28 Aug 2019

Readers. I’ve realized my stories have been a bit self-indulgent of recent times. So, I’m going to give you a sex ripper.


London. Probably one of the SEX capitals of the world. Not on the surface, though. Very much under the radar. It is said that Paris is the city of love – romance. I would say that London is the city of raunch – debauchery. Being amongst the oldest human habitats; London has pretty much everything good, bad and ugly. I love it. So much etiquette; which is diluted; or complimented (a better word), with sub-surface promiscuity.

I was there on business. I was basing myself in Westminster. I had meetings in London, Madrid, Bern, Geneva and Berlin. All Engineering related. I was thinking of taking some time and driving North to Scotland, to catch up with friends. My first day there was a jet lagged doldrum. Australia is a flight of well over 30 hours. I survived it by combining micro-sleeps, with mini-meals and exercise. This works for me.

The second day, I had meetings in the city. That night; I felt good and decided to hit the town. What to wear? Do I do cowboy? No. Not here. Bikie? Maybe... No. Viking? YEP! I showered and groomed. I did not shave my body. I wore skin tight black jeans, with designer leather sandles. No socks. A white open chested shirt; in the style of a musketeer. I raised the shaved section on the sides of my head. I put a track right through the middle of my goatee. Some interesting colors on my head. Subtle. Ready.

I headed for town in a taxi. “Where are you from, Cobber”? “Australia”. What I love about the Poms is they know us. They gave birth to us. “Out for some fun”? “Of course”. “What are you after”? “Some interesting group sex”. He gives a knowing glance and changes course. He dropped me off at a club in Kensington. There was a queue of well over 200 people. Dressed in variations. I took my place next to a young couple, in their twenties. They were heavily made up in ghoul. She had horns coming out of her forehead. He looked like a walking dead. “Nice make up”. “Cheers. It took 5 hours”. “Really. Do you keep it on all night”? They laughed. “It depends”. “On what”? We chatted, as the queue in front receded.

Inside was a huge club room. A band was playing. The place was packed. I went to the bar; which was 6 deep. I grabbed 4 beers; to avoid having to queue again; too soon. The band was a fusion mix of Jazz and Rock. Very cool indeed. Two female and one male front vocalist. 9 piece band behind them. Reminded me of one of my favorite bands – Incognito. Oh fuck! It WAS ‘Incognito’. Oh… my … fucking … GOD!!! I couldn’t believe it. There he was on guitar – Bluey. I was nearly wetting myself. They were playing my favorite tune 'Positivity'. What a sound! They must have had 100,000 Watts of wolfers. The air was moving my shirt. I could still hear conversations. That's the thing with good quality sound. It is very frequency specific. The volume at 1000-5000 Hz was bearable.

I really wanted to meet Matt Cooper; the keyboard player. I waited until their first break. Tony Monrell; as well. In fact, I wanted to meet them all. I grabbed two jugs of beer and a heap of glasses and snuck around behind the stage. I rolled straight past the bouncers. "Beer order". They stepped aside to let me through. Ha ha. I am a devious cunt! Back stage was a large room with tables, chairs, couches. I placed the beer on a table and started pouring. Bluey grabbed one. "Nice work friend. Who are you"? "Ade Parsons. Your biggest fan from down under. I've been listening to your work since I was a teenager". I didn't know if it was my look, or my tenacity. He welcomed me. "Matt. Get over here". I shook his hand. "Very excited to finally meet you, Matt". We chatted. When they found out I was an International Jazz piano player, they focused on that.

"Where do you work"? "Wherever my agent sends me. The States mainly. Believe it or not, the coin is best in Australia". "Yes. I've heard that. But the time in getting there... is it worth it"? "If you combine Asia in a tour; I would suggest yes". We bantered until it was time for their next set. "Guys. It's time". Bluey beckons to me. "You coming"? What the fuck. "You're on Rhodes, next to Matt".

The great thing about Bluey's writing, is there's a layer of Jazz in every song. Most of the keyboard's role is rhythm. I primarily followed Matt and the bass player. Matt was nodding, encouraging me. I closed my eyes. Tears started flowing. "Ladies and gentlemen. Ade Parsons on Rhodes". Bluey the prick. He knew I had hit an emotional wave and wanted to see what I could do. I focused. Then I forget everything around me and sunk into the song; allowing it to engulf me. I had a spiritual experience. Out of body. I felt hands around my waist. It was Katie Leone; one of the backing vocalists. She hugged me. This changed my focus, subtly. My solo ended. Katie whispered "You are gorgeous". She returned to her spot next to the others. We continued. I stayed next to Matt for the rest of the set. No more solos. I was enamored. I got more and more experimental; adding licks and colours. Katie would frequently give me eye. Hmmm. I'd always liked her in the videos. Now here I was, in the flesh; and she was interested. WOW!!!!

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I followed them out back at the next break. Katie handed me a champagne. She is about 5 6. Around 35. Gorgeous face. Brown eyes. Great figure. Dressed in a full length flowing gown, with heels. Very little make up. She stood very close to me. "What you doing after the gig"? "No plans". "Come to our after party". "OK". At their next set, I decided to explore the joint. There were upstairs areas. I climbed. The first floor was a drinking area. Like a meet and greet. There were couches and bean bags. It was dark and candle lit. A massive neon lit glass bar along one wall. The band was playing live through wall mounted wide screens. I grabbed a scotch and sat at the bar. There were only a hand full in the room. I addressed the bartender: "Where is everyone"? "Either downstairs or further up in the rave rooms. It's only early".

I watched the band from the bar. They were jumping. Matt was cooking. The girls were honey sweet. Fuck this. I wanted to get close to them again. I downed my scotch and headed back. Sometimes it's good being such a big guy. I pushed through the crowd right to the front of the stage. Jamie Anderson was playing a gutsy sax solo. Katie saw me and smiled. I blew her a kiss. She moved her hips slightly. I got the message; loud and clear. Bluey saw the exchange and grinned. Getting his approval was important. He ran a tight ship. I knew this from reading their blog. There had only been a few of them in the original kernel of the band with Bluey. Vanessa Hayes was one of them; the other female Vocalist. Vanessa wasn't my type. Way too serious. Don't get me wrong. She was a real Professional. I watched another set. It was nearing midnight. I noticed people disappearing upstairs. Hmmm. Time to explore. I left. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Katie watching me leave, not smiling.

This time, I grabbed another scotch, but kept climbing. The second floor was another open room. It had a heated roman bath and cushions everywhere. There were people having sex. All shapes and sizes. All positions. All styles. Another neon bar. The music was tribal. Drums, mainly. I sat at the bar. In no time at all, a girl approached. She was in black lingerie. Fishnets. Open crutch and rear. Tiny bra. No words spoken. She started feeling my shoulders and biceps; kissing my neck. I returned the sentiment; feeling her boobs with one hand and her arse with the other. We pashed. My cock stirred. She got hold of my hand and pulled me to a couch. I removed my clothes. She didn't. My cock was standing like a soldier. She took me in her mouth and started blowing me; feeling my balls and moving one hand to my arse. I turned around and knelt on the couch, giving her full access. She tongued my arse; at the same time, working my cock. My pre-cum started oozing. I didn't want to come so soon. I turned her around. "Get on". I sat and laid back. She straddled me in cowgirl. My cock slipped inside her pussy, like a well designed piston. "Nice cock". I fucked her with no abandon. Her pussy clenched me in spasms. Her orgasms started. I gripped her arse and pushed harder. She pinched my nipples really fucking hard. Then dug her nails into my chest, as she started to squirt. FUCK! She was drawing blood. Fuck you bitch. I'll show YOU. I pulled out. I got her in doggie and rammed my cock into her arse. No mercy. Instead of getting a protest; she screamed "Yyyyeeessss"! She pushed back against me. These poms were deviants. I fucked her arse for 10 or 15 minutes. She squirted and came; until I had her flat on the ground, fucking her arse still. She was almost non-compass. I didn't come. I removed myself from her. She lay still. I dressed and went down stairs.

The room was almost empty. Roadies were loading-out. No sigh of the band. FUCK! I stood in front of the stage, contemplating the situation. "Are you Ade Parsons"? I turned. One of the roadies. "Yes. Why"? He handed me a card. It was Katie's. 'Meet us in the Penthouse at the Hilton in the city'. Oh cool. I left the club and taxied.

The concierge knew I was coming. "Mr Parsons. Follow me". I obeyed. He took me up a private lift. He handed me to the doorman. "This way sir". I followed. I could hear a party in full swing. The sound of people singing and laughing. Music. Through some doors, into a large room with floor to ceiling windows, full 360 degrees. One side was open to an outdoor rooftop, with heated pool and entertaining area. "Thank you sir". I stood, taking it all in. Then I saw her. She saw me. She walked over, getting faster. Then she ran and jumped into my arms. "Thank you for coming Ade. I was worried I'd lost you". "No chance babe. I had to explore. I hope you don't mind". She didn't. She took my hand.

The guys were outside relaxing. Bluey saw me and beckoned. "Hey Ade. Nice work in that 2nd set". "You bastard. You knew I was emotional". "We do our best work in that state". I had to agree. "Tell me". "What"? "Your tune: 'Still a friend of mine'. Do you still keep in contact with your ex-wife"? "Of course. She is a dear friend". Katie was snuggling up to me, enjoying the conversation. I had Bluey's tick. Good. "Let's get a drink". I had to agree with that.

We went to the bar. "What do you feel like"? "Something strong and exotic". She ordered. Cocktails. Yum. We went back outside and sat next to the pool. "I loved you in that George Duke tune. It got me hot, the way you moved". She hugged me. "Oh Ade. You are so emotional. I rarely come across guys like you. It's usually 'Wham bam, thank you Mam". I knew what she meant. I like guys too. This was also my experience. Most guys just want to get their rocks off and fuck off. I am not proud of our gender. "I know what you mean". "How"? "I'm bi". "I knew it! So is Matt". Well, well, well. If that wasn't a segway. "He's emotional like you. I rarely play with him. Bluey doesn't like it". Again, I knew what she meant. We were gonna have to get Bluey's approval for a three. Hmmm. Love a challenge.

"Ade"? "Yep". "Can you play me a tune"? "Sure". There was a Steinway in the room near the pool. It was one of those piano bar kinds, with a black ebony bench around it and tall stools. "I need a good red". We went via the bar. I secured a French Shiraz and two glasses. I sat at the piano. Katie sat very near me. I decided to romance her. I started playing in Eb. No particular song. Just ad libbing and flowering; looking into her eyes. Then I locked into 'When I fall in love' - a classic Nat King Cole tune. My voice was very smooth. Not sure why. I projected. People noticed. Within a few minutes, the piano was surrounded. Matt sat next to Katie. I noticed his hand on her thigh. I felt a tinge of jealousy. A healthy emotion, in my book.

I cadenced the song with a modulation into E major, then D major 9. Applause.

I went into role. "Lovely to see all you beautiful people here tonight. Here is a large brandy glass. Feel free to bless it with sterling". I commenced 'Piano Man' - Billy Joel. Apt no doubt. The glass started filling. Katie and Matt started pashing. I had to pull my jealousy in. The only way I can do this is to tell myself I'm out of here. To forget her. It goes against the grain. But I don't know any better way. I played another three tunes then excused myself; retreating to the pool area. I got a beer and sat on my own.

"I know what's going on". It was Bluey. I ignored him. withdrawing. "You are an emotional man. This makes you what you are". I knew this. It didn't help. I just wanted to get out of there. "Go back and play another set. Focus on them. Seduce them both. You know what to do". WOW! Bluey had not only given me the tick; he had encouraged. I went for another bottle of red and returned to the piano.

Matt was still there. Katie was not. No matter. I sat down. Poured a glass and address the crowd. "I take requests". I got them. I played and sang. Matt sat and waited. No Katie. He watched me. I watched him. I started to sense an agenda. No matter. Still no Katie. It was well after 3am. Matt was still sitting there. I was still playing. Fuck this. "Last song guys. Tell me". "New York, New York". So be it. I cracked it out. At the end, I closed the lid, grabbed my wine and looked around. Matt had gone. There were a few people still there, but they weren't paying attention. Oh well. Time to go.

I stood and walked. "Ade". It was Katie. Matt was with her. "Come on". I obeyed.

I followed them downstairs to a room. It was a standard king room. Nothing to write home about. "I'm sorry Ade. I didn't know Bluey had agreed. He said nothing". "He told me an hour ago". "I know that now. I'm sorry". She pulled me into a cuddle and kissed me. Pashed me actually. "Let's party". Matt was in the mood. He obviously knew. We went into the lounge. Matt got a bottle of gin, ice and made drinks. Katie was still emotional. "I'm so sorry Ade". "Forget it babe. Chill. Lets enjoy". She relaxed. We had drinks. We put on George Benson. I stood up and started undressing. They followed.

His cock was tiny. What to do? What to say? Say nothing Ade; just go with it. I got on my knees and sucked him. It was no effort to take all of him and balls as well. She moved behind me caressing me as I sucked. He was hard; I'll give him that. The hormones don't care about cock size. He was horny. I looked after him. I swallowed his sperm. It tasted like shit. "What the fuck do you eat, Matt"? He laughed. McDonalds.

Matt took a break as I focused on Katie. I stood her and took her mouth into mine. Oh, so sweet. Our tongues entwined. I slid my hands to her arse cheeks and squeezed. She grabbed my cock, which was steel hard and flowing with pre-cum. She used him to tickle her clit. I moved my hips. She slid my dick up and down from clit to vagina and back. I moved my hands to her boobs. I played with her nipples. She was getting very turned on. The head of my cock found her cunt hole. I pushed. It went in. My cock is the perfect shape for stand up fucking. Like a large banana. I pushed in further and started moving. She arched her back to gain further entry. I was in all the way. Fully 8 inches. We kept this up. Matt was hard again. He stood behind her and played with her arse. He wasn't big enough to penetrate her in this position. He got on his knees and tongued her; spreading her arse cheeks wide. This started getting me off. "Where do you want me to come"? "On us both". I pulled out. She knelt next to Matt, with her face against his. They both had their mouths open with tongues hanging down waiting in anticipation. Oh, so hot! I worked myself inches from them. It started. I hadn't come in 3 or 4 days. I exploded; spraying both their faces. Katie took me into her mouth to suck the remaining drops from me. Matt licked my balls.

"Fuck. That was awesome". Matt got us another gin. Katie put a James Taylor DVD on the wide screen. The three of us danced naked to 'How sweet it is to be loved by you'. I was getting hard again watching them. "Ade"? "Yes babe". "I want to watch you fuck Matt". Sure. Why not. He seemed willing.

"Where's my wallet"? I got a rubber and donned it. I got Matt into doggie and started tonguing his arse. Katie tongued mine. "Where's the lube"? Katie got it. I lubed Matt and positioned my cock. He was tight. I went slow. Katie had found a strap on and was lubing me. Fuck, how hot!

Katie penetrated me first.It felt so good. I pushed. My cock entered Matt. "Ouch"! I slowed and held, pouring on more lube. It was hard not to push with Katie pleasing me like this. I slowly penetrated Matt until I was half way. I started fucking him. He started to relax and moan. The three of us rocked together in unison. We increased the pace. Katie was fucking me all the way; slamming her tummy against me. I started thrusting against Matt. I grabbed his little cock which was so hard, he was like a sharpened pencil. Matt and I came at the same time. Katie came as well, even though no-one was touching her. The three of us lay on the bed, cuddled and eventually fell asleep.


As usual; I woke at dawn. I was tired. But my brain always does this. Doesn't matter. I'll sleep again later. Need a strong coffee. I searched; found a kettle and prepped a strong black. Matt and Katie were entwined together on the bed. So cool. What a brilliant night. I was so happy. I had finally met the band of my dreams - and fucked them to boot! I went out to the balcony with my coffee and lit a smoke; watching the sun rise over London town.

My phone started ringing. It was my son, Sam; calling from New York. "Hey, my boy". "Hi Dad. What you doing"? "You know my favourate UK band"? "Incognito"? "Yep. Guess what"? "You saw them". "Better than that. I played a set with them and fucked two of them last night. They are still here sleeping". "You old slut Dad. Good for you. When are you here next"? "Not sure. Are you gonna be there between Christmas and New Years"? "No, I'll be in Chicago". "WTF! You're mad. It will be freezing". "I know. But Sam's mum has invited me. We're going to Aspen in the first week of Jan". "You enjoy my boy. You'll need the break". "You bet. I've been working 16's". My son just graduated Princeton and was working on Wall Street.

I made another coffee. The sound of the kettle woke Katie and Matt. "Want one"? They both answered in the positive. "Oooh, my arse is sore". "Mine too. You're an animal Ade". "My pleasure". We laughed. "When's your next gig"? "Tonight. We play every night". "Bugger. I've got to go to Germany today". "Why"? "Oh. Just business. No big deal. I'll be back tomorrow". Katie sat on my knee and kissed my neck. "You horny again"? "Always". I kissed her back and felt her boob. Her nipple was hardening. Matt got on his knees between her legs and went down. Katie took hold of my cock and started pumping me. "Matt. Lay on the bed". He obeyed. "Katie. Get on him". She obeyed, sliding his cock into her pussy. I positioned myself behind her. My pre-cum was all the lube I needed to penetrate her arse. "I won't be able to walk, if you keep this up Ade". "You're welcome babe". I started fucking her.

No doubt, this is yet another story that could go on and on. Maybe later. Ciao readers........