Written by Nudist Guy

18 Nov 2019

I started chatting to a very sexy couple on this website a couple of months ago. The photos of Mrs looked super sexy in her black boots and lingerie and I was very keen to make contact. After exchanging a few messages back and forth, and a phone conversation with Mr it was arranged we would meet up in a chatroom.

Time and date was organised and I eagerly awaited our meet up in the chat room. I made sure I was nice and smooth and applied a little bit of coconut oil to my cock and balls to help it shine for the beautiful lady I was about to meet on cam. I was also wearing my cock ring.

Mr and Mrs entered the chat room and turned on their cam, I was happy to see that Mrs was in her black lacy stockings suspenders a black G string and just a light lacy layer covering over her gorgeous, small breasts.

We chatted for a bit in a private conversation in the main room with Mrs exposing her lovely breasts and gently massaging them for me making her nipples stand to attention. I can see Mrs was starting to gently rub her pussy with Mr sitting behind her fondling her breasts. Mrs could see the bulge in my underpants this was causing. I gave her a couple of teasing peeks and views before removing them completely and letting her see my pulsing, erect cock with its large shiny head. Mrs was loving the view. We talked about other meet ups they had in the past and how Mrs liked to be fucked long and hard from behind.

Mrs suggested we open up our own private room so we could have some real fun. When I joined the new room I found that Mrs had removed her panties, her legs spread wide apart facing the cam, fingering her moistening pussy. I started stroking my cock for them letting them see what the view was doing to me. Mrs was rubbing her clit while Mr pushed her dildo between her soaking wet pussy lips.

Mrs loved the look of the large head on my cock and was thinking about how it would feel in her mouth and pussy stretching her wide as I entered her. Mrs said she loved having a hard cock rub against her clit, it makes her pussy so wet. As Mr fucked her with the vibe I could hear her pussy starting to get really wet as my cock was long and super hard and full of bulging veins.

Mr was now pumping her pussy with the vibe, she came twice with the pleasure her pussy leaking cum all over the bed sheets. She had grabbed Mr's cock and was stroking it for him while he fed her pussy. Mr then entered her from behind and started to pump his hard cock into her with deep slow strokes. I loved hearing the sounds of her wet pussy and seeing her play with her hard nipples at the same time.

Mrs was watching my rock hard cock on cam while being filled up by Mr. She said that that she wanted my cock in her mouth at the same time, she loved to be filled up with cock. I added some more coconut oil to my cock and started to wank it hard watching them fuck, Mrs was moaning and pushing her soaking wet pussy back onto Mr's hard cock. It was so sexy Mrs had the vibe on her clit and Mr was gripping her hips and filling her up.

I went and got my Fleshlight and started to fuck my cock hard, with long deep strokes so Mrs could still see my oiled hard cock. With a loud groan they both came hard, Mrs's pussy gushing wet and now filled with cum. I increased the rhythm of the fleshlight on my cock pumping hard and fast. Mrs encouraged me on telling me to pound that pocket pussy, as she continued to play with her clit. I pulled the fleshlight off my cock so she could see and splashed cum on my stomach with a loud grown, Mrs said she wished she was there to lick it all up. She held up the sheet she had been lying on to reveal a large wet patch of her amazing cum.

We decided we needed to meet in person, but that's a story for another time..........

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