14 Jul 2019

My company had sent me to Queensland to work a new Client base along the coast. Crikey, from the snow of Bathurst 2 weeks ago to saltry sub tropical steam. What a contrast! I like Queensland. Especially the people. So laid back and in some cases bohemian (I hoped anyway!).... About three weeks in; things are going well. I'm way up almost to Rocky. I pull up for the night, at a beach side caravan park, in a small town, just off the main drag. After setting up, I decide to go for a run along the beach. Shorts, no shirt, bare feet. Down I head. It is nearly dusk. I ran about 3ks along the beach and then back again, taking a nice medium pace and breathing deeply through my nose. Nearing my starting point, I slow and stretch. Fuck. I'm not used to this humidity. I notice three girls sitting under the palm trees, near a street light off to the left. They are having drinks and staring at me. Even though I'm no spring chicken, I look after myself with weights etc.. Or maybe it was my deep white Victorian sun tan. Fuck this, lets have some fun. I drop my shorts (no jocks), turn around and run into the surf for a skinny. I have a great swim for 10 minutes, then turn to go back to shore. The girls are gone. My shorts are gone.

SHIT!!! No sign of them. Hm. Oh well. It IS dark. So I start walking back to the caravan park, buck naked. Great, the park was all lit up and there were people outside having dinner everywhere. Nowhere to hide, my gear was right in the middle of the park, next to the camp kitchen. I get past the first group. They didn't notice - Whoops and whistles. Yes they did. Great! This happened over and over until I made it to my gear and got dressed, into another pair of shorts.

Not long later, the park owner waltzed over with a cheeky grin on his face. "Hey mate. The nudest colony is up the road." "Very funny" I reply and proceeded to tell him what happened. "Oh, I know those girls. See that house up there, the holiday one with the balcony?" I looked and located it. "Thanks man". I grabbed a couple of bottles of wine, a shirt and thongs and headed. At the house I knocked on the front door. A guy answered, looking at me quizzically. "Hi. Are there three girls here, who were just down the beach?" Now his look is suspicious. "Actually yes, why?". "They have something of mine. May I meet them please?". He lets me in. Out the back there is a balcony pool and outdoor bbq area. Two other guys and the three girls were in the pool drinking and laughing. One of the girls sees me and points "He's here. I told you."

Now the guy that answered the door turns to me, needing answers. I told him what had happened. He starts pissing himself laughing. I was not impressed. "Where are my shorts? I'm quite attached to them." More laughing from all 6 of them. [Door guy] slaps me on the back and throws me a beer "Settle petal. They were just having fun. Stay a while." I calm down. We introduced ourselves and small talked while the others kept having fun in the pool. They were all from Brisbane up there on holiday. Rich kids, by the look of it. All in their twenties. Daddy's condo - all that.

After a few beers, door guy says "Time to eat man. You joining us?" Why not. The others dry off. The girl that commented when I arrived was short, skinny, dark long hair. Cute [pixie] face and no boobs to speak of. The girl next to her could not have been more opposite. About 5 10, short red hair, C cup rigid boobs and an athletic body. She looked like a [Greek] war maiden. The other girl was blonde, average height, muscular, large [DD] boobs. Also very pretty, as they all are at that age. No doubt she worked out regularly. Door guy was tall, skinny, had a long beard and tatt sleeves on both arms. "How'ya goin' mate?" One of the other guys shakes my hand. He is [thick] set, also a gym goer by the looks . The third guy looked like a Librarian. Coke bottle [Nerd] black glasses that made his eyes look twice as big. Also very skinny, with a shaved head.

The barby was fired up. They cooked seafood and veges with plenty of garlic. Yum. I got my wine out. "Ok girls, time for a show." Says Thick. What was this? I wondered. Are they actors? Pixie stands up and approaches Greek. Off comes Greek's bikini top revealing perfect breasts with perky nipples. Pixie takes one into her mouth. I quickly got the picture. These rich kids didn't have to work or earn. They had it all. So what else do you do? Take pleasure in every way. Why not? "Are you shocked?" Door Guy asks me. "Not at all". I reply. "Bring it on". "You like big tits?" "I like everything" I reply. He gives DD the look. She smiles and approaches me.

Standing very close, she removes her bikini top. Her stomach is washboard perfect. Her boobs also. She takes both my hands and places them on her tits. Wow, so firm for large boobs; like they had their own re-enforcement. I could tell they were natural because they had that fluidity about them that plastic boobs do not. I play with her for a while until she sits on my knee and starts feeling me through my shorts. Meanwhile Pixie and Greek are naked on a sun lounge 69'ing each other. The guys are drinking and watching the show.

DD had got my cock out and was lolly-popping him, with her hands between her own legs working her clit. She had a tiny little pussy. All inside. Wow. I'm wondering there and then how tight she is going to be. I didn't have to wonder for long. She climbs on top of me and guides me to her puss. I'm not huge, but I am thick. No go. She lets her weight help. Still no go. "Fuck. I can't fit him!" She exclaims. The other girls stop their 69 and look over. Greek "He will fit me". DD reluctantly gets off and grabs a wine, sitting on Door Guy's knee. Greek approaches me. She places her feet either side of my body and sits on me. I grab her tits. Her nipples are rock hard. She takes my mouth in hers. Hm. So sweet is her mouth and tongue. WOW! I feel her puss as she guides me in. No problem here. I'm all the way in, nuts deep. She starts riding me. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. I grab her arse cheeks and pull her closer. We fuck like that for 10 minutes. The others are enjoying the show. DD is sucking Door Guys cock.

Greek orgasms over and over. "I want some of that" Pixie grabs Greek's arm and physically pulls her off me. Greek protests, but it is obvious they are good friends. "Throw me the lube". Greek grabs it off the table and throws it. Pixie catches it and squeezes some onto her hand. Then rubs it over her arse hole. She gets into reverse doggy and grabs my cock. She lowers herself and guides the head of my cock to her arse. Surprisingly, for such a small girl, it slides in easily. Arrrrr yyyeeesssss. She sits on me allowing him to go all the way in. She starts fucking me with her arse and grinding.

I look over at the others. Door Guy has DD in doggie fucking her arse. Greek is tonguing DD's pussy. Thick has his cock in his hand working himself. Nerd is sitting watching, doing nothing. I suspect Nerd is shy. Pixie beckons to Thick "Get over here." Thick saunters over. Pixie takes his cock into her mouth. So now we are all involved except for Nerd, who is sitting quietly. We all continue for a while until our orgasms and ejaculations come and go. Then it's drinks again. Music is engaged, loudly. Bruce the Boss. Love it.

I'm sitting chatting with Door Guy. Nerd has gone inside. "What's his story?" I ask Door Guy. "He's gay". Oh! I normally pick these things. "Does he have someone". "Fuck no. He hasn't come out. We only know because he is never interested in the girls. He watches us. But he doesn't even know himself yet." That gives me food for thought. A little plan starts seeding itself, in my mind. "Where's the loo" I ask. "Inside, at the end to the left". I head inside and pretend to go to the loo. Can't see Nerd anywhere. I head upstairs and see a light on in one of the bedrooms. When I get near the door, it is partly open. I see in. Nerd is laying on the bed, completely naked. A lap top is next to him. He's working his rather generous cock (8 1/2 inches) with both hands. I can't see the screen, but the sound tells me it is at least two guys, fucking' maybe more. So he knows he is gay, obviously.

Hm. What do I do here. I was getting turned on by the possibility of getting close to this guy. I'm completely naked. A plan formulates. I stumble into the room. "Oh shit. Sorry man. I'm a bit pissed. I'm looking for the loo." He just freezes. No reaction. "You look like you're having fun. What are you watching?" He remains frozen. I approach the bed and sit down next to him. There's pre-cum oozing out of his cock. I touch him. Still frozen. I start to work his cock. Still frozen. I kneel down and take him into my mouth. This shocks him into action. He grabs my head and pulls me closer. He is getting harder. I can taste his pre-cum. So clean. His balls are getting tight. Then I hear noises at the door. I turn my head and the others are there watching on. Nerd has his eyes closed, in ecstasy. The others enter and gather around to watch. There's still plenty of lube on my cock, so I use it to lube my arse. "Hey. Anyone got a dinger?" Nerd opens his eyes; sees my lubed arse and gets one out of his bedside drawer. I push Nerd down onto his back and climb on. He is long, but not thick. Perfect. I guide him toward me. It must be done slowly. I do this. He enters. I allow him to push. Then he loses himself. He starts to fuck my arse like it his last day on earth. It hurts for a while, but I go with it. As my ring relaxes, the pleasure returns. My own cock is starting to ooze. I grab both his hands and put them on my cock. He works me. Things heat up. The audience are groaning. We both climax at the same time. He fills the rubber. I spray all over his chest and face.

I never did get those fucking shorts back!