Written by Candy1991

15 May 2012

When i saw her i just want to kiss her hmm i was so horny but yet i didnt want to please myself, i wanted to get off on the facts of her moans and what i can do to her.....

Lets start from the begining shall we:

I have had trouble with girls its not easy being of the same sex and flirt doesnt work that way you cant smile and touch on shoulder and grab them to let you know you want them nooooooooooo lol so after countless times of being ignored or nervous thought stuff it so i said.

hi sarah, are you interested in girls ? sarah replied never even gave it a thought and well i then said well the offers there if you want to experience me :).

From that she sought out permission and wow she came back with a smile and said lets go hehe, we entered a room and i assured her that i wont do anything that she doesnt want to to and while saying it my hads are going up her arm hehe towels left far to much of my imagination a wonder lol i was wearing a black baby doll outfit with black lace underwear. As i ran my fingers up her body she kissed me and wow her tongue was amazing which sometimes better then guys cause most have no clue.

i then gently rubbed her nipples making them erect and i asked if i could and she nodded hmm i licked her nipples gently to see if she wanted to stop but nope i stood up she grabbed my nipples hmmm felt so good sucked them right and grabbing my ass at the same time hmmm .

i then asked her if she would like to be on the bed and she did not complain i couldnt help but spread her legs and lick that lucious clit making her wet and moan to make a girl moan is even hotter then hearing a guy moan and im all about pleasing.

i ran my tongue around her clit flicking every now and again then i thought fuck it ill stick a finger in her and wow she loved it i rubbed the right spot still licking every now and again feeling her wetness and wow i was dripping wet.

i then found her spot and applied alittle force i pushed my finger into her deep and long thrusts hmm she was juicy hmm still felt naughty so i stuck two fingers omg she was tight hmm i rubbed and pulsated her hole and made sure she had a good time it was all about her and me licking her and fingering made her cum so hard that i nearly came from the site and the taste hmmm.

sarah gets up and gives me a huge kiss saying thanks, and we sat naked talking and rubbing nipples tummys thighs and i loved feeling her wet pussy hmmm hopefully i see her again hehe.