9 Jul 2019

As you know by now, I travel. I am a member of a gym that has an outlet in every major town.

My Client visits are over for the day. I feel a need for energy. So I head. Get changed into my shit. Hmmmmm. What did I do last time? Leg and shoulders. So its bicep and back. Cool. I go to the preacher. FUCK. these guys are covering it. Do you hate that at gym? When guys take over? I do. I don't take any shit. So I go over to them. "Hey man. How long will you be here?" I ask. Nothing. They ignore me. I ask again "How long?". Nothing. So I get hold of the weight the guy was doing and lifted it with one hand and threw it. That got their attention. I had it to myself after that.

A good session. Back, bicep, my fav. I do my work out. During, I notice two chicks on the bikes. Both toned, youngish and OH fuck, I loved their leg-ins. This happens to me often. I try to ignore it, but today it was hard. Two young chicks watching me like I was a steak. Lets see.

Once I had stretched, showered and got back, They were both there waiting. I smiled at them as I started to walk out. They stopped me. "We need help". They said. "Really. What help?" I answered. " Can you come with us please?" So I do. They take me into the uni-sex locker room, shut the door and lock it. At this time after gym, the muscles are always bulged and the bod is feeling good. "What's up?" "Do you massage?" The girl that asked had short blonde hair, perfect skin, high cheek bones, brown eyes and sexy C cup boobs, hiding behind a black sports bra. "Yes actually. Which of you needs that?" They both raise their hand. The other girl, a little older was a curly brunette, a little over weight with DD boobs and a very cute girly face.

"Ok. You first" To the brunette. She lay face down on the bench on her towel. I started on her shoulders and neck and worked her whole body. She didn't need a massage at all. No knots. Anywhere. I did the other one who was the same. Not even tightness in the shoulders. "Now it's you turn." Said the blonde. I lay on my stomach. "No on your back." So I turn over. They both started on me. Feeling my muscles. I had bike pants on and my cock was huge and hard inside them. It was almost impossible for them to ignore by now. Down came the shorts. Out popped the cock, already dripping pre-cum.

The blonde takes me into her mouth. The other my balls. Oh Fuck. It had been a couple of days since my last unload. I could feel my orgasm already. "Keep that up and you will make me cum too quick". "Hmmmmmmmmmm" from both of them. They increased the pace, which pushed me over the edge. The orgasm started like a tickle, deep inside. Then a slow wave. building and building. Then the heat started, flowing through my whole body. The ejaculation started like a clamp just below my balls. Their movements had increased to a frenzy at feeding time. Not even the Titanic could have stopped it. Then it hit!!!!! WOW........ Blonde had me in her throat. She gagged as my sperm filled her. Curly stole me from her and continued riding me with her mouth. I ejaculated again, twice as hard. She gagged also but didn't let up. "Holy shit" observes Blonde "Do you always do that?" "What?" I manage to reply. "Come twice". "First time......" I tell her. "We are house mates. Are you busy tonight?".

Second installment tonight folks. Out for know. Have Clients to visit.