Written by gigglynurse

20 Oct 2011

I am 19 and in my first solid year of uni, still living at home so not much chance of fun and my car just broke down. While I had been mobile it wasn’t too bad as the girls in my year are pretty hot and it gave me the chance to do a bit of late night parking. However I had not really had too many good fuck sessions as they preferred the guys with their own places.

My folks had said as they actually purchased the car for me it was now up to me to maintain it so I was looking at a bill with no money coming in. “Ah crap” I thought, I needed a job and fast. So back to my old high school days I went and marched into my local supermarket where I used to work after school. “No problem” said the manager who I had known for years, “if you complete the serving alcohol course you can do lots of hours in the liquor dept too”.

So there I was, 11 pm and later on a lot of nights walking home from the supermarket dead tired and with study to do as well, but I had to admit two things, it was good to be earning money as I was getting lots of hours and the check-out chicks seemed even cuter than before. I was seriously looking forward to being mobile again or even moving to my own place.

Anyway I was just about home one night walking past this big house on the corner, it had been vacant but a while back a couple had moved in and apparently the woman, a bit of a milf actually, knew my mum from her work. I had always wondered about them as they always seemed to have lots of visitors leaving very late at night. Then one night I had been walking home just as they been farewelling a couple and I could see they were dressed just in bathrobes. They knew I had seen them but didn’t seem to worry at all.

Ok so it is now about 11.30 as I approach the house and I can hear the spa in the garden going and I think to myself, “I would love to get that nymph from the deli in there some time” when I hear voices. Not so much talking but more moaning and then urgent, commands, barely understandable and muffled by the spa but very interesting I thought. Intrigued now, I slow my pace and linger in the shadows cast by the trees over the fence as I try to discern what is going on.

Pretty quickly I understand what is happening as I hear the male half of the couple, I recognised his voice as we had spoken before and now he is saying “fuck her Dave, fuck her harder, she is a little slut and loves it”. Next he says “Sam hold her leg up there like I am here so Dave can fuck her really deep and she loves her nipples kissed as well” Holy shit I think to myself, this sounds like the kind of stuff I have only ever read about or seen on the net.

I can hear the other guy grunting as I imagine his cock slamming into this little milf as she moans and squeals in pleasure, I am instantly hard in my pants and find my hand has dropped to my own erection. I move further into the shadows so passing cars wont see me lurking and listen to the action from over the fence as it becomes apparent the sexy milf is getting a real workout, urged on by her partner.

“Oh god she has such a tight little box” Dave calls out and then “she is a real little slut isn’t she Sam ?” Sam it appears is only too eager to agree as all I hear is murmurings and sucking noises but then I remember he probably has a mouth full of her tit by now. My fingers have opened my fly and my own cock springs out into the cool air, hard, long and way too un-used I commiserate as I slowly begin to stroke my erection listening to the fun over the fence. Just then I spy a small round hole in a paling, just up a bit higher but easily reachable so I slowly crawl up to the fence and peer through.

“Aaawww fuuccccckkkkkk” I drool to myself, this hole must have been made on purpose as it is in exactly the right spot to see the action and I take in the scene in the spa just as yet another guy walks from the house. The milf was backed up against the side of the spa, her partner and I guess Sam had one leg each spread wide and lifted high up, Sam has his mouth devouring a nipple and her partner has his cock down her throat pumping her mouth while the other guy was standing in front of her slamming into her as hard as he could with his cock.

Now guy number four jumps into the spa and asks “is there any room for me ?” Partner just replies “she has her hands free Matt so feed her your cock for now but I reckon Dave is gunna blow anytime” Dave on the other hand was straining hard, his legs were shaking as he slammed his cock into her and I could hear the sounds of skin slapping on skin even over the spa noises. I can hear the milf gurgling and then her partner pulls his cock out of her mouth just as she lets out a huge grunt and her body arches even further onto Dave’s cock which suddenly starts to spasm, jerking and obviously spurting deep inside her.

I reckon both her and Dave had come, almost together, maybe one tripping the other but for a few moments longer they spasm together before he slips out of her wide open pussy which for just a moment was clearly visible before slipping under the water. Sam and her partner lower her legs and spin her around while Sam jumps on the edge of the spa and slips his cock into her mouth and her partner slides his cock straight up her cunt from behind, no rest period for her it seems as they immediately start to slam into her again and she responds with grunts and slurps.

My hand is starting to blur on my cock now and I am horny as hell watching my neighbours fuck like this and I think I would love to be in this spa right now as I reckon I could fuck this milf just as well as these guys. Sam is getting ready to blow it seems and suddenly she starts to gag as he forces her head down on his cock and pumps his hips up into her mouth and unloads into her throat. Partner is laughing at this and slaps her on her very cute rump urging her to “suck it all in you little slut, we have lots for you tonight” as he pounds her twat from behind.

Ooooohhhhh dddaaaaammmmm I groan as my own erection begins to spurt jet after jet of come against the fence and my fingers clench even tighter to milk and strain the last from my rock hard cock. I can only imagine what it would feel like to have had my cock buried inside the neat little twat that is being hammered just meters away.

Matt by now has reclined on a side seat with his back to me; the trouble is he is starting to block my view when the door to the house opens again and out walks a woman with a tray of drinks. She is totally naked except for a hair band and this is why I fail to recognise her immediately, plus I was staring at her huge round tits and such a neat dark trimmed little bush over very full pouting lips of a cunt.

I almost gasp aloud as I then realise she is another local lady, one I have served at the supermarket, I have seen her driving a luxury black car, she normally has long flowing black hair, is very elegantly dressed and always says hello in such a sexy way it makes me hard. Now I see her naked, her wide full hips, huge firm tits and stunning curves, just there, inviting me in with the pleasures paraded in front of me.

Just now the drinks are taken and an intermission has commenced as partner reaches up with Sam on the other side to assist this new goddess into the spa, she turns and steps backwards down the steps, her round peach like bum cheeks framing the puffy lips of her slit all on full wonderful view. Regardless of the fact I had just blown my load all over the fence in front of me I am already starting to harden this sight and recall she always had this effect on me at the checkouts, and that was fully clothed. Milf has by now grasped a drink and is gulping it down and then snatches a quick smoke from the side of the spa before passing the still lit rollie to the next person in the spa.