Written by warmblood61

1 Feb 2010

It was bi night at the venue, couples, single girls and limited guys was what was advertised. Four couples, 3 single girls, a tranny and about 25 guys was the reality. The couples seemed to stick with their regulars, two of the single girls with themselves. Was hard to park my cock in a wet hole so to speak. I did wangle my way in get to lick some cock filled pussy for about 5 minutes. When people started to leave I still hadn't got my rocks off. There were about 15 guys left so decided to take some action "Can I suck your cock dry?" I asked the younger dude I saw fucking pussy earlier. He had about eight inches and a cut knob. "Sorry, I've promised to fuck someone. Another time. Watch if you want." "You can suck mine." said a guy about my age.

I tugged on the strangers half erect cock and it grew to about 6.5". It was cut so I couldn't resist and before I knew it, we were on a mattress, my giving him a blowjob. Nearby the eight incher was now giving his full length up anothers guys arse. Moans of pleasure drowned out the volume of the porno playing on the plasma TV.

The night was somewhat surreal. I had never experienced such a large gathering of naked hedonistic bodies. The people were everyday people enjoying sex with whomever they chose in the confines of the secluded walls, without inhibitions. The rules seemed simple, no meant no and yes meant fuck my brains out. Earlier in the evening I saw more bums than anything else as most of the guys behaved like seagulls whenever a pussy opened up. The women had a fantastic time choosing what cock they would suck or fuck. The two girls, whom on the night forfeited any male attention, put on a great show pleasing each other with their fingers, tongues and dildo's. A few guys topped their own knobs watching.

I was getting into giving a great headjob when I felt a finger play with my arsehole. I soon pointed my arse in the air and was given a fantastic rim job. I agreed to being fucked by the rimmer. The guy I was sucking off I could tell wasn't far from blowing his load. When the six incher poking my hole started to get a rhythm I found myself swallowing a sweet load of cum juice. The guy I blew soon positioned himself underneath me wrapping his lips around my cut cock and playing with my fuckers balls. I was really enjoying the attention when my fucker blew his load whilst inside me. He pulled out, disoposed of the condom he was wearing and I found myself with two mouths licking and sucking my cock and balls. I looked over to the eight incher, long ago having spent his load up a tight arse, lying on his back with two guys jerking over him. I blew my load into the mouth deepthroating my cock. He spat my cream back over my knob and my other cocksucker licked it clean.