setting a steamy pace and nicely working up Shona’s cunt for whoever was going next. We poured ourselves another drink and had a few swigs along with some small talk.

I said, "'Well, I'm going in", I wanted to see, to know exactly what the sexy noise was all about!

When I went into the room Shona was up on all fours, high on the bed. Phil was pounding Shona; her body was shaking and thrusting against his pounding. Shona’s always loved this position. I recognised the slick semen lubricant pouring from her pussy and down her inner thighs. Shona looked over at me as I walked to the bed and sat down. She rested her head down on the bed sheets, awash with more pleasure than she could bear. I went to her, moved beside her and tweaked her nipples. She moaned, I fed my own cock into her mouth, Shona sucked me furiously and my now familiar cock set her off and she began to cum again!

Phil finally came in a hard series of spasms, he rammed Shona deep and he brutally pumped hard as he emptied his big balls into her, coating Shona's cunt walls with a fourth spunky load. Shona collapsed on the bed, in a spunked heap. A thick pool of cum was building up on the sheets below her pussy and arse. It was now my turn to fuck Shona, so I rolled her onto her back. I started to pump her cum flooded pussy, slowly, deeply, taking my time. Phil stayed and the other guys entered into the room to watch. It was great just looking in each other's eyes in our excitement, we just kept going until I unloaded in her juicy pounded cunt, Shona and I both came at the same moment.

I moved off her. She sat up and kind of pulled a blanket across her chest. How after all this she was still being modest! Since everyone had taken his turn so to speak, we thought this might be the end of the night.

Steven went over and sat down next to Shona and gave her a soft hug. They laughed and talked for a little. He kissed her and she reached out and stroked his limp cock softly. I felt a little jealous knowing his had been the largest cock she had ever had stretching her sexy body.

The kiss lasted but a few moments and I could see his cock was swelling again. Shona began to stroke him more keenly. Steven said he loved her pretty face. He took her by the hair and pressed her mouth to his cock. She pushed him back on the bed and began to suck his cock back into her mouth.

Bruce reached over, pulling her legs off the bed and spread her feet on the floor. Shona was now face down, bent over the side with her feet spread wide apart, arms firmly around Steven's legs and his cock buried deep down her throat. Bruce lined up behind her and asked her if there was any lubrication.

Since she was so very sticky from all the cum that had been pumped into her cunt, along with her own flowing juices, I asked, “why?"

He smiled as he said, "Steven loves her face, but I would love to fuck her up the arse!"

She knew I had brought some gel with us, but she stopped doing Steven long enough to say, "No, I don't think we have anything, was she nervous, about having her arse fucked?"

I pretended to go along with her new found coyness and said, "Wait a sec, we might have something."

I found the gel and handed it to Bruce; Shona looked at me and just went down on Steven harder. Bruce smeared the gel onto her arse and followed by pushing his thumb in her dark arse tube. She kept up her furious sucking of Steven, as if trying to encourage or ignore what was about to go into her tight arse hole.

It wasn't that often we did Shona's arse and now a stranger was about to fuck her arse. Bruce eased his cock into her tight sexy arse. Shona just moaned and began to quiver, her body reeling from his penetration! Bruce became even more excited and pushed his cock even deeper into her arse, he soon had a full cock length up Shona's arse.

Bruce began fucking her, rhythmically slowly, then harder. Shona was shuddering, groaning with each long deep thrust from Bruce’s cock. Steven finally blew his cum in her mouth in a very drilling face fucking. Shona kept gargling cum and swallowed more spunk yet again! Bruce came hard also, loud grunts and calling Shona's name in one last arse hard pounding. After his orgasm he pulled out of her arse slowly, Shona just melted, collapsed down onto the bed, her feet still rooted to the floor and her arse tube full of his thick cum.

I climbed on the bed, lay on my back and told Shona to sit on top of my cock. She slowly recovered and exhaustedly climbed on my renewed erection and began to rock on my cock.

Eric climbed on the bed behind her with more gel in one hand and began working his cock into her arse himself. Phil stood up on the bed and began stroking his cock right onto her pretty face.

Shona licked his cock and sucked him deeply in. After some minutes of wondrous sex with every opening sexually penetrated, Shona was cumming over and over again with loud accompanying 'grunting and groaning. We all fired hot creamy loads of cum into Shona in quick rapid succession. Arse, cunt and Shona’s throat all pumped full of thick creamy, salty sperm, again Shona sexily swallowed and took it all!

After we extricated our cocks from Shona’s body, Shona lifted her sex ravaged body and dragged herself off to the bathroom and a much needed pee. We all went to the lounge for our drinks except for Eric and Bruce who had to go. When Shona came out of the bathroom she gave Eric a kiss goodbye.

Eric began to finger her pussy with his finger and grasp a breast. Shona spread her legs for him, bending at the knees a little as he pushed his fingers into her, Shona, thankfully, had lost all sense of her modesty by now. Eric then left. Bruce then had to go too.

Ed, Phil, Shona and I all sat on the lounge nude, sipping our drinks. The strong smell of musky sperm and pussy was thick in the air. Phil started playing around and took the tie he had been wearing and tied it around Shona’s wrist.

Shona kind of breathed out, "Oh boy, where, what are you doing..."

Phil replied, "Don't worry; it's what you really want!"

Shona would not look at him as she moved her arm to allow him to tie her, becoming very compliant, even submissive. Phil took Steven's tie and knotted it around Shona’s other arm. He told her to turn around and kneel on the floor in front of the lounge. He took one arm and stretched it over to the right armrest and began tying her down.

He took the other and tied it to the left armrest. Her arms were now stretched across the lounge with her arse facing us. Shona knelt there tied, exposed and available, again breathing hard, wondering what was coming. Phil pushed two fingers into her arse. He asked her how it felt and she wiggled her arse excitedly in her response.

Phil asked her if she wanted more cock, and she said, ' yes pleasssse!'

Phil asked her if she wanted her husband and she said, "I might."

Phil asked if she wanted him and she said, "I might."

He asked if she wanted Steven and she sighed out, "Yes fucking pleasssse!"

It was obvious she wanted the largest cock in the room up her arse, tied up and vulnerable, completely unable to stop anything he might want to do to her body. Steven walked over and knelt behind Shona's round open arse and began to lubricate his cock with a mixture of gel and sex fluids. Phil grabbed one arse cheek and I pulled her other arse cheek. Shona moaned as her arse was stretched open. Shona began to say 'No', but then gave in to the pleasure and pain as Steven pressed his large cock into her tiny arse hole.

She cried out, bit her lip. She yelled out as he suddenly slipped his cock head past her tight arse muscles. She started to press her hips back onto his huge cock, helping him impale her arse, her body. He finally had his dick all the way inside Shona’s arse. Phil let go of her arse cheek and so did I.

We stepped back and looked at this beautiful wife of mine, stretched and tied tightly, shuddering, being fucked hard in the arse, not being able to move away from the giant shaft impaling her, tearing Shona apart.

Steven began moving slowly in and out, adding more gel. Shona groaned, he groaned, each time he thrust deep inside. The pounding picked up and Shona’s voice became a continuous groan, rising and falling as her arse became Steven’s private plaything, a toy for his pounding animal sex. Shona was cumming, like I'd never seen her cum before.

She was shouting, trying to pull away, pushing back on, giving into the pain, and giving in to the pleasure, then cumming again. Steven finally grabbed her hair, reached under Shona and tweaked her breasts with one hand and just slapped her arse hard, hard as he could, fat loaded balls slapping on her cunt, until they both orgasmed, Steven's creamy semen was everywhere, in Shona's tube, on her arse cheeks, on the floor!. Shona dropped down, leaned her head forward as Steven pulled out of her arse. Phil immediately jumped in and fucked her arse himself. He grabbed both her shoulders as he pounded her arse hard. She was unable to stop her orgasm, as Phil came blowing the final visitors load into her dark tube.

Phil and Steven finally had to leave and got dressed.

Shona asked me to untie her, but I said, "Not until after the boys leave."

She rested her head on the lounge, with her arms tied wide, her knees tied to the lounge and her arse facing up, still exposed, still gaping open and dripping so much seminal fluid. As they said goodbye, both men massaged her breasts, kissed her, and fingered her in her sex holes both making her shudder once more.

Phil took his belt off and gave her a few belts on the arse; I think just to see if she would like it. Shona seemed to like it, but he was just teasing. They made her kiss their cocks one last time, then said 'goodbye' and thanked us for a stunning night.

Suddenly it was quiet. I came up behind Shona, I was fully erect and ready to impale and fuck my girl, I pressed my cock, Shona's last cock of the night, into Shona's sloppy fucked arse. Shona groaned as I opened her arse, one last time, We talked as I took a final turn on her destroyed arse hole. I asked her about the moments during the night that had made her the moistest, feel the sexiest, all the while, I fucked her arse myself. Shona mentioned many, including the moment when her dress fell to the ground and she was dancing in her bra and underwear. Our conversation was interrupted, her considerable groans, until she came hard, one more time. I blew my own sweet load, up her pounded and tortured arse. We both collapsed forward onto the couch, my cock still inside her arse tube, exhausted...

I untied Shona, we took a shower, and then we climbed into the semen stained bed, where we fell asleep immediately. Shona slept late the next day. I made her kiss my cock and then we headed for home. Shona slept for the rest of the day at home. This will never probably never happen again, but then again, I never thought it would happen even the once!