29 Jun 2019

We had been close with our neighbors all 15 yrs we'd been living in the same street so it was only natural for her 18th birthday to be in our yard as we had a spa, pool , shed & twice the space they did so after dinner was over the party left us adults & moved into the shed , music 10 times loader than needed , As it was her 18th a carton of bundy & a dozen cruizers were produced , so giving the teens their space we settled round the fire pit 20 yds away with our own mix of margeritas to lubricate us , after about 1&1/2 hrs with a few drinks consumed some of the wives were getting flirty and started stripping off their tops & sitting on anyone bar their own hubby , by now us guys started to harden & had to fondle ourselves & manouver cocks into more comfortable positions to which the girls teased us daring nudity for all . we were all so tanked we didn't care one iota & stripping threw our clothes into the shed as we fell into the spa . Just then one of the boys came from the shed obviously sporting a hard on so big it was a waste trying to cover with shorts , we wondered what turned him on so slowly sneaking in the shed we were shocked by 4 girls putting a show on like a full blown strip club sucking each other as the guys wanked , on seeing us in a naked state they argued they were no different as anyone who wasn't naked was grabbed & stripped straight away , lucky parents were around as these teens had some of the sexiest bodies going . We invited the group to join us in the spa for a while so everyone could cool the tension , I tell you 18 yr olds are getting some impressive dicks , as were the girls tits ,with 12 of us in the spa it was 4 people too many but no-one cared loving all the flirting going on ,even got to finger an ass or two . After midnight with everyone struggling to keep eyes open the girls went to sleep next door while the boys organised beds in the shed . As I got blankets for them they asked if I'd enjoyed their cocks on, display saying they'd all experimented with Bi, gay & kinky sex for a while & loved now & again doing for all to watch , we wanted to do as one group but where told a surprise was planned tomorrow & to wait . We told our wives when we got inside to which they said why not do for the adults now , was so hot gay group sex , , first dick I've sucked as well as swallowed , next story for the surprise .