9 Jul 2019

Hmmmm. I have a full schedule the next day. I will have to lay off the piss. I agree to go with them. I follow them to their house which is not far. Shit, what about food etc... I ask them. They say - don't worry. Its covered. So I go in with them. They have a modest little flat with one bedroom. Hmmmm. King size bed. Hmmmmm. I left everything in the car. It is 8pm. They ask me what I would like to drink. I ask them what they have. Wine. I said white - chilled. Out comes the Chardy.

We drink. They don't smoke so I leave that. "What do you do for a job". Blonde asks. "Engineer. I fix shit. What about you two?" They reply, Blonde, works at Coles, Curly, Lawyer. WOW. Love it. The conversation is gonna be awesome. Which it was. This is where I have to be careful, because I can easily get emotionally involved. So, I change the conversation to sex. "Why did you capture me today?" Lawyer answers: "Because we want to try a guy. We haven't until today." "Did you like what we did in the gym?". Blonde answers "Fuck yeah. We want more!" She guiltily looks over at Lawyer with a questioning face. Lawyer, gives the approval with a cat like glare.

"Ok". I state. "I can see I am stuck between you two. I'm not sure I feel comfortable being the meat in the sandwhich." They ignore my statement and both approach me like crawling insects. Not sure I felt good about that. But I stayed. ...... Again, they took out my cock. I protested "Hey girls. Don't you think it is my turn to please you?". Lawyer says "We please each other every day. We don't get a chance to play with cock. We don't care what you can do except fuck".

Right! ..... Never a truer and more solid word spoken. So I let them have their fun. I don't cum. After the earlier experience, it is going to take a cyclone. I'm lucky in that I get hard very easily. Even when I have cum. They play and play. They do each other often. I love watching girls who are into each other. So hot. It got me going again. I told them.

"Do you do anal?" Blonde asks. "Yes". A clever response NOT. "Do you like anal?" "You mean you do it to me?""Yep" I answer. They both look at each in glee. Blonde disappears to get whatever. Curly cuddles up to me. We love it. We have fantasized about doing with a guy. Thank you for being here. ..... I can only acknowledge her effort. What else?

Blonde comes back with a case. She opens it. It is filled with toys. Of all kinds. The handcuffs and whips got me interested, but she pulls out a butt plug. Oh for gods sake! I have one in my toilet bag. I ask her if she has a cock ring. No. So I go to the car and get my own. Not sure I need it yet. Im trying to pace myself. It is really hard when when there are 2 awesome girls wanting me. Fuck.

I go back in. They have food on their dining table and wine. "Can we slow it down a bit and just enjoy?". "Of course".

We eat, we drink. We watch each other. I have learnt body language over the years. They are worried I am going to leave. I tell them "I wont leave if you don't want me to". "Please stay".

I am being restricted now - word count - or story quantity - not sure - pity

Try again

I don't go anywhere. Lawyer says she wants a shower. "How do you want that? Now or in 60 days?" She laughs. Now oh yes. Blonde smiles and gets up. We head to the bathroom. Lawyer gets naked and turns on the hot water. It quickly turns the room into a sauna. Blonde and I get naked. Im loving this. Even if nothing happens, they are awesome people. I love meeting new people.

Blonde grabs my hand and we enter the shower. Lovely. We are holding each other. "Where's the champagne" Lawyer asks. I get out and slip and slide my way back to the lounge. Get the champers and glasses. Get another bottle out of their fridge. Get back to the bathroom and open it. The pop sends them off. "YOu got another?". "Yep" "Good boy". We get back in. Yummmmm. Champers all around. Then I ask them "Why do you want a guy? You seem do content?" Lawyer answers "I told you. We would like to try cock. Properly. Our friends have told us it is worth trying." I go quiet at that. Thinking. Don't over think it Ade. Just go with it. So I do. We soap each other. My cock is huge and so fucking hard. It is like it is there but is it not. They are both hard in the nipples. There labs are swollen; I could see. We are all ready. I have not been in this situation many times. Maybe a few. When I have two girls that are extremely ready.

After toweling off, we go to their king bed. I'm actually a bit hesitant. I have never been in this actual situation before. Two lesbians wanting to try my cock. And such nice people. I was torn. Not sure I should go ahead. Why? They were so young. In their twenties. But my brain took over. He told me to go ahead because that is what they wanted. So I went with it.

Next Installment tomorrow friends.