23 Jul 2019

This time it was a park in South Central NSW.

To the reader - Some of this story is true. But most of it is fantasy. I did meet these girls. They were wonderful people!

I had pulled up to pay etc.. There was a chick behind the counter. She was medium height, skinny, cute and dumb. Yep. As dumb as dog shit. She couldn't get the EFTPOS to work. "Hang on. I'll get help". A few minutes later, a different woman enters. She is tall, over 6 foot. She has short dark hair and a firm jaw. Her face is definitely feminine and she has boobs; but that was where the "girl" stopped. Everything else about her spelt, Lumberjack. "What have we got?" It took her only a minute to process my payment and give me the map.

"Sorry about Dolly. She's lacking in some ways". "All good" I reply. "I like your park. Been here long?" She takes a long look at me. I could tell she was highly intelligent and was reading straight through me. "We don't do guys, mate". OMG! What do I say to that? Do I apologize? No. I said nothing wrong. "Then what DO you do?" Brilliant return Adrian. "Ha ha". She replies. "As if you haven't already worked it out". I pause at that. "I'm here for the week end. If you want to have a drink, let me know". I exit.

I saw both of them a few times the next day (Saturday). I was working. They were working. Mowing lawns. Cleaning stuff. Dolly was very friendly, always. Jack was aloof mostly; but she was watching me, I could tell. I wasn't sure why. But she had definitely caught my attention. In the past, I had had a few Lesbian friends. I knew a little about their code, but not much. What I did know, was that in general, they were more conservative than gay guys in public. I know I am generalizing here. This is only my experience. I could do a PHD on this subject; but I wont!

Later in the afternoon, I had cracked a beer and was still working. Jack drives past on a rider mower with a trailer in tow. She is emptying bins. I always put one just in front of my table, so I can find it in the dark. She approaches to empty mine. I study her. She has arms like a guy. Good tone and visible biceps. She is dressed in a singlet and jeans. Hard thighs and flat stomach. Her boobs are C Cup, but hanging; it is obvious she is not wearing a bra. She gives me a look that would melt steel. "I'm sorry. I can't help myself. I am who I am". She relaxes. "It's ok. I think I have worked you out. We are partying tonight. Would you like to join us?" "sure" is my response. "Would you like me to invite some male friends?" Ha ha. She knows I am bi. Awesome. "That would be fantastic".

I took off to the shower block. I had a long hot shower and shaved everything. I cut and filed my nails. Removed all hair from my nose and ears. Manicured my eyebrows and electric shaved my head. I applied cream to my face and everywhere I had shaved, including my arse. I douched, three times, to make sure I was clean. Yep! Ready! No aftershave. Natural is best. Back to my camp. Another beer and wait to hear from them.

1 hour; then two; then three. I had eaten. I was surfing websites and getting to that stage, where I was thinking about bed. It felt like Jack's invite had waned. Oh well. These days, I had learnt to take it or leave it. I never get disappointed. Then I hear footsteps. It is Jack with another girl I had not seen. They are both carrying a stubbie of VB. "You coming over or what?"

I grab more wine and follow them. As we get closer to their house, I can hear loud music and a crowd. We enter through a kitchen, then into the lounge. There are girls everywhere; of all shapes and sizes. They are partying. Many of them look over at me and stop. I felt like a criminal that had been caught. "Shoosh, shoosh. Turn the music down" from Jack. "This is Adrian. He has a cock, yes; but you will like him. Are you ok if he joins us?" Hush from the room. Uncertainty. The music is turned off completely. A few leave to go outside. Jack remains strong and waits.

A girl approaches me with a quizzical look 'How did you convince Jack to let you come to our party?" Jack remains silent, waiting. "I didn't" My reply "She invited me". Girl replies "Why?" "I just offered yesterday. I told her I was here all weekend". The third degree continued. From a number of them. Fuck! They were so intelligent and suspicious. I answered all questions, truthfully. After half an hour, of fucking judge and jury, they left me. No decision. They started partying again. Jack had a look of contentment on her face. I knew I had been accepted. What now?

I opened my wine and went outside for a smoke. There were girls out there smoking. They had become interested in me. I answered all their questions truthfully. "So we need to get you a guy?" From my current conversationalist. "I think Jack is doing that, I'm not sure". More conversation. Things start to relax. I start to relax. It was strange being with so many hot women, that did not look at me like I was steak. They literally had no sexual interest in me at all. Zilch. It was a great leveler for my ego. Very humanizing.

I heard Earth, Wind and Fire's "Fantasy" playing inside at high volume. I love that song. I headed inside. Girls were on the dance floor. I'm not a good dancer, having spent most of my life on stage, playing the music. But I have a go, when I can. I approached the edge of the dance crowd. My confidence on the dance floor is always rock bottom; unless I have a beautiful woman in my arms, who likes slow dancing. That was not going to happen here! I started moving to the music. Thankfully, the girls nearby moved to let me in. We all smiled. I breathed a sigh of relief and started enjoying it.

A hand on my shoulder. It is Jack. "Come with me". I follow. We go outside to the smoking area. There is a 44 with a healthy hot fire burning in it. Two guys are standing close to it, smoking and having a beer. They are both young. Mid twenties. One is taller than me. About 6 5 and built like a brick shit house. The other is average height and average everything. "Meet Laz and Pete" intros Jack. I shake their hands. Laz is the tall one. Having never been in a situation like this, I was lost for words. "I'll leave you guys to get to know each other" She returns to the house. Silence. They are both watching me waiting. I'm still tongue tied. Fuck this. I take a huge swig of my wine, light a smoke and "How do you know Jack?" 'She's my Auntie" from Laz. "I'm his partner" from Pete. Great! They were gay. I fucking told Jack I was not gay.

I felt a weight on me. I felt like leaving. It was like I was in "no man's land". I was an alien on another planet. I pulled myself up. Come on Ade. You know better than this. Go with it. See what happens. So I do. I chat with the boys. Laz was a fitter/welder (stainless steel). That subject had us talking, with my background in Engineering. Pete was a bank clerk. Not much to talk about there, but I made the appropriate effort. "Why did Jack invite you over? Do you usually come to these parties?" "No. Never. She said you needed company". WTF! What had Jack planned?

We chatted, drank and smoked for another half an hour, until the fire started to wane. "Lets go in". "Cheers". We head inside. FUCK ME! There was an orgy in progress. Naked girls everywhere. Doing all manner of sexy lesbian. Dildos in every hole. 2 on 2. Daisy chains. Scissoring. Even two with a huge double dildo on the floor, fucking each other's arse holes. We grab a drink and sit on a couch watching. Laz moves his hand onto Pete's cock, which is showing in his jeans. I'm a little away from them. I watch. Laz unzips Pete's jeans and pulls out his cock. BINGO. I see the truth of it. Fully 10 inches; no shit! Laz moves his head down and takes Pete's cock in his mouth. I feel left out. I feel like leaving again. I get up, walk outside and light a smoke.

Not long later, Jack appears. "What's wrong?" "I don't fit here Jack". "Why not?" "I'm bi, not gay. I love women first. I like men, but only in a couple." "Really? How curious". She contemplates my situation. "I have an idea". She leaves. I am left wondering. 10 minutes later she returns. "I have gained agreement. Later we will do what you want. I will tell you then. Please come back to the party". What! What was that? How do I take that? Back in I go.

The room had hotted up. The girls were getting drunk and had almost lost control. A few of them look at me differently. I guess some of them were not 100% lesbian. I let my hope stay where it was. Back on the couch with a drink. Laz was still sucking Pete. His cock had grown. Now 11 inches. Shit! Such a huge cock! Pete was feeling Laz's arse through his jeans. He had his eyes closed. Neither of them noticed me. A girl sat down next to me. She had blonde pig tails and a boyish face. Naked. I'm guessing 30ish. Her boobs were flat; like she had lost a lot of weight at some stage. Yes. There was loose skin around her torso. Her arms and legs were all muscle. Such a combo! As she was sitting, I couldn't see much of her pussy. It was almost dark in the room anyway. She speaks into my ear "I've always wondered what a real cock would be like".

"Is that right?" I whisper back. "Why aren't you naked?" I strip. I'm hard. She kneels down in front of me. I open my legs. A few girls are watching in amazement. She grasps my cock and studies him. "Wow. So hard and warm. Not like my dildos. Where's the button?"She's joking of course, I hope. More studying. Two more girls come over and kneel. All three start studying. One says "How long do you stay hard?" "It depends" Is my answer. "On what?" "Everything. You, me, her. Everything" "Oh, right". They literally had no idea. Hadn't they watched porn? I guess yes; but only girls, not guys. "I want to try sucking him". A consensus. She moves her mouth to my cock and takes the head. She slides her tongue down the shift. "It is so warm and hard and rubbery. Nothing like a dildo." She continues. My pre-cum starts. "What is that?" "You have lube in your cock?" They really had no idea.

'Let me try" The next girl takes me into her mouth. "Nope. Don't like it". She moves on. A few more try. But no takers; except for the first girl. "Can I have my helping now?" She goes down and sucks really hard. I put my hand between her legs. She is wet. I play with her clit. It is getting hard. She takes more of my cock. I slide fingers into her. She moans. "What are you doing?" It is Jack. I ignore her and keep my finger fucking going. Jack pulls the girl off me. "We have him saved. Fuck off bitch!" Jack looks at me again, like I had slapped her in the face "What were you doing?" I don't reply. I can tell it would be a bad decision. I sit still and wait. She slows and calms down. "I know it is hard for you. I have something arranged. Just chill and enjoy until later, please?" "Ok".

I get another wine, put clothes on and go out for a smoke. Pete and Laz are out there. The fire had been re-kindled. Lovely and warm. I head over. "Ha ha. We saw you with the Lesbos. " I did not reply. Not my greatest moment. No further spoken about that. "Nice fire" I try to small talk. "I have agreed to let Pete and Jack fuck you"... Like a bolt of lightning from nowhere. What do I say to that? How do I reply? I say nothing. I let it slide and have another drink. I wait for one of them to speak. Silence. "There was one condition". Now I'm listening. "That we are allowed to watch. In fact, the whole room will watch". Fuck me! I realised at that stage that Jack had put him up to this. To explain to me what they had planned. We were to be the main attraction for the night. This had been her plan all along. She had schemed it all that time, all day. So clever. Such a woman.

I was nervous. So many new experiences.

To the reader - I am going to a Maddy's in Melb this Friday night. Yep. I am as nervous as hell. These stories are fantasy. The real thing scares the fuck out of me. I'm nervous and excited. Apparently they are good for newbies. I can only hope and learn. Back to the story

I head back inside and again sit on the couch with a drink. The music had turned disco. The dance floor was full. A mixture of sex and dancing. So hot. I was loving watching the girls. Pete and Laz sit down again. They are naked, like everyone else. I notice Laz has a tiny cock. It all starts to make sense. Once again, I feel out of place; so I took my clothes off. By the way; that idea that tall guys with big hands and feet have big cocks is bull shit. It is a myth busted.

Jack comes out. The lights are turned to red. The music is switched to sexy. She announces "Girls. We have a special event for you. Please gather a circle, grab a drink and watch". Here it comes. Jack moves to the centre of the circle. She is naked. Pete enters; naked also. His cock is half way and hanging like a horse. The crowd gasps. "Adrian". I get up and move. What is the script? Jack kneels. Pete stands close. She takes his cock into her mouth. Ok. I get it. I get on the other side. She sucks me. Why would she want me, compared to this horse? She keeps it up until we are both rock hard.

"Have you seen a guy suck a guy?" The crowd gasps again. Jack gives me the look. OK. I know now. I get on my knees and take him. At first I find him too thick. But I make room. I let him go deeper and deeper. I start to gag; but I keep on. I get him past the gag point and go deeper. His cock head is now filling my throat. I can still breath through my nose. I keep going. I feel his balls. They are getting tight. He is going to cum soon! Quickly, I push him in all the way. I have his eleven inch cock completely in my throat. I move further until his balls are in as well. Jack hands me lube on my hand. I lube his arse and slide fingers in. That is all it took. He explodes in my throat. "Show us Ade" from Jack. I pull out while he is still cuming. His jizz hits my face and slithers down my chest. Gasps and gasps from the crowd.