Written by bi couple

24 Nov 2012

we have always liked to have fun in groups and when sue said she wanted to have some fun, i arranged a few extras to join us,

saturday night came and at 7.30 the first guy turned up, we knew most having played with most of them before, but as always we often leave a opening for new guys too, this time i changed things around a bit, keeping the guys out of the study for awhile, within 10 mins 6 guys were chraffing at the bit, cocks in hand ready to go, I opened the door for them to see sue tied to a rail, eyes blindfolded and feet spread, soon hands were all ove rher body, tounges found her clit as cocks found her mouth too, it wasnt long before she had her first orgasm, her pussy now split open by franks 8 inch cock as he humped her hard, dave was in her mouth as she sucked him fully, 4 more guys turned up as Tony brought his mates with him, so with no more to do, I grabbed a couple of guys and started on them, I watched as the guys took turns, fucking her hard then resting while others took over, my arse was now full of cock and I sucked on another, it wasnt long before we started to hear guys groan as balls emptied into us both, sue had been released but kept blindfolded, now sitting on a cock and another in her pussy she was going wild, her mouth also took control of a 3rd,

not to be out done I got 2 guys to dp me and sucked a 3rd cock too, my arse feeling the first hot sticky rush of cum as both let loose, as soon as they popped out 2 more took over, i was man handled by them as the got into thrym together,, cum shot over my face before i took the rest down my throut,

we kept the guys busy for some 5 hours, some had to cool of in the pool until their balls had more cum to shot, at one time sue had 3 guys trying to triple her but it didnt quite work out but was fun watching,

I took a turn fucking her arse while another guy had his cock inpounded in her cum soaked pussy and my arse was filled by cock, i also got 2 guys to fuck our mouths too great fun,

I told sue I needed a fist in me so she slammed her fist deep in my arse and pounded me, then told one of the guys to join her inside me, he did as she played with his cock inside my arse he groaned and shot a huge wad deep in me, after playing with his cum she pulled her hand out and made me lick it clean,

i lost count of how many guys had fucked my arse or mouth, I know sues pussy was leaking cum ever time she moved and her arse was opened up wide with cum leaking out every where,, i slipped under her and got my mouth filled with hot man juices , we shared a kiss and smiled at each other, she knows I love eating cum out of her, well all good things cum to a end and as the guys left, I took sue over to the rail and spread her legs once more and with a some what more empty cock I fucked her for awhile before blowing my load in her arse, then to her surprise I went down and licked her clean, wow did she cum hard, my fingers working her clit and arse as I licked her holes deep,, we slept well that night,