Written by shortspurs

15 Jan 2011

After water aerobics one night there were only about 3 of us in the changing room & this woman who had long dark hair, good figure - large tits, small stomach, large hips & shaved cunt watched me stripping & as I approached the shower stall next to her she asked if I was going to have a shower, I said yes, she said would you mind scrubbing my back as I can't reach, I didn't think just said sure.

As I was scrubbing her back I could see she was playing with her tits & pulling on her nipples, she told me that my hands felt good on her back but could I rub my tits on her back instead as she wanted something soft, so I did. Whilst I was rubbing my tits over her back she turned around & asked me to suck her tits, I checked to see where the other lady was but there was no sign of her. So I sucked this woman’s right tit until I couldn't get anymore in my mouth, whilst I sucked on her right tits I played with the left nipple, squeezing & flicking it with my nails, then groping it hard. Then I swapped tits & done the same with the other one, by this time the woman was flicking her clit & rubbing her cunt, I just kept sucking & playing with her tits. She soon had an orgasm, just by me sucking her tits & her rubbing her cunt, I was amazed at how easy she got off.

Once she calmed down I went to move away, but she pushed my back up against the wall & started sucking & playing with my tits, which always makes me so wet, she then moved her hand down to my cunt & started rubbing my clit, still sucking on my tits, she moved a finger then two inside me & used her thumb to rub my clit, she then finger fucked me until I came so hard I could hardly stand!! She held me close until my breathing had calmed down & my legs were working again then she whispered in my ear “thank you, hopefully I will see you here again”. She grabbed her towel, clothing & bag then went into the toilet to get dressed. I never did see her again.