Written by squirtzlive

9 Oct 2010

Have dogging skirt, will travel. My dogging skirt is like a magic coat. I put it on and I am transformed. Into a pervert’s Christmas. You see, when I’m wearing my ‘special’ skirt I become someone else. A park slut. My skirt allows easy access. There’s nothing I enjoy more than lifting my skirt in public. Amongst fellow doggers. For I am a happy dogette, eager to receive your caress. In my dogging suit, I am wanton. Your probing fingers, your wriggling tongue inside me. And that’s just the girls. It’s all about the skirt. It makes me do things I wouldn’t normally do. Fuck another dogette; devour her sweet nipples and nuzzle at her crotch. It gets me so hot I have to get my own breasts out; offer them to her mouth. But the skirt stays on. Enter dogging dude #1. He raises my skirt up easily over my bare arse. Grinds his groin into me while reaching around to grasp my liberated breasts. Large. Very. My breasts, that is! His cock is abundant too. Mmmm. Hard. Eager. Would you like a hand with that? What do we have here? Mind if I have closer look? With my mouth? Mmmm…yummy. I recline on the picnic table, legs parted. This is the best bit…hardness sliding into my wet pussy. Ahh. Ahh. Etcetera. Oh, how I love my dogging skirt!