Written by hotwifecple

10 Mar 2016

James and I Sally have come along way in a little time in the lifestyle. I am now a hot wife 38yrs old and finally realising my sexual potential. I am short at only 5' tall but am shapely with nice boobs and gym fit legs. Mom to two teenagers I have discovered I am still attractive to men and have had some wonderful sex with a couple of guys.

James and I were out one night recently and while at a club bar struck up a conversation with a guy sitting alone. We shared some drinks and had some laughs and while on a trip to the bathroom apparently told Shawn that I wanted to fuck him. We hadn't discussed this at all but Shawn was nice looking in his 50's was fit looking and seemed nice. When he went to the bathroom James sprung the news on me and after a little thought I suggested we go and see what eventuates.

I must say I was horny as we drove to Shawn's motel. Shawn was on a short holiday to the coast so this would be perfect anonymity if something happened. Upon arrival we went to his room and had another drink. Shawn and I sitting on the bed and James in a chair. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, I had decided I wanted to experience an older man again and so I stripped before returning just in my heels. The guys were a little shocked but soon Shawn and i were kissing and his hands were all over my body. I love having my nipples sucked and he did this with aplomb while working my pussy and clit with at least two fingers. I lay back and he went down on my wet cunt licking my lips and probing my depths till I came gushing all over his cute face. He then stood and stripped while he was doing this I looked at James and he was sitting watching while stroking his cock which was hard as a rock.

Shawn naked now approached the bed, his cock half hard around 6" and average but cut. I licked his balls and up along his shaft and he began to stiffen. I then engulfed his cock and gave him some deep throat. He didn't want to cum like that so we stopped and he mounted me mish. My legs wrapping around his hips as he pumped my wet cunthole well. I glanced at James and he had cum dripping down his cock onto his hand. Shawn meanwhile turned me over doggy and fucked my while reaching and fondling my tits and nipples. Another orgasm struck me just as Shawn unloaded into my pussy. We rested and dressed and wished Shawn all the best and left for home. When we arrived James ate my messy pussy and then fucked me for sloppy seconds. Another great night.