Written by LickaDeSplit

27 Mar 2017

What a great life, nudist , naturist and naturalism, we've the best country , beautiful secluded spots around our country, bush, beach n then some, after reading your profile n thought , i've a secret spot in mind. So i'm @ birdie bch tomoz, So look for the royal blue sunshade , i won't be far away, from about 10.30-5'00pm, if you're free..LIcka xx

What A Great Life

Picturing a secluded waterfall of the beaten track, we arrive like three lone horny adventurists, seeking out our sexuality in a feelgood sense, we get to know one another at face value, roughing it in nature, whilst the sexual tension builds, the very foundation of primal instinct comes over us.

Admiring our new friends curves as she showers under the waterfall, she notices our lustfull eyes and invites us to join her, so at that, i grab my camera and zoom in onto what is about to be a treat for me, as  my voyeouristic tendencies are about to be recognised , and this makes you even hornier, you tell me to feel how wet your pussy is right now, you must have your way with our curvy voluptuous friend, and swim over to her, as i perch on a rock, watching all, frame by frame as you two start tongueing and feeling eachothers' glory.

At first, the mood is a slow, gentle pace, kneadind her breasts, as she strokes your hair, suckling on her well formed aeriolas,  long sensuous nipples , toying with them in your mouth, and inserting two fingers into her quivering tight snatch, as she is highly excited, she omitts a gutteral moan of pleasure as her cunt squirts her sweet cum all over your hand, feeling totally turned on by this, you dive down taste her sweet cream, licking every last drop from your fingers, she returns the favour and starts rubbing your now exposed, swollen clit, going to town on your ample breasts, sucking n teasing your nipples, till hard and sensitive, as they beamed toward the sky.

 As all the steamy pics i'm taking makes my cock throb with anticipation, i start to stroke my now engorged penis, whilst enjoying the show, as juices flow from your vagina, she now has three fingers plugging your hungry cunt, i walk over and offer you my growing man meat to suck on, you greedily taste and swallow the warm pre-cum, oozing from the tip, sucking me almost half way, a orgamic convulsion overcomes you, as i strum on your little pink peanut.

Our friend replies, she needs to feel my full 7" length inside her, which i gladly respond, i direct her to lay on the rock, which by the way fit the arch of her back and arse perfectly, and slowly eased half my length into her, as she gasped, i suggested you squat over her face, opening the inner folds of your luscious quim to her playful eager tongue, within two minutes a loud "YES" came from her as she blew her cum all over me.

We all needed a moment to relax, so we had some thing to eat we prepared earlier, afterwards you two girls decided it was payback, i was the prime target, so laying betweeen the two of you girls sandwiching me rubbing your gorgeous titties up down my body, stopping to suckle on my now engorged cock once again, our friend starts to finger my arse with some of her lube, making my cock convulse as she worked one, two then three fingers in and out of my tight virgin butt, toying on my prostate gland, increasingly stretching my inner walls, one leg up for ease of access, i slide my rock hard slong into your awaiting pussy, inch by inch , deeper and deeper each and every thrust, as your ass cheeks slap against my abs, making a slapping sound, i spank your arse lightly, which you reply harder, so i flick and whip my hand across your cheeks, kneading your nipples in a smooth rotating fashion, pulling and squeezing them , you tell me your gonna cum, we explode like a sky rocket with lift off together in unisen, we kiss and talk about the best parts for us all, totally drained, we all have a wine and more tastey treats, and move on to the rest of our day.