27 Jul 2019

It had been a week since my new housemate, Rose, had moved in. She was a friend of a friend who I had only met a few times at different parties. We seemed to get along ok so I agreed to let her move in to ease the rent burden. Single and sexy as hell were a couple of other factors that got her over the line.

I was home from work earlier than usual one day and wasn't expecting anyone to be home. Rose's car wasn't there so I assumed no one was home. I walked inside and went to my room, her room was further down the hall from mine. I started taking my work clothes off to have a shower when I thought I heard something from down the hall. I put my robe on and walked towards her room. Her door was slightly open and as I peeked in I could see her lying on her bed, naked, squeezing her tits. She obviously didn't hear me come home and was oblivious to me standing at her door. I wanted to walk away but couldn't seem to move, so I just stood there and watched!

She was pinching and pulling her nipples which were nice and hard, spitting on her fingers and rubbing the spit over her nipples too. I could feel my cock getting hard and start to poke through my robe. I grabbed my cock and pushed it back inside my robe and slowly stroked as I watched.

Rose started to move her hands down her stomach to her thighs and then onto her pussy as she spread her legs open. Her pussy was plump and smooth and by the sound of it, slightly wet. I started to stroke my cock a little faster as Rose started moaning as she began to finger herself. I could feel pre-cum starting to drip from my cock and knew I didn't have long before I was going to cum.

Rose started to arch her back as she worked hard on her pussy, rubbing her clit and pushing 2 fingers in her wet hole. She let out a loud moan and then squirted a huge stream over her bed and floor. I was stroking so hard I lost control and shot a huge hot load of cum across the floor myself. I quickly walked back to my room and quietly closed the door and jumped in the shower hoping she hadn't heard me at her door. I was shaking with excitement as to what I had just witnessed and my cock was still hard and throbbing after I got out of the shower. I was standing in my room, ready to wank my hard cock again when there was a knock at my door. I wrapped my towel around my waist and opened the door, It was Rose, wearing just a tshirt, she smiled at me and said she wanted to thank me for not interrupting her, and that I probably should go back and clean up my cum from her floor!