Written by gigglynurse

3 Jun 2013

He had asked me to deliver a set of clean, dry clothes to the club rooms late in the day so that as they got back all wet and cold he had something to change into. I had better things to be doing and had mentioned this to him on the phone when he asked me but said I could drop some off on my way out.

So there I was at about five pm on a wet and dreary afternoon creeping around the clubrooms trying to find them so I could deliver this damn bag and continue on my way to enjoy a hot coffee and some hotter gossip with a girlfriend as she brought me up to speed with her latest dates and exploits.

The annoying thing was I couldn’t find them anywhere; the whole club seemed to be in darkness until I finally heard some voices and followed them down the passage before I just about burst into the men’s change and shower rooms. There I was, hand on the door handle with the door open behind me when I realized just where I had ventured but not quite fully into the room, the wall still shielded me from seeing them and they from seeing me but I could hear them clearly.

Hmmmm, I could easily call out and announce I was there, drop the bag and continue on my way but as usual my curiosity was tweaked, I mean after all there seemed to be showers running and that meant something I was always interested in, naked men ! So quietly I closed the door behind me and peeked around the corner of the wall into the locker room proper making sure I was not seen as I listened in on the conversations.

Well what I could see had me nearly as damp as the weather outside, clouds of steam filled the air but clearly visible under the long row of showers were three or four of the group enjoying the hot water while another sat on the wooden bench toweling his hair. I nearly gasped aloud as I recognized one of the group, a younger guy my partner and I had swung with before called Glen, under the water soaping up his body like the others. From what I could hear the conversation was certainly about sex and it seemed at least some time that day they had been talking about our adventures.

I recalled Glen had a “humungous dick” and we had enjoyed a wonderful session but even then I thought he had needed a shower; well here he was and he was going to be very fresh now by the look of the cleaning he was administering. The talk in the room was of the boys and the fun they had either enjoyed or were going to be enjoying later it seemed and I could see the anticipation was already beginning to have some effect on their cocks.

The group here comprised guys who appeared to be mainly in their mid 30’s except for Glen who was younger in his mid 20’s and that made sense, my partner being the oldest had been coaching them as he said “we are both too old for the hard stuff anymore; but I can still teach”. I was trying to spot my partner when I heard a voice behind me clearly say “why don’t you go right in and enjoy a good view” .

Oh fuck, caught. Lol, there was my partner and another guy behind me having just opened the door, they must have been out the back when I entered so now I was sprung and the boys in the shower turned around to see me peeking around the corner. I turned sheepishly to look at my partner and then realized the other guy with him was Jason, another guy we had fucked with several times and one I enjoyed any time he came over.

Unceremoniously they walked me into the shower room so that the group could see who had been perving through the steam, and I must say at this point I was very happy I had made at least some effort to dress up and look nice, what little did I know. I stammered an apology and made every effort to look them in the eye as I said it but I simply couldn’t help myself and at each face I dropped my gaze to their cocks to find they were all starting to harden.

There was no subtlety here, my partner started the ball rolling as he took the bag from my hand, dropped it and slipped the coat from my shoulders pushing me forward into the circle of growing cocks and waiting hands. Hands that reached out and nearly ripped the remaining clothes from my body, hands that cupped and squeezed boobs and nipples as my bra dropped away, hands that slipped inside my knickers and forced them and my pants to the floor, hands that reached up and cupped my chin so that lips could kiss mine.

Oh Christ lips, lips and more lips, they were on my skin in no time, on my neck, my nipples sucked greedily sending a jolt of electricity to my already wet and swelling cunt, lips crushed on mine as those hands lifted me up and placed me on the wooden bench to lay back and begin to devour me in every way.

A towel propped my head up slightly as I lay back along the length of the bench my legs spread on each side as someone sat between them and dropped their mouth to my cunt and began to lick my pussy and spread the lips wide with their tongue. A mouth on each nipple, sucking them to attention increasing the sensations surging from my boobs down to my groin and causing my pussy to flood with juices eagerly lapped up by the tongue at work.

I now had a cock in each hand and turned my face to have one slid right into my mouth as my own tongue began to swirl around the head and slurp on its length sucking it in and suppressing my gag reflex. Fingers slid into my pussy and began to rub both my clit and my g spot so that I was climbing so fast, I had no idea of who or what was where but it felt so good I sure didn’t want it to stop there and grabbed the cock in my right hand harder and massaged the balls under its length.

Suddenly my hips were lifted slightly and a cock slipped easily into my eager wet pussy, the first of many orgasms soon upon me as the owner slammed into my twat and grunted with each thrust until he began to pant harder signaling he was coming, pumping his load deep inside my body. No sooner had he finished and slipped out than another took its place and continued the onslaught on my eager little cunt with my mouth and hands priming the next ones for action.

The second guy was also a bit quick and it seemed like no time at all before he too was grunting and panting aloud that he was coming with “Oh Christ, what a sensational little cunt you have here” as he exploded and then withdrew. I quickly said my lower back was a bit sore from the hard bench and immediately hands lifted me up and turned me over so that I now sat astride number three cock and could lean forward slightly to suck on another one as I humped the guy under me.

I could feel my pussy squelching with each thrust as the come already there was ploughed by the new cock, and as I looked down beneath the one I was sucking I saw it was Jason as he slammed up into me with all his strength. I could tell from the sheer size of it that the cock now in my left hand belonged to Glen and from the fucking I was already getting I was going to be really ready for him this time.

Suddenly I yelped aloud as I felt first one then two fingers slip inside my puckered little brown arse hole causing me to spasm and now cry out as the waves of yet another orgasm washed over me, this in turn tripping Jason over as he too now began to come and drove his cock as deep as he could to hold it there and empty his load to mix with the others.

That was it, I was now so fucking hot I wanted everything they had and I wanted it now anyway I could get it and told them so. So as Jason now softened and withdrew Glen moved behind me on the bench and lined up his massive cock with my gaping slit and slipped easily into the warm gushing wetness of my well lubricated cunt.

In one long fluid movement he sank deep into my body until the complete length of his humungous cock (my words) were buried so that his balls swung forward to slap on my clit with each thrust, each tap of his sack on my clit taking me higher and causing me to lose more control so that my hands blurred on the cocks in them and my mouth had sucked the cock in so far I had the pubes under my nose.

“Oh fuck” I coughed, gagged and then gagged again as the cock in my mouth erupted squirting its load down my throat, I had not been expecting that or ready for it and I could not swallow fast enough, the come leaking out the corner of my mouth as hands on my head forced my face to stay put. I knew Glen loved to watch and the sight of me being face fucked as he drove his hardness forward, curving up into my body to the sounds of slurping sucking pussy lips must have done it for him as well for he also began to grunt and I could feel his cock pulsing deep within my twat.

There was now cum leaking from my pussy, running down my legs and the crack of my bum to puddle on the bench below, I had come in my hair and all I wanted was more. Now the hands lifted me clear of Jason and the bench and dragged me to the row of steaming showers, lips locked on mine and bodies pressed close with erections at every side, and opening it seemed.

“Oh Shit I thought”, here we go for real as they lifted me up and then I was impaled on the rock hard shaft of yet another eager cock to slide down its length and grind my pubic bone and clit on his and hands still supported my arse and encircled my body. “Oh Crap” I felt it instantly and knew it was my partner, his thick cock now up hard against my slippery butt hole, all slick from water and wash gel the little pucker had little resistance to his thrust and he was also deep inside me almost instantly.

I felt my eyes roll back in my head and I swear I saw stars as the orgasms exploded in my brain and my body began to jerk and twitch as it was impaled and thrust into sequentially by the two cocks. I lost a bit here and cannot recall, it seems that as the guy who had been fucking my cunt exploded and emptied his balls deep inside me I never got to relax as he was replaced as soon as he withdrew, another cock slipping into my now gaping opening.

My partner on the other hand was also slipping easily up into my arse hole and he soon came, pumping his load deep inside my until then tight little bottom, he too replaced by another rock hard cock as soon as he withdrew so that my body never really knew there had been a change and just continued to orgasm time and again. I was squirting and squelching, crying and moaning as the sensations continued unabated as each of the guys fucked me at least twice, some blowing a load into my body three times I was told later.

Finally those hands supported me under the streaming water, washing my body clean and then using fluffy towels dried my skin and even the swollen lips of my pussy and arse hole. A hair brush and dryer appeared but I dare not gaze into the mirror as I knew my mascara had been smeared or run completely and I must look a dreadful sight.

Dressed again but now not going for coffee or hot stories from my girlfriend, instead home to crash and rest I hoped as I waved a tired farewell to the smiling group as they cheered me on and wolf whistled me to the car. I found out later my partner had been chatting to the group previously with Jason and Glen and they had set up the evening for me, my partner sure I would seek out the boys who would only be in the locker room showers and knowing I would try and sneak a peek. The guys had been pretty enthusiastic and only too happy to oblige it seems.

Oh dear, fantasy or truth, where does the line begin and end ?