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The Virgin Babysitter

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Published 10 years ago
John and Mary came home unexpectedly early and caught Sophie the babysitter masturbating on the sofa. With her feet up on the coffee table and her loose t-shirt lifted up above her tits, Sophie was experimenting with a peeled cucumber in her vagina. She jumped to her feet, her panties at her ankles, and gave a shriek of terror. She had found the secret stash of dvd's under the kitchen sink that turned out to be homemade porn. Sophie was 18 years old and yet it was the first time she had ever seen porn or sex of any kind. Watching the naked bodies of Mr. & Mrs. Evans fucking had awakened a hunger in her pussy that she had never known before. The scene on the plasma screen at that moment was showing Mr. Evans (John) inserting a peeled cucumber into a groaning Mrs. Evans as she laid bent over the back of the sofa. Sophie was visibly shaking and sobbing at her shame and humiliation. She hung her head and tears streamed down her cheeks, her hands desperately trying to hide her swollen tits. Her legs clamped tight together, the cucumber still protruding out from between her thighs. Her bare feet crossed over each other, as if she was busting to pee and trying to hold on. John was dumbfounded. His mouth was wide open but no words came out. Poor Sophie. And his wife. There on the big screen plasma, moaning and groaning as her ass was being fucked from behind and a cucumber was being shoved up her pussy. Mary looked at the crying Sophie and her heart reached out for her. The poor darling. At her tender age, she was a confused young girl, still finding out about sex and her own body. She was just exploring her new sensations. With John still frozen with shock, Mary sidled up to Sophie, wrapped her arms around her and gave her a reassuring hug. She could feel at once Sophie's tense body breathe out with relief and press back against hers in gratitude. Mary placed a hand on her cheek to comfort her. "It's ok Sophie", she said. "There's nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is natural, we all do it. People are so prudish sometimes don't you think?" Sophie looked up at her through her tears and nodded her head. Mrs. Evans was such a kind lady. And Mr. Evans had always been so nice to her. "Sophie," said Mrs. Evans tenderly, "are you still a virgin?" Sophie dropped her head again, whimpered softly, and then slowly nodded her head again. Mrs. Evans was touched by her honesty and innocence. She lifted the Sophie's chin up so that their eyes met. "Would you like us to teach you about making love?" she asked. Sophie beamed a radiant smile and nodded her head vigorously. John was slowly coming back to his senses and started to breathe again. He let out such a sigh of relief that the two girls looked and him and then giggled. This was a strange night. Mrs. Evans looked at Sophie again, cupped her face in her hands, and gently kissed Sophie on the lips. Sophie felt her warm tongue against her lips, a beautiful shiver went up her spine. She opened her mouth and Mrs. Evans slipped her tongue in. Sophie's pussy began to tingle with excitement. Mrs. Evan's open mouthed kissing was electrifying. The probing, flicking and sucking sensation of their tongues together was making her hot and horny. Mrs. Evans broke off the kissing. Sophie's eyes looked at her, begging for more. "Sophie", said Mrs. Evans, "John and I do everything together. I think John would like to join us. Would you like that too?" Sophie looked at Mr. Evans, he had a massive bulge in his pants. Again, Sophie nodded her head enthusiastically. John strode over and stood behind Sophie. He unzipped his pants and pressed his massive member up against Sophie's ass. A gasp of lust escaped from Sophie's lips. She bent over at her hips to better feel his cock. Mrs. Evans lowered herself to her knees and took Sophie's young full breasts into her mouth. She expertly sucked and rolled the nipples around with her lips. Her deft hands made their way up Sophie's thighs until they found her furry snatch and gooey opening. Three fingers inserted up into her vagina and a low soft moan came out. A thick and rigid cock went up into her virgin ass and began to plow her slowly. John grabbed the other tit and fondled it, squeezing, rubbing, pulling at the erect nipple. On her tip toes with ecstasy, Sophie reached behind her for Mr. Evans balls. She grabbed them and started to stroke them with her sharp fingernails, digging into them, scratching them, milking them for cum. Her head was beginning to swim. On the plasma screen, the cucumber was now in Mrs. Evans asshole and she was beginning to scream with the thrusting building up her orgasm in her. The three of them looked over and began to fuck harder. John began to pump harder and faster. Mary inserted fingers into herself as well, and began to probe quicker and deeper into both girls' pussies. Sophie grabbed the balls harder and slammed her ass backwards to meet his powerful thrusting. Mary came first, her pussy spurted out a gush of juices. She stood up and pulled Sophie's head into her pussy, grinding her face into her snatch. Sophie grabbed Mary's ass cheeks and pulled her pussy tighter to her, her eager mouth greedily slurped at the juices and licked at Mary's thrusting vagina lips. Mary thrust her mouth at John and sucked his tongue into her mouth, scraping her teeth against his tongue. John couldn't hold on anymore. His tongue deep in Mary's mouth, his hands squeezing the life out of Sophie's tit, and his cock up to the hilt in her virgin ass. Sophie screamed with pleasure as he slammed his cock hard into her ass and then it jerked uncontrollably as his cum spewed out in thick torrents. John collapsed onto the floor and nearly passed out. Sophie sank to her knees and squirmed as her orgasm washed over her again and again. They rested for awhile, then looked at each other and laughed. It was the best fuck they had ever had. Mary and Sophie laid against each other on the plush rug and hugged and kissed. John pressed up against Sophie's back and wrapped his arm around her waist, pressing his nose against her hair and smelling her scent. Their new playmate was a treasure. "Sophie", said Mrs. Evans, "We're going to bed now. Would you like to join us?" Sophie looked into her eyes and smiled happily. She nodded her head vigorously. And she spoke for the first time. "Let's do it again!!" she said.

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