10 Jul 2019

I was laying on my back on the bed with my champers and my hard cock. Lawyer decided to take a sample. She moved into cowboy. Blonde guided my cock into her puss hole. She was so fucking tight! Blonde got lube and tried again. Still tight. The head penetrated. Lawyer gasped. "Shit! This is not like a dild....." She sat harder and half my length slid in. IT was like sticking dick into someones ear. She stopped and caught her breath. My pre-cum was flowing which helped. I pushed myself a little. He slid in further, nearly all the way. Then she relaxed and started moving her hips. IN he went, all the way to the balls and back and in and back. Things started heating up. She started cuming already. Blonde was down their using her tongue on the clit. Harder, faster. "Aaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKKKK". Lawyer squirted all of my cock and Blonde's face.

Blonde pushed her off "I want this, now!" She was even tighter. No hope in hell of even penetrating. "Get my bluey girl"... What the hell? Lawyer goes to the case and retrieves a large round headed vibe. Plugs it in and hands it over. Blonde switches it on and starts on her clit, still massaging her puss opening with my cock. Lawyer's pussy was throbbing and dripping with juice. She landed it on my face and slid her clit into position for my lips. Right at that stage I felt my cock enter Blonde. Just. "Hmmmmmmm. Yummmmmmmmm". In it goes at a snail's pace. Deeper and deeper and deeper until I'm in all the way. She sits like that, grinding her hips and moaning "They were right. This is better". Lawyer reaches down and spreads her outer labia for me to get a deeper taste. I appreciate that. Se tastes like fresh honey. So sweet and tangy. I lick her clit and take all her labia into my mouth and suck as hard as I can. Blonde is now riding me like a horse. The vibe is forgotten.

I remember what they said about anal. So I move one hand to Lawyers arse hole. There is more than enough moisture from her pussy. I play with her and slowly slide one finger in. She reaches behind with both hands and spreads her arse cheeks for. Two fingers, then three. Fucking her arse with three fingers. "Yes, yes, yes...." Blonde looks behind and sees this. An idea is seeded. Out comes the cock. She turns around and takes me into her mouth, watching my hand fuck her girl friend's arse and my mouth swallowing her labia and clit. There is puss juice literally flowing down my chin. Lawyer squirts again, covering my face and head in oily ejaculate. I go harder. She squirts again.

Blonde gets jealous. "My turn". WTF?! She has my cock? But off with Lawyer and into Blonde's puss I got. Same position. Smaller cunt and less to suck, but fucking wet as a shag. I go with it. Her arse is almost non-existant. Where the hell is her hole? I probe and find it eventually. One finger only. She grinds against my face. Lawyer, on the other hand is exploring my cock and balls with her tongue and mouth. I can't see her, as Blonde is all over me, sucking my face into her girl parts. I feel my cock hit pay dirt. Lawyer is toying with her arse. Then it hits! That lovely tight tunnel of muscle slips around my cock. Deeper, deeper until I'm all the way in. She groans and starts to ride me inside her arse. I hear the vibe start up again. Lawyer is hitting every G at once. I feel her rectum start to grip with cock in spasms. By her noises, I know she is about to explode. This gets Blonde hotter. She turns around facing Lawyer and sits back into position. This is good because I have better access to her tiny arse hole. Finger in again. It has loosened a bit, so I get a second in, then a third. I start to fuck her arse with three fingers. Lawyer's pace has increased. She is pile driving my cock into her arse now. Harder and faster. Letting her weight force him in as far as possible. She screams "Yyyyyeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!" A massive squirt covers me and Blonde. This sets Blonde off who replies with a face covering explosion of her own.

I feel the tickle starting again. "I'm going to cum". They remove themselves from my body and both kneel between my legs. Just like in the gym, but this time they are both naked, covered in sex juices and much, much hornier. They go to work on my cock which is like steel. The orgasm starts. This is different. It was like my cock had lost it's feeling. The girls were working me really hard. My pre-cum was almost flowing on its own. My balls were completely gone. My cock got so hard, I almost hurt. Lawyer took me all the way so I moved my hips to fuck her deep in the throat. This made it accelerate. Blonde moved up and started french kissing me, using her tongue to massage my tonsils. Hmmmm. That got me going even more. The swell of my orgasm grew. I embraced blonde and put both hands on her arse, devouring her lips in mine. The explosion was at least nuclear, if not supernova. I sprayed and sprayed into Lawyer's throat. She took in all without pause. Only one this time, but a huge one. That immediate sensativity after cumming hit me, but Lawyers still had me in her throat. Not giving up for nicks. Still sucking me. I writhed, but they both kept me pinned. I stayed hard. After a minute, I felt better. Lawyer took me out of her mouth and embraced Blonde, joining mouths. A sperm swap kiss emerged. Dribbles down both chins. So hot. "I haven't had him in my butt yet"... That was Blonde. I protest, but Lawyer holds me down and Blonde climbs aboard. She guides my cock between her arse cheeks. I'm still hard. It slides in. She starts riding. Within less than a minute, Blonde starts to cum. Lawyers by then had released me and was kneeling down between Blonde's legs, tonging her clit. More squirting from Blonde. More eating and swallowing from Lawyer. Blonde slows and removes herself. They lay next to me spooning me on each side, playing with my cock which had started to subside. Their hands moving over my body. I had both arms around them, with my eyes closed in ecstacy.