Written by gb

25 Mar 2014

A year after a friend broke it off with his girlfriend of 3 years, she contacted me through a social media site. Her name is Rachel, she is an athletic brunette with a tanned semi-muscular body and firm b-cup breasts. She had cheated on him twice and been forgiven but the third time it was over. I had known both from school and she had a reputation for hooking up with lots of guys. She started talking to me frequently, seemingly looking for some sympathy but also being a bit cheeky and flirty at times. After a month or so we caught up and from that day started fucking. I did feel bad because she was a friends ex but I was getting some.

Fast forward to a cold winters day; she is on my computer and finds that I've tried to organise a gangbang multiple times with out success. Cheekily she says, "can we do one?" "One what?" I reply, trying to act as if I don't know what she's talking about. "A gangbang", she says with a smile. "Really" You want to do a gangbang?" "Yeah", she replies with excitement. I say to her, "I will try to organise a group."

Off to the internet I go. I post a classified ad on two different sites, stating in the ad I need "4-5 fit and well endowed males to gangbang my little slut. 8+ inches only." As expected I get over 100 replies many from guys who show no photo, and guys who don't fit the criteria. I find my first two guys within the week. One a well built white guy with an thick 8 incher and the other a black male with a very thick 9 inch cock. I tell the guys when I find the others I will send another message to them. I sort through emails selectively for the next week finding my final two guys. I pick another black male who claims 10 inches and a white guy with 9 inches. Both fit.

I give it two days, create a group email and send the four guys this message,

"Hi guys,

We will be hosting this at my house this Saturday night, 7pm. Rachel will arrive after you guys so be on time. Basically no holes barred, be rough, fuck her hard and make her our little whore. Cum where you like. No time limit, keep it going all night.

All you need to bring is yourself and a hard on!"

After I had sent the message I called Rachel, "It's organised, Saturday night at my place", I told her. "I'm so excited, are they hot?" "All you need to do is be get there after 7 and look sexy. See you Saturday."

Saturday came and all the guys confirmed they were still coming. 6.50pm, and the first guy arrived. The tanned white one was first and the other three rocked up within the next 10 minutes. They were all friendly and seemed like good guys to be sharing this with. I told them she would be here soon. We had a beer and chatted. I told them that I would like their cocks to be semi erect before she was here, so they all stroke gently through their pants until she arrived. I also mentioned that I want her to explore for herself and to let her take each cock out one by one.

Ten minutes past and I heard her knock. I opened the door, "hey, you ready?" "Ready? I rubbed my clit on the drive here!" "That's my girl, your boys are in the lounge room." I watched her ass sway as she walked to lounge. She was wearing small denim shorts, a tight black singlet, black slip on shoes and her hair was up in a pony-tail. Their was excitement on every ones face including mine when she entered the room. I took a place on the couch between the larger black guy and one of the white guys. Rachel was stood in the middle of the room, "start exploring" I told her.

She moved to the tanned guy sitting on the recliner, she went onto her knees and found her hands shaping his pants around his cock. She unzip him and pulled his underwear off, his large semi-erect penis sprung out at her. "Fuck that's big", she said as she wrapped a hand around his thick tool and began stroking it slowly. All four guys sitting around had their eyes glued to the action as she stroke the cock and her pussy with her other hand. Looking into his eyes she kissed the pink head of his cock before moving across to the couch, where she cheekily kissed the large black guy's lips after kissing tanned guys cock. She slowly slipped back to her knees, eyes fixed to his crotch, "I hope your just as impressive" she said with a look of lust on her face. I smiled, as I knew what this guy was packing. She pulled his track pants away from his body, reaching in to find her hand barely fitting around his trouser snake. "FUCK ME! It's huge", she gasped in shock as he pushed his own pants down to his ankle. Rachel handled this huge tool with care, slowly caressing the tip with her tongue and ocassionally taking the monster into her mouth.

She moved past me and the other white guy, to the smaller black guy. She once again kissed him, then moved down to his crotch to reveal yet another another big cock. Not being so thick she took his already rock hard cock half way into her mouth and releasing, venturing to his balls which were much larger than visible in his photos. She licked and sucked his nuts and then slid her tongue from base to tip of his cock, both moaning as she got to the tip. She moved on to the last guy, his 8 inch penis already erect from watching her tease the others. She too much less time to remove his cock from his pants and sucked him, deep and hard, gagging when taking most of his inches down her throat. I joined the other guys who were all stroking their long cocks, slowly and took my erect 9 inch cock out and stroked while watching Rachel suck on the guys rod.

I stood up, grabbing Rachel and taking her to the centre of the room. I started removing her clothes. First taking her top off and then purple, lace bra. I grabbed her boobs from behind and said to the guys "intro's are over guys, time to make her our slut." The four of them stood up quickly and moved around her, I kissed her neck and removed her shorts. The big black guy got down on his knees, removed her tiny panties and began licking her clit. She moaned softly, then he placed one finger inside her pussy, provoking another soft moan. The other three removed their clothes, revealing their masculine bodies to Rachel. The tanned guy and white guy massaged her breasts and the tanned guy kissed her passionately. The smaller black guy spread her ass and darted his tongue in her anal hole.

I sat back for a while and watched. The guys were doing well but were being soft at this time, before I could say anything. The smaller black guy picked her up and carried her to the couch. Putting her on all fours, he spat on his hand, rubbed his cock and pushed it in to her tight wet cunt. He lent forward, grabbed her ponytail and bluntly whispered in her ear, "suck his cock you little slut, cos' your gonna scream." Hearing this made my ears prick up, he was starting to get more forceful. He pushed her head into my crotch, my hands replaced his, grabbing her hair. I pushed down on her head, as she sucked my cock. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and fast, his enormous balls slapping her clit, her screams muffled with my cock in her mouth. The others sat around jerking, watching the little slut get hammered by her first big cock of the night. The big black guy came over to get his snake serviced by her slutty mouth. She wrapped her lips around his tool as the other black guy picked up pace again. "You love big black cock dont you, you love that big dick!", the big black guy said as he stuffed Rachel's mouth with his cock.

The smaller black guy pulled out and was replaced by the tanned guy's long cock, he slid in and grabbed her hair pulling her off the black cock and began pounding her pussy with aggression. He moved his hands to her neck and pulled her right back, choking her slightly as he gave her the full length of his cock. She screamed and moaned in pleasure, as his big dick made her cum hard. Her pussy tightened as she came, and with that his body tensed up. He started breathing heavier as he continued to pound her, with one last deep stroke he exploded deep in her pussy. He removed his cock which was beginning to soften, moving to Rachel's mouth. She cleaned the cum off his cock, and then sucked my cock and the white guys cock. The large black guy moved in behind her,mopping up the cum dripping from her hole with his tip, he pushed the tip of his cock against her hole. Rachel looked him as he started pushing into her cum filled pussy, "oh, fuck, fuck, ahhh. I can't, it's too big", she moaned. "This is what you wanted slut, now take it!" He began to thrust forcefully as she screamed. Her screams quickly plugged by cock, the big black man in her pussy began to finger her anal hole. "Fuck this is tight, I'm going to cum!", he said as he pumped her hard, and quickly he squirted his thick seed into her pussy.

I pull Rachel on top of me, grabbing her hips and pushing her down on my rock hard cock. I wrap my arms around her and thrust into her cunt at a furious pace for as long as I can. When i slow down, I say to Rachel, "your being a good fucking slut, now your going to take one in your ass too." I motion to the white guy to get in her ass, he positions himself behind her and pushes the head of his throbbing cock against her willing asshole. With a firm push, his head pops into her hole. "OHH FUCK!", Rachel screams repeatedly as he slides his cock deeper into her anal hole before sliding almost all the way back out and then pushing in all the way in one motion. The two of us get into a rhythm, destroying her two holes, his sagging balls slapping against the shaft of my cock with each thrust into her ass. My balls begin to tighten with each thrust and I explode up into her pussy but continue to fuck, soon the white guy in her ass blows his load deep in her hole.

The smaller black guy moves into her ass, and starts to pound her from behind. I still lay underneath her and she sucks the other guys cocks, as i suck on her nipples. The small black guy's big balls are slapping against her wet, cum filled pussy as his big dick plows her ass hole hard. He continues to give her rough anal fuck as she stiffens the guys cocks again with her mouth. I jerk my cock beneath her pussy, using the dripping cum as lubricant and rubbing her clit with my cock which sends her over the edge giving her another orgasm. The black guy fucking her ass, screams "FUCK" as he blow a load of cum into her ass hole.

The other three guys who have been getting blown and jerking push Rachel down to her knees and jerk their cocks around her face. The tanned guy blows first, unloading his thick white seed into her mouth. Shes swallows it all, before the large black guy and the white come at the same time, dropping two huge loads on her face. I then step in pushing my cock into her throat and fuck her throat. I pull out and drop a third load on her face. The cum is dripping down her body, as she tries to get a second load out of the small black guys large balls. She licks, strokes and sucks him until he pushes out another load of cum onto her face.

"Thank you's" from all the guys as they dress and leave. "I want this again sometime", Rachel says before going off to the bathroom.