Written by showoffsx2

7 Oct 2013

She stepped into the room.

Fully aware that all eyes were on her, exploring her, assessing her, waiting for her to stop moving.

She thought to herself control your breathing Nina. Remain calm. Relax

She set her shoulders back and was led into the middle of the room.

She braced herself and then let the dress slip.

She stood, tingling, completely naked as the party raged on around her.

Not 20 seconds later, she felt the first hand upon her.

Slowly there was more.

So many, many more....

Nina’s fantasies started early in her development. She always loved crowd crushes. Pressed into trains, elevators, mosh pits, cubby houses, anywhere that a body is pushed up against her. And the more the better.

From a young age she was left breathless when in such close proximity. Her senses were heightened. She became acutely aware of every little contact. Every time.

She found herself catching the train to work, always at the busiest possible times, stepping back and waiting for the next train when confronted by an even close to a completely uncrwammed carriage. Peak hour buses were a particular source of pleasure. The way everyone squashed forward when the brakes were applied, the way a strangers whole body could be completely wrapped around her and there was nothing she could do, or would want to, to stop it.

They would leave her breathless.



She thought back to her first back-packing trip through Europe. She found herself in Paris on New Year’s Eve. She caught a train through the heart of Paris hoping to see the Eiffel Tower and all the fireworks.

The train pulled into a station. She was trying to count the stops knowing that she only had three more before she needed to get off. As expected, the train was crowded and only getting more crowded at every station with drunken revellers.

That’s when it happened.

A young man pushed into her side on, almost face to face, laughing.

Another woman in front, she found herself turning and twisting, trying for a better view, but there were too many people.

She was in heaven.

A hand moving up inside of her top.


Groping, feeling her breast, inside her bra.

Another lifting her skirt from behind.

Fingers probing her sodden pussy.

Bright bursts of lights, people laughing, crowd surging.

Nina’s explosive orgasm.

The celebration, the elation, the realisation.

She was left forever longing for that perfect moment again.

Years later, she found her confidence through her womanly beauty and her lovers.

Most open minded men liked her fetish, but few understood it. They ultimately thought that she could get the same release from group sex, from flashing in public, dogging etc but nothing, nothing could replace the thrill of the anonymous crush grope. She liked them all but she loved to be groped.

She found herself touring, travelling a lot in her late teens/early twenties. Festivals like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Rio, the running of the bulls in San Fermin, Pamplona- Spain and her favourite, always her favourite, New Years Eve in Paris. The food, the smells and the music. But most of all, the people. So sexually free and open. Almost anything goes and is encouraged. She can see herself retiring to Paris, riding the peak hour trains to nowhere and back again every morning and evening.

But right now she finds herself as centre of attention at a private party being thrown for some of societies so called elite. She could feel there was a man sitting at her feet, playing with her feet, between her toes, with his tongue, obviously aroused. Another couple was playing with her nipples, alternately licking them and tugging on them.

A body moved up against her from behind. It’s was probably male. She didn’t care. They cupped her arse cheeks and lifted, pulling her open and wide. Then there was another hand on her belly, slowly moving down to her crutch. Gently but definitely.

Nina wanted to cry out, to engage the hands and move with them but the brief was to stand still. Absolutely still. So she let the free-for-all continue. More hands now, all starting to compete for space, for contact with her flesh. She loves this, so alive, so real, so alert. Her breathing was short and hard in her chest. Her skin felt like it was pulled tight over her body, tingling to all the touches. A finger moved into her mouth. She sucked on it. Then it withdrew and another took its place. This one larger, more forceful. She bit on it when it wouldn’t stop. It withdrew then came back again, again pushing towards her throat. This time she bit down hard. The finger instantly withdrew and did not come back.

With the exception of her mouth she now had fingers and tongues in every possible opening except her left ear. She was in heaven. Her body was responding with such force that she knew she was about to lose her balance. Slowly but definitely, like a wave rolling down her stomach to her now swollen and extremely engorged sex the orgasm rolled. Larger and fast it came on until she threw her head back, cried out long aloud, coupled with uncontrolled shuddering and convulsing, throwing her hips and arms out and back, bucking and shaking, all the while lost in her elation.

Once it subsided she realised she was now laying on the floor. Not as many hands were upon her now but there were many more mouths. Someone was now doing a wonderful job of gong down on her, whilst another was positioning underneath her, obviously looking to penetrate her from behind. Her hand was taken and placed on a woman’s crutch, imploring her to explore, to probe and to stimulate. But, with so much going on, it was impossible to concentrate. Another set of hands held her head, turning it towards the left, where she found an incredibly erect penis trying to gain entry into her mouth. She allowed this intrusion as it was one area where she had complete control.

This went on for quite a while and she found herself succumbing to three more powerful orgasms and until finally she became sore and uncomfortable. She motioned to get up, but hands were holding her back. She started more emphatic movements but again she met resistance. Suddenly all hands left her almost simultaneously. Stunned and grateful she quickly moved to stand and she instantly felt a supporting arm.

Blindfolded as she was she had no idea who this was that had saved her but she was grateful. She was led back the way she came, across the carpet and out to an ante room, where the party din subdued markedly.

She tried to remove the mask, but it was knotted tightly at the back and resisted her every attempt. Just then her dress was placed in her hands, and her shoes were put at her feet.

She quickly dressed, slipping the loose material over her body and placed her shoes on her feet. Again the supportive arm guided her across the room where she heard a door open. She could feel the cool of the evening against her skin, and she was moved forward three steps and stopped. In one movement she felt the mask ties cut off and the door close behind her.

The lights hurt her eyes as she looked around trying to see and thank her protector but he was already gone. She slowly walked off down the street to hail a cab to go back to her apartment.

Contented and for now satisfied.