Written by gigglynurse

3 Nov 2011

I had just watched this glamorous lady whom I now recognised from work and locally as she stepped backwards down into the spa, leaning as she did to reveal her full pouting pussy lips framed between her firm round arse cheeks. The partner of Milfy had one hand on her arse and the other held hers to steady her as she lowered herself into the bubbles of the foaming spa. The other guy was being courteous in a similar fashion as he had his hand on her hip and between the two guys they eased her onto a seat neatly in the middle of their own.

As she turned to face me I was gob-smacked by her tits, they were truly magnificent both in size and shape with large dark nipples that made the ache in my groin even worse as I imagined slipping my cock in between those soft round orbs and pumping to orgasm all over her gorgeous face. I simply couldn’t remove from my mind the image I held of this woman I saw in my work as a checkout operator, immaculately dressed, always extremely professional but polite and just “nice” Now here she was naked in a spa with three guys and my neighbour who had been fucking all the guys so far and it looked like Glamour was about to do the same.

My recently limp dick was now fully hard again and begging me to grasp it firmly and stroke it as I observed the action in front of me. I was leaning hard up against the knot hole in the paling with my pants around my knees as I crouched in the darkness screened by the bushes along the fence. The Glamour lady turned to face the partner of milfy and opened her mouth as they began to kiss and he cradled one of her boobs gently squeezing the nipple as I imagined his tongue working in and out of her sensuous lips, barely stifling the moans as she began to warm to the attention. Sam was not being left out either it seemed as he had one hand on her other boob, with his other hand sliding under the water to massage her legs and bum and occasionally slipping in between her thighs to rub her pussy.

Partner had turned to face Glamour lady and as they kissed and smashed lips he was rubbing both her wonderful boobs and I noticed her hands had dropped into the water at his waist as she grasped his erection and began to massage him in much the same way I was my own cock. As she was now turned away from Sam he had one hand rubbing her arse and the other around her waist firmly planted in her crutch and looked to be frigging her as hard as he could. It seems partner and Sam were working together as partner then stood up and grabbing Glamour by the head directed her lips to his cock and she inhaled the whole length in one easy fluid motion. She began to bob back and forth and I could see her cheeks suck in and out as he thrust into her mouth. Sam had slid around behind her as she was now slightly raised to suck on the cock in her mouth he slipped under her and I imagined his cock lining up with and then sliding deep inside the soft silky folds of her cunt as he pulled her back onto his lap. All three of them soon got into a rhythm as Sam forced his cock into her and pushed her up so the cock in her mouth slid further down her throat and I could hear her gurgling and groaning as these guys fucked her both ends.

I was almost in agony myself as I leant against the fence, desperately flogging my hard on and only pausing to spit in my hands and resume the stroking of my cock, fervently imagining it was me in Sam’s position driving my hard on up into the sweet round arse of this buxom stunner I had desired and fantasised about for so long. Sam was grunting and straining, grabbing her hips and pulling her harder onto his cock as partner was forcing her head down on his own cock when he started to grunt as he came. She had one hand under his balls and was rubbing him and the other was around his arse as she pulled him in as far as she could and began to suck and gulp as I could see her throat swallowing in time with the thrusting of his hips. Sam was getting off watching her suck the come from this dick and as soon as it began to soften and slipped from her lips Sam stood up, lifting Glamour and facing her over the edge of the spa he began to really slam into her as hard as he could. I could hear the slapping of skin on skin as he slammed into her cheeks, her legs now splayed wide and her round arse in full view every time her withdrew before slamming into her again. She had her arms braced on the walkway around the spa and was forcing herself back as hard as she could as she obviously wanted this cock inside her as much as I wanted to be the one causing her to moan in pleasure at the same time.

In the mean time the milf had been slowly relaxing in the arms of the last guy to arrive, Matt, in the spa and so far they had been content to watch but this latest round of action had caused them to start their own fun. Matt stands up to move to a better seat and as he turns I see his erection for the first time and almost cry out the word “SHIT” as I see the huge cock jutting from his groin. It must be all of 9 inches long and so fat I cant believe it will actually fit in this tiny little milf that is standing before him kissing and running her hands up and down his body as he easily lifts her up and gently sits her on his lap.

They are both now sitting on a seat in the spa directly in front of where I am leaning, and only a bare number of feet way from where my cock is pointing, matt has his back to me and the milf is sitting on his lap facing him as they kiss and cuddle. She is slowly squirming around and I can imagine the monster of his cock as it teases the entrance to her pussy and I can almost see when it brushes her clit as she jumps slightly each time and rocks her hips even more. I see her lean closer to his ear and whisper something I cannot quite hear, but it appears she is urging him on at the same time as asking him to be gentle. So he changes the angle of his seat slightly and I sense he has lined up the tip of his cock with her waiting puss and slowly eases inside the tight little entry. She has her head resting his shoulders and her eyes shut but her hips are gently rocking, she is the only one moving as Matt waits for her to get comfortable with his cock as it slowly impales her to its full length.

I can see her face clearly as the expression changes from a mixture of pleasure, grimaces of pain then to absolute lust as she quickly adapts to this monster that is deep inside her little body and her hands around his neck now dig into his back as she begins to enjoy the feeling and ride him for real. Matt can see that she is now comfortable with his cock and begins to rock his own hips up into her, forcing his cock hard into her cunt and with each thrust I see the look on her face as one of pain, pleasure and total fulfilment. She is beginning to grunt on her own now and releases the hold around his neck and holds his hands to lean back; changing the angle of her hips and giving Matt a straight line deep into her sweet little hole as he stretches her as never before. Milf is crying out and uttering obscenities urging Matt to fuck her harder, please harder and as deep as you can when all of a sudden she begins to come and cries out as her body spasms on the end of his rod. She is shaking and her hips are bucking as I see her fingers entwined with his turn white with the force she is exerting in an effort to pull herself further onto his mammoth tool.

I watch this from my secret hiding place, my eye glued hard to the hole in the paling and once again imagine and wish I was buried deep in her tight little cunt instead of wanking as I am in the dark able to only watch in awe and envy. She is coming down now and relaxing, her hands once again encircle his neck as she leans into his body with her eyes still closed places her head on his shoulder as if to sleep. Her lips open and she gently kisses and nuzzles his neck and ear before she relaxes and rests her head on the firm muscle of his shoulder; and then, OPENS HER FUCKING EYES AND LOOKS RIGHT AT ME PERVING THROUGH THE HOLE AND WINKS. “Oh fuck” I slip as the shock hits me, she knows, she has seen me, she knew, how long had she known?, Ah fuck. All of this in a micro second as it hits me.

I am a mess instantly, I don’t know if I should try and extricate myself and run away but my legs wont work, I am fascinated by what I have seen and of course so horny I am in pain but now my embarrassment is rising as well. I steal one more glance through the hole, convincing myself that she would never know who it is anyway and I see her still with her eyes open now watching to see if I re-appear. I see her lips, I had never noticed before how fine they are but her mouth is open slightly as if she is talking and I see her teeth so white, her tongue so pink and little. She winks at me again and her mouth curls into a smile before I see quite clearly as she mouths the words, “come in, don’t be shy, come to the door”

I am transfixed and almost unable to move as I watch her turn her head and say something to her partner who is by now sitting on the edge of the spa, he rises and heads inside and I imagine he is making for the door. I slide out from the where I have been hiding and gather my bag as I stuff my now soft cock in my pants and with trepidation eye the front door. As I watch it opens a crack and I see partner lean out and as he flicks the entry lights on I know I am now fully visible. Oh shit I think to myself, what the fuck have I got myself into and still the urge to flee is high on my mind but a perverse desire to actually see what is going on in there and my own horniness is beginning to overcome my fear. I slowly make my way across the lawn to the door where instead of berating me or calling me a pervert partner sticks out his hand and introduces himself.

“Hi I am Max, why don’t you come inside and relax. We know you have enjoyed the show so far and your welcome inside but please respect when you leave that discretion is paramount” “You are and adult right ?”. He shakes my sweating hand and ushers me in the door and says “drop your bag there and continue on, wherever you like really, there’s drinks in the bar down the back if your thirsty or someone will be along shortly so just ask them”. “You don’t have to take your gear off but if you want to no one will mind. Ok ? “Anything else just ask me or Ms Sofie (she is the milf I now find out) who is the one who winked at you”. “Oh, and one more thing, enjoy”. Now, do you want me to show you around ?