Written by swing couple

2 Feb 2013

my wife had talked about another orgy, as it had been awhile, we mainly like bi guys and 6 or so guys to fuck us both, so we started contacting guys we knew to make it happen, we were more than happy when one guy said did we mind if he brought some friends, we knew him so of course said yes,,

sat night and 7 pm the guys started turning up, as Lilly got busy with a few i watched her pussy take its first cock, after most guys had arrived i got naked and joined in, licking lils pussy juices, while a guy took his turn pumping her hole, my cock was getting sucked as we played, but not by lilly, after awhile i wanted some pussy, so swung around and got her to lay on gregs cock and slide it in her wet pussy, my cock joining his and we fucked her hard,,, she was taking cocks in her moth too,, just as i felt a cock pushing against my butt hole, easing back it slid in and we all set of in rhytem ,, soon my arse took it first load which set of the other guy in lilly who filled her pussy with wet cum, we changed around 2 guys took turns fucking my hole as lilly took a few more, I heard a voice say hello and looked over to see John with 3 other guys and 2 woman, mmmmmmmm he had asked about bringing friends, but who knew, they got naked and joined in, both woman taking guys in thier pussies, lilly by now was being dp'd and a 3rd in her mouth, my arse was full with garys big cock, boy hes good,,the woman watching me being fucked and liking it too,, soon i was fucking one and gary fucking me too,, after awhile my cock let loose and flooded her hole,,that seemed to set of Gary who flooded my hole too,, the woman i had just fucked asked if she could play in my arse too, so i let her finger me and then told her to fist me wow she slide her fist in and played deep inside my wet hole,, i fisted her pussy to playing in my cum inside her,,

i them told 2 guys with good cocks to line up and dp me both went in easy as cum lubed them both,, they took turns pounding me as my mouth took a few hot loads too,,it was about 15 mins later when both guys started to fuck me harder as their balls flooded me at the same time mmmmmmmmmmmmm

after some 5 hours or so i had fucked both the woman and filled ones pussy and the other ones asre with my cum,,,lilly had taken them all including the 2 woman, her arse was leaking cum as i slide a finger in her and gave the cum to one of the woman to eat,,

Lilly said about my toys, which she pulled out and showed the woman,,both gasped at the size of them,,strap on sorted my arse soon took the 9 inch vib as lilly worked me hard,, my mouth filled by spare cock, after she hadmase me cum a few times she slide the other 10 inch vib in too both working my arse,, then she took my monster 12 inch dildo,, and lubed it up a bit as its so big, then pushed against my hole, working back on it inch by inch went in, both ladies now gasping at me talents,, within minutes my arse was cumming that hard i took it all and collasped in one big orgasm,,lill ramming her fist in to finnish me off,

we all played some more mainly sucking and licking pussy as our cocks cooled off,, lilly sitting on gary telling him she needed more, he grew to the occasion and fucked her once more, i licked his balls as he pushed deep in her wet arse,, then bam he found one more load to flood her arse and feed my mouth,,,

thanking John we set about arranging another nights fun