9 Aug 2019

It was new years eve. I was in my home town and had been invited to a party by some good friends, Matt and Shaz. I had known them for years; as they were swing dancers and often attended dance events, when my jazz band played. I also knew them through gym. They were both personal trainers.

It was to be yet another 40+ degree day and no doubt a balmy night. I arrived at "beer o'clock" and helped set up. A marque in the front yard. Tables. Chairs. Barbie. Eskies loaded with ice. Music. Food. People started arriving at 7pm. The party started.

My friendship with Matt and Shaz was awesome. Very open and chatty. I could tell them anything. They were such a great couple. He was a bit older than her and was the leveler in the relationship. Shaz was the fiery one that kept things interesting. They were perfect for each other. They did loads of activities together. Always together. I often envied them in that. But I was very happy for them.

"Come on Adie. Play us a tune." I had my guitar there. I launched into "My song" by Elton John. There were about fifteen people at the party at that stage. People were coming and going. Neighbors were popping in; which was why they had set up out the front. We cooked and ate. We drank and sang. We flirted and played games. The night continued unabated. Over the years, there had been the odd flirt between us. Occasionally, I had sensed they were interested in playing; but at that time, I wasn't as liberated, as at the time of this story. I am doubly exploratory nowadays!

This night was yet another time, I felt it. The casual hand on the shoulder from her. The sexy one liner from him.

Midnight came and went. We did all the usual celebrations. We continued to party until around 1am; when people started dropping off. By 1.30am, it was just the three of us. We had ventured inside to sample some of the top shelf delicacies like Benedictine, Drambuie and Sambuca. The music was still blaring. Matt and Shez were dancing. They beckoned me to join them. I did. We were circling and laughing, holding our glasses of top shelf mix; having a ball. Then Matt took Shaz into his arms and pashed her deeply. Leaning her back, like in the movies. They leaned too far and collapsed onto the floor screaming with laughter, like teenagers in love.

They lay still. Matt turns Shez onto her back and kisses her deeply. I think they had forgotten I was in the room. His hand moves under her top and fondles her breast. She pulls off her top and removes her bra; revealing a gym perfect physique and gorgeous boobs. I wondered whether I should excuse myself; but my cock was starting to harden; I was too enamored with the sight. Matt worked her nipples with his tongue. Shaz held his head and moaned. He moved down her chest, stomach, to her crotch. He ripped her shorts off. No panties. Perfectly waxed pussy and very clean. He opens her legs and goes in for a feast. She rolls her eyes, leans her head back and starts tweaking her nipples; which were hardening visibly.

As she turned her head, she sighted me. There was a brief look of alarm. Then a smile. "Hi Adie." "Hi Shaz". Matt took no notice. "Come here." I obey. "Kneel down." I obey. She took both my hands and placed them on her boobs. Matt is looking up at us from his meal, with interest. Shaz's hand moves to my crotch. "Oooohhhh. Darling Matt. We've got a good one here." She licked her lips and slid my shorts down. My cock jumped out like a well tuned spring. She gripped me and pulled me down to her mouth; taking him in. One hand on my balls and one on the base of my cock. She worked me with her mouth in earnest. Matt had since ripped his gear off and was positioning himself to fuck Shez. When he penetrated, Shez bit my cock; not hard; but noticeable. I clinched, but said nothing.

"Fuck her throat Adie." Matt suggested. I pulled out and got behind Shaz, tilting her head back and opening her mouth. I slid my cock in slowly; to allow her to get used to him. Deeper... Deeper. The gag. Deeper. He was all the way in to the balls. She was doing fine. I started to pump slowly. Then faster. Her throat was making combination gag, swallow noises. Saliva was starting to ooze. Shaz was visibly getting more and more turned on. So was Matt. His eyes were glued to my cock pistoning in and out of Shaz's throat. I felt the itch. My balls started to tighten. I thrust harder. Matt thrust harder. Shaz's noises increased in volume and frequency. We sounded like a sex machine in tune. Matt exploded into her puss; screaming his orgasm to the room. Shaz's whole body started to shake and quiver with chain orgasms. This brought mine on. My eruption started in her throat and over-flowed from her mouth; down her cheeks. I pulled out. Shaz was still coming. Matt had pulled out. Shaz was still coming.

Matt. "What just happened?" "I had a month's worth of orgasms darling. That's what happened."

We arose and had another drink. No one bothered to get dressed. We had passed that point of self consciousness. I removed my T shirt; rendering all three of us completely naked. It felt soooo natural and comfy. Once you've had intimacies with someone, all inhibitions go out the window. Music back on; dancing again. This time naked. We were like ancient druids; worshiping the moon in a Pagan Ritual. The lights got turned down by Matt. "I want you to give Adie a show. Sit here Adie." I sit on the couch next to him. He re-fills my glass with a pre-mix of rusty nail. Shaz had disappeared. Matt gets up and puts a sexy slow dance song on; then sits down again.

A moment later, Shaz enters the room, dressed in an Arab outfit of many silks. She was wearing a neck and head band. Her eyes had been made up like Cleopatra. So, so sexy. She started slowly dancing in a very seductive way. She was directing it at me. Matt was grinning ear to ear. Each time she removed a silky item; she threw it over my face. Letting me see a little more of her body; but never quite what I wanted to see. Such a tease! So horny.

By now her entire top half was naked. There were only a few silks left around her crotch and bum. She moves closer to me. The silk at the front was nearly falling. I grabbed it and pulled it off. Her pussy had a vibrator poking out. She removed the remaining silk; turned around and bent over. A metal butt plug was sitting between her arse cheeks. Onto her knees. Grips the dildo and starts fucking herself in time to the music.

By now, both Matt and I have boners and are holding ourselves in anticipation. "You know what she wants?" From Matt. "I think I do." We both stand and approach. Matt lays on his back. Shaz gets on him in cowboy. He enters her and starts fucking. I grasp the butt plug and carefully work him out. I spit on my hand and lube my cock; which actually didn't need it due to the amount of pre-cum. I position my head against her and push gently until he penetrates. We start fucking her in tandem. Her orgasms start immediately. We go harder. I could feel her arse gripping me in spasms. I could tell her sponge was filling up by the increase in pressure. Yep! A huge squirt. Her body goes like jelly. We hold her up and keep fucking. She has transmuted onto a different plain. More squirting. More jelly. More orgasms. This time I came first. I sprayed her arse, slapping my balls against her. Matt came not long after. We collapsed onto our sides.

Who's turn to make the cocktails?