Written by Rico

4 Mar 2016

So the first time, we've all done it, it still gets me horny just recalling it, so I hope it does something for you too.

It happened when I was least expecting it, I had literally just broken up with my then girlfriend. I dropped into a mates place for a BBQ at their suggestion. I was expecting there to be a few people, turns out I was the only guest. Looking back, I should've read the signs, but I not only had no experience in the lifestyle, I also wasn't in the frame of mind to be thinking about sex or anything remotely like it. It was a warm day, so the arvo kicked off with a swim. I was a little bit hesitant at first, because I was wearing speedos (I swim laps most mornings) but when I saw my mate in them also, it was all good. His woman wore a nice bikini that emphasized her curves and they both looked smoking hot. I found myself jumping into the pool on occasion when I felt my cock stir, rather than get a ranging hard on, it stayed at a reasonable sized bulge throughtout the day, later, I found out she had been checking it out from behind her dark glasses. The evening remained warm so we just stayed in the togs as we bbq'd, at one stage she squeezed past in front of me, her hand brushed across the front of my briefs, looking back-that was a sign-there was ample room to walk behind me, which she did shortly after-brushing her hand over my butt. The food was eaten and more beers drunk, they offered me to stay the night, I accepted so I didnt have to collect the car the next day. We were sitting around the lounge room and I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I was buzzing from the beers and still none the wiser to what they had devised. I was walking back up the hallway when I heard her giggle followed by a noise. I looked up and saw her with her tits out of her bikini top and he was licking her left nipple. He right was already as hard as a diamond. I heard the noise again as he sucked heavily on her tit. I grinned, 'Lucky bastard' I thought.

"So do you want to fuck him?" I heard him ask. I nearly fell over!

""Hell yes." came the reply.

"I want to watch you blow him as I fuck you." He said as he took her tit in his mouth again.

She moaned as she threw her head back and closed her eyes.

By now, as you probably guessed, I had a rather full bulge going on and was as horny as hell and sober as a judge!

I walked out of the hall and into the room as her top hit the floor, followed by her bottoms. She sunk to her knees, pulling his briefs off and began to suck him off. I couldn't believe what was happening! He gasped as she deep throated his entire cock (which I noted was longer, but thinner than mine) Her hand traced up his body and rubbed his nipples.

"Do you want me to go?" I asked, breaking the silence.

His eyes flew open, breaking into a grin he replied, "No, she wants you too bud." I looked down at her, her eyes on me, with a mouthful of cock she nodded and murmured a 'mmm hmm' before returning to the task. His cock popped out of her mouth with a wet squelch and she stood, walked over to me as he sat on the couch, placing her hand on my chest she leant in and kissed me, then she worked her way around my jawbone and started going south. Her tongue found my nipple and it felt great, working her way down by belly she started licking and teasing m through my briefs, by now my cock was straining at the tight lycra, to the point it was slightly exposing my balls, her tongue found its way through the gap and tickled. I didn't think I could get harder, but I did.

" I think he needs to be nude, dont you babe?" he said from the couch where he was wanking his cock.

She obliged, setting my hard on free, my knob tapped her on her cheek as it sprang out She took hold as I stepped from my speedos, her tongue swirling around my knob, tasting my precum. she swallowed me whole, I groaned before I could think of anything else, she ran her hands over my body, squeezing and slapping my butt, rubbing my nipples. I felt wanted craved, lusted for. Something I haven't felt since that night, or ever before that night.

She guided me to the couch, I sat and she fell upon my cock again, he moved around and began to eat her pussy, feeling and hearing her moan with a mouth of me was awesome, no other way to put it.

"I want your cum in my mouth, "she said, "now."

"Well keep going," I re[plied, "Im not far away."

He popped his cock in her pussy and stared pounding her, she moaned and groaned as she blew me. It didn't take long, I was soon cumming like a water fall, it ran down her chin, dribbling at the corners of her mouth. My cock pooped out and a jet of it landed on her cheek. I fell back on the couch, my energy sapped for the moment as I got cleaned off. I thought something felt different and looked down, it was him! I didn't care, it felt good and made me think about a few things, I would've returned the favor, but she had her head down there and was getting another load. We went outside for a smoke and discussed the next move, Ill tell you about that in part II.