Written by First timer

11 Sep 2010

Meeting through a mutual friend, we organised for me to go to her house one night. We sat talking for a while, both nervous and unsure how to begin. The attraction was obvious. She was a pretty brunette with nice d cups and a cute smile. Eventually she asked me to come to her room to show me "something". Wow - her breasts were fantastic! I had to taste them, so I knelt down (she was a lot shorter than me) and began to lick and tease her nipples. She moaned with pleasure. I stood back up and stripped off the remnants of her clothes as she pulled off mine. She began to touch me all over. I was already dripping wet. We lay on the bed playing with each other, and she reached down and slid her finger inside me. Slowly building up speed, she was now teasing my nipples with her other hand and lips. I couldn't help myself, so I pushed her back on the bed and began to trail my tongue from her neck, across her breasts, and down to her nice freshly shaven pussy. I ran my tongue over her clit and teased it before sliding two fingers inside her. Fuck she tasted good. I spent ages licking and sucking her, all the while she moaned and kept grabbing the back of my head pushing me into her, wanting more. She then pushed me over and it was her turn to tease me. You wouldn't think she was a beginner....she knew which buttons to push. I reached over and grabbed my vibrator out of my bag, and started to use it on her. She took all 9 inches of it and started thrusting her hips. I leant back down and began to suck on her clit - this was driving her wild. It wasn't long before her breathing got heavier and the thrusting of her hips got faster - I had a hard time trying to keep my tongue where she wanted it. She was panting and pushing her hips up at me, grabbing the back of my head when she finally started to quiver.......it felt so good to hear her cum. I pulled the vibrator out and rammed my tongue inside her, feeling the last of her orgasm. It was sensational! When she got her breathe back, she grabbed the vibrator from my hand and began to use it on me. Then I pulled out the strap on and got her to put it on. She got me on all fours and slid it all the way in, slowly fucking me before I started pushing back against her, silently begging her to go faster and harder. She soon got the hint!! I reached my hand under me and played with my clit until I could feel my orgasm coming. I then pulled out my last toy from my bag of goodies - the huge double ender. We lay down with our wet, juicy pussies nearly touching and I slid it into her before quickly getting my end in. It didn't take long to get a good rhythm going and soon we were egging each other on to go harder and faster. I had reached over and was rubbing her clit. Our pussies were now hitting each other as we fucked the dildo, taking it all in. Sweat was glistening on her body and I had to lie down, my orgasm was building, and from the sound of it so was hers. Another few hard thrusts and she started to cum. Well, that set me off and I started to as well. When we had finished we both lay there, too exhausted to move, the dildo now dripping with our juices, but we didn't care. When we both got our breath back, we got up, got dressed and I said I had to leave. Getting back into my car with a stupid grin fixed to my face, I didn't tell her that it was my first time too..........