Written by warmblood61

27 Jan 2010

Tanya Part 2

"You want to fuck me in the arse, don't you?" Tanya asked.

"For sure!" I said.

"Well, you know the two guys I fucked, the ones whose cum you ate out of my pussy?"

"You know them, I don't."

"Well, ummm, I've invited them to come around tonight. They're bringing friends" "I thought I'd surprise you."

"How many friends and what's this to do with popping your ass cherry?" "Are you saying if I let them fuck you, I can fuck your arse?"

"Only two others and umm, sort of."

"Sort of.. what?"

"Umm, they're bisexual and the deal is you can fuck me in the arse if you take a cock up your arse first." "Hang on. Have you ever had a cock up your arse?"

"No." I told her. " I'm not sure about this, I'll think about it."

"Oh and I have a surprise for you." Tanya said with a smirk.

"I think I've had enough surprises today, what is it?"

"You will have to wait and see."

I promised nothing, not sure I wanted to see my girlfriend being fucked by four other guys. I told Tanya we will have a drink with her new found friends and take it from there. It was with trepidation as I stood behind Tanya when she answered the door. As they came in I was introduced to Dave, Pete, Josh and Sam. I immediately noticed Sam. Samantha was a girl, a real honey, long dark hair, beautiful face and a body that deserved a magazine cover. (I later discovered her 19th birthday was in a week and the somewhat buff guys were 20 and 21.)

"She's your surprise." Tanya whispered in my ear.

We cracked open some spirits and surprisingly conversation flowed easily from the outset. It wasn't long before talk turned to sex. Samantha started it by asking Tanya and I questions about our sex life. We were honest and open. They were intrigued about my new found fetish of liking to eat Tanya's boy cum filled pussy and her liking it just as much. Samantha disclosed she loved having three friends who were bi, not only did she often get all her holes filled, but 'cause they all fucked each other there was no jealousy. Josh asked Tanya if she had been with a girl which she said she hadn't. Pete asked Tanya if she would like to see me suck a cock and to my surprise she said yes. Suddenly there was a vote on who was to do what first. The girls were out voted and they were egged on to get together.

Samantha stood up and laid a passionate kiss on Tanya's lips. It wasn't long before their hands were wondering all over each other and they began undressing. Obviously, Samantha took the lead and it wasn't long before she had her mouth on Tanya's breast, sucking her nipple, her spare hand finding it's way inside Tanya's panties. I could see Tanya was really enjoying the attention. My cock hardened inside my jeans. It wasn't long after that Tanya's back was arching as Samantha licked her pussy. I could tell she was close to orgasm.

I was too busy watching the girls to notice when Dave started sucking Josh's cock. I could see Dave had a 6" boner in his hand and Josh possessed a thick cut 8". Tanya came big time and when her orgasm subsided the girls swapped positions, Tanya looked like a natural licking her first pussy. Pete asked me if was ok if he fucked Tanya. I made comment that he already had, at which he said he was the one who hadn't and was dying to after hearing about what a good fuck she was from the other guys. I gave him the nod. When he dropped his daks he exposed a 7 incher, cut and thin. Tanya positioned herself to take Pete's cock from behind without missing a lick of Samantha's pussy.

Not wanting to miss out, I soon found myself naked kneeling next to Samantha. She hungrily sucked my balls and cock. She was good at it, probably the best cocksucker I had ever had. With all going on and so not to blow too soon, I had to insist she keep taking a break. Samantha got me to squat over her face so she could rim me. It felt real gooood. What she was doing to me and seeing my girlfriend going down on her was surreal. Then Samantha came. She was already the loudest in the house with her moans, when she orgasmed she no doubt woke any sleeping neighbours. She writhed and wrapped her legs around Tanya, pulling her deeper into her pussy. After her orgasm subsided she got up and told Dave to fuck Tanya's face. She told me to suck Josh's cock and disappeared into the bedroom.

Before I knew it I was giving head to Josh's massive cock. The boys had swapped ends with Tanya, Dave poking her pussy and Pete getting head. Suddenly I felt a sharp whack across my arse and was told to get on all fours. Samantha had returned from the bedroom, riding crop in hand and sporting a strap-on dildo. I did as I was told and from I felt lube being squeezed down my arsecrack, a finger, then two penetrating me, preparing me for what was to come. Josh was now sitting in front of me, he guiding my head to his cock. He telling me what he liked. My tongue swirled around his knob, I could taste his precum. Samantha continued fingering my arse with one hand and playing with my cock and balls with the other.

Dave, still fucking Tanya's pussy started moaning and blew his load deep inside her. After he pulled out Josh moved over to her. Pete to me. Tanya rolled over onto her back and Josh fucked her missionary. Pete told me after Samantha had finished fucking me he was going to. I couldn't argue as his cock was fucking my mouth. I felt Samantha's strap-on at my brown holes entrance. "Spread your cheeks" she said whacking me again with her riding crop." I'm going to deflower you." I did as I was told and with a little pain I felt her dildo enter my arse, just a couple of inches, she stopped. "Does that feel good slut?" "mmmm" I said. WHACK! DOES THAT FEEL GOOD YOU FUCKING SLUT?" "YES" I said loudly. After a little pull back she thrust her strap-on deep into me. "OOOoooooooHhhh" a mixture of pleasure and pain took over me. I broke out into a sweat and Samantha started to pump me like a slow steam train. The discomfort soon subsided and it started to feel good.

Josh was fucking Tanya harder and faster. From the look on his face he was about to cum. Tanya I noticed had come at least once with his 8" in her. The look on her face told me she was loving it. "Fuuuuuuucck" Josh moaned as he came. Samantha scolded Josh for coming too soon. She pulled out of me and told me to lie on my back. "Time to feel a real cock slut."

I did as I was told and soon I had my legs held in the air with Pete ready to fuck my arse. Tanya squatted over me dripping the boys cum into my mouth. I proceeded to lick her cunt clean as I felt Petes cock enter me. His cock wasn't as thick as the strap-on, felt softer and noticeably longer when he fully penetrated me. It felt good.

After I licked Tanya's pussy clean, she was ordered her to get on all fours, Samantha licked Tanya's pussy and rimmed her arse. Pete in the meantime kept fucking my tight hole and soon he came inside me. It was a new experience for me and I liked it. I liked it a lot. When he pulled out, Dave dived in and licked me clean. I was the only one who hadn't cum and I knew what hole I was going to cum in. Samantha was now lubing and fingering Tanya's arse like she did mine. I grabbed a drink and us boys watched the action. Samantha spent a lot longer getting Tanya ready than she did with me. Unlike me, Tanya wasn't going to have a fake cock deflower her backdoor passage.

The time came and with all watching, I did what Samantha did to me. First a couple of inches, stopped, then pulled back a little before thrusting my whole cock deep into virgin territory. Tanya yelped a little at first but it wasn't long before she was pushing into me wanting more than I could give. She was loving it and wondered out loud why she hadn't tried it before. I was loving it too. I didn't want to stop fucking so pumped her arse slowly. Samantha positioned herself underneath us. I could feel her sucking on my balls and imagined from Tanya's moans her licking pussy. Samantha was obviously doing a great job as I could feel Tanya building to an orgasm. When Tanya came her arse tightened and I blew my load inside her.

Our guests didn't leave until very late the next night. Tanya and I enjoyed feeling all the boys cocks in all our holes. Tanya had her first double penetration, me in her arse, Josh fucking her pussy and both Dave and Pete taking turns fucking her face. I went around the world with Samantha and did a DP on her with Tanya and the strap-on. Tanya and Samantha lost count in the number of times they came. I blew my load seven times (or was it 8?) as did all the boys I think. Dave made sure all our arseholes stayed clean and you can guess who cleaned up all the cum filled pussy.