New house mate Masturbation

watching through her door…

It had been a week since my new housemate, Rose, had moved in. She was a friend of a friend who I had only met a few times at different parties. We seemed to get along ok so I agreed to let her move in to ease the rent burden. Single and sexy as hell were a couple of other factors that got her over the line.

I was home from work earlier than usual one day and wasn't expecting anyone to be home. Rose's car wasn't there so I assumed no one was h… Read more

A dream... Masturbation

I cannot believe this was so hot...…

I don’t know how he turned up in my room, but I opened my eyes to find Steve, behind me, arm around me, massaging my pussy with one hand (I could not believe how excited he had me already) and sucking on the back of my neck.
“Mmmmmm”. I was enjoying the attention and, getting more and more excited, I pushed my arse up against his cock which was hard as stone.
When did he come in? How long had he been here? Did Ric let him in, as Ric left … Read more