Written by Iv'e turned

24 Nov 2012

Laying in bed, next to John, I am wondering, "what is going on". The sex with john was great, as it always is, but, I can not go on with a man who is 29yrs my senior. (i'm 24, he's 53) & guys around my own age just don"t do it for me. They can not communicate unless it is about cars or how much piss they can drink. Pleeeesse.

At least john, can give me some emotional support, as well as great sex, but even he said that I need to move on up.

He suggested I try online dating, something I had not considered before.

I searched the net and found what i thought was a suitable site & began filling in my profile. That done, I started looking at profiles, but was drawn to the section women seeking women. I had never really seriously considered being with a woman, although I must say that I have admired womens bodies ,I have had a sneaky look, at the beach (maslins) or in the change room at the gym. I started to look at these profiles & was suprised. The women on this site were anything but your steryotypical butch lesbian. There were many pretty, feminine ladies on this site.

I ignored all the contacts that the guys were making with me & filled in my profile for woman seeking woman. It wasn't long before women were contacting me. I made small talk with them while checking thier profiles. When olivia messaged me, I replied while i checked her profile. I was gobsmacked. 3 pictures of her, 1) in a one piece bathing suit, 2) in an evening gown & 3) in casual wear. she was gorgeose in all 3. A brunette with an olive complexion, & striking features. She appered to have a nice curvy size 10-12 figure. (i"m slim size 8).

I started chatting with her. telling her that I have not had a bi experience before , and that i am a bit apprehensive, she quickly replied saying how she felt the first time, etc etc. we talked for hours it was past 2am, we arranged to meet for a drink on friday night. it was still only saturday, we chatted some more during the week & when friday came around I was so excited.

We met outside of the wine bar, recognizing each other immediatly, we embraced & gave each other a greeting kiss & went down stairs for a drink. I was as nurvose as hell, my heart racing. She sensed this and calmed me down. It turns out she has been Bi for about 4 years, & her last relationship, with a guy, broke up because he could not come to terms with it.

After chatting for about 1/2 hour olivia suggested we leave if i'm ready. She was not pushy & totally understanding of my nurvousness. I felt as if I had known her all my life. I was totally at ease with her but nurvouse of what was going to happen. We walked to the cab stand with our arms locked together, as if we were bestie's. A short cab ride to her home unit in norwood, and we were there.

Olivia opened a bottle of wine, & poured 2 glasses. She sat down & handed me one & raised it toasting us & hopefully a new friendship. we each took a sip, she leant over & placed her soft moist lips on mine & gave me the most gentle passionate kiss I have ever had. She eventually drew away, looked me in the eyes as I took a gulp of wine. olivia took the glass out of my hand then placed her hand on my leg & ran it up under my skirt. Our lips locked together again, she was working her fingers under my panties while her tounge was darting around my moth. My pussy was soaking wet, and my clit was throbbing with desire. Olivia sensed this & suggested we go to her bedroom.

I nodded yes, she took my hand, & led me there. She sat me down on her bed, undid my blouse, & unclipped my bra. she then lay me back & removed my skirt & panties. I was naked on olivias queen size bed and I so desperatly wanted her to lay next to me. She proceeded to undress, firstly unbuttoning her slacks & dropping them to the ground, then her shirt, & then her negligee. there standing infront of me in just her lacy red nickers & matching bra was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Again looking me straight in the eyes she reached around & unclipped her bra, releasing the most perfect fullest D cup breasts immaginable,(made my bcups look inadequate), & then as she removed her knickers exposing her neatly trimmed pussy with a runway, i realised this girl oozes sex appeal.

She lay beside me caressing & kissing me all over. she said to me "just lay there & enjoy my first time." She licked my pussy till i exploded,with the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. ( olivia told me later that I squirted a little fluid during this orgasm. I did not even know). She sucked my titties & licked my bum. We kissed & cuddled & giggled. I was feeling so relaxed I took the lead licking olivias sweet pussy ,taste of nectar. & sucked those beautiful titts of hers .

We explored & enjoyed each others body for what seemed an eternity, orgasm after orgasm even my sessions with john didn't give me as much satisfaction.But when olivia went to her cupboard & pulled out a strap on dildo I almost exploded with anticipation. She held it up & winked at me, I nodded a needy yes please as I licked my lips.

She put it on , got on the bed & spread my legs apart & entered me. My groans of pleasure were soft groans of approval. Olivia thrust it inside me deeper & harder with every stroke.It wasn't long befor she was pounding my pussy so hard I thought my head was going to go through the headboard. Our groans had turned into screams, me yelling at her, harder. deeper & olivia screaming for me to cum, as she was about too. Orgasaming Simultaneously We both screamed & yelled obseneties to each other. We both collapsed into a heap totally exhausted.

We lay on the bed in each others arms totally exhasted. Looking at each other & smiling. We did not have to say anything. There were no words for this moment.

Some time later I noticed the time 2.23am.we had been at it for about 6 hours. shit I have to get going. Olivia said "stay the night it is to late to go home. "The truth be told I did not want to go home to an empty home tonite. I stayed. We shared the bed that night, & in the morning (almost lunch time) when we woke in each others arms We were at it again.

We orgasmed a couple of times each , we then showered (together) & walked around to the parade for breakfast at 1.30pm.

Olivia & I are now good friends & do allot of things together. I took her to maslins beach for the first time a couple of weeks ago & we go on long bike rides together, sometimes finding a nice secluded spot for some play. I have been accepted into her circle of friends & she into mine, & guess what ? all of those people who can handle it , know how we came to be friends.