Mudgee Winery Weekend Meetings

A weekend sabbatical, two nights away, a little wine, a lot of sex. Not sure I want to ever head home...…

I close my eyes tight, but my mouth is wide open as I breath heavily. It’s always like this when I masturbate. I like to keep the horny edging going for as long as I can, but I know I’m going to need to cum soon. I’m laid on the bed in my hotel room, my legs thrust wide apart, sliding my fingers up and down my needy pussy, pushing my hips up, teasing myself with nice circular rubbing of my clit. I still feel a little cheeky doing this, whic… Read more

We all shared a perfect Sunday Meetings

A very naughty Sunday afternoon of laughter, booze, sex and fun.…

Sunday drive…
Shona and I hooked up with three guys quite local to us from Swingers here, we have met and played with them all individually, but this time was to be a bit more of a session for us and after chatting to each of them, we invited all three of them to join us for the following Sunday afternoon. We picked them up from their respective pickup points in our car and we all drove down south to the Picton pub for a few Sunday drinks.
A… Read more

Sexy slow fuck... Meetings

I just gave myself fully to him and relaxed. I sank back onto the bed and let its softness surround me. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed his steady p…

Steve and I were laying in bed and he started kissing me. It was very sweet; he was being very loving. He was looking into my eyes, softly touching me, telling me I was beautiful and how much he wanted me. I started touching his cock because his words made me want him too. I closed my eyes while we continued to kiss. After several more minutes he told me to open my eyes.
When I did, he put his hands on my face, looked into my eyes and then he ki… Read more

Away for the weekend Meetings

Just me fascinated by a sexy guy... I find I need so much more from him...…

I close my eyes tightly and mouth is wide open as I breath heavily. It’s always like this when I masturbate myself. I like to keep the edging going for as long as I can, but I know I’m going to need to cum soon. I’m laid on the bed in my hotel room, my legs thrust wide apart, sliding my fingers up and down my needy pussy, pushing my hips up, teasing myself with circular rubbing of my clit. I still feel a little cheeky doing this, which is a… Read more

My husband used bed cuffs on me Meetings

A very hot afternoon fuck.…

My husband Ric led me into our bedroom, he closed the door behind us. He sat me down on the bed and with his sexy voice told me to undress. He then blindfolded me so I had no idea what he had awaiting me.
I got naked, aware I quickly had a growing ache that needed touching. He pressed me down on the bed and took my ankles and wrists into cuffs so that my body was spread naked from corner to corner of our bed. I knew, even through my blindfold,h… Read more

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My husband has a rival... Meetings

When my husband is away, this wife loves to play...…

My Husband has a rival

Dan had moved me up on my knees so my naked bum was towards him. I realised what position Dan had me in and what he was about to do with me, but I thoughtfully continued chatting on the phone to my husband Ric. "He's about to doggy fuck me" I said, "I'm on my hands and knees and Dan's about to fuck me just like you do. I'm gonna wiggle and grind for him as he drills out my pussy. I'll bet he'll love me making naughty s… Read more

Third day Meetings

I want you to fill all my holes with cum…

To say I was horny when I was walking along the beach to my now favorite location was the understatement of the decade!
I could not wait to find out what Jenny had in store for me today!
I wondered if Ben would be there like yesterday .
This time I wasn’t surprised or worried that Jenny was not there when I got to the secluded little alcove. I laid my towel down and stripped off everything this time and laid down in my back and waited.

Th… Read more

The next day Meetings

I was intrigued that she had her hubby with her…

I was extremely horny as I walked along the beach and thinking about Jenny’s amazing boobs and her sweet tasting pussy.
I was heading to the same spot that we met at the day before and this time I had my own towel!!!
When I got there I was disappointed that Jenny was not laying topless catching the sun. In fact she was not there full stop....
It’s okay I thought we did not really set out a time and it was only 10am.
I set out my towel, st… Read more

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Finally!!! Outdoor fun Meetings

Sun sand and amazing oral…

I had been busting to play on the beach for years. I tried adds and various sites but people always backed out due to the fact I am married ( well that’s what I think!!)

I had walked and jogged along the beach relentlessly hoping to find a willing lady or couple. I had been hit up on numerous occasions by men but was not keen for that play .
I had spoken with a couple who would’ve in semi states of undress at times but never got the vibe … Read more

Recording everything Meetings

How we share our adventures, we love to record and playback.…

I set up our DVR camera so Shona would be videoed tomorrow and then when I got home, we planned we could play it back together. I set up the DVR for her and her tomorrow friend, but it was by then late, so we crashed (Shona sucked me off, that helped me sleep). We got up next morning and I got ready for work, I had a “semi” from thinking about my beautiful wife Shona fucking and sucking another man today, but I had to go, I kissed her goodbye… Read more

Part 2 - Maslin's Beach Fun with a Wonderful Couple Meetings

The continuation of my meets with a wonderful couple…

So, this is the follow on from the time I met with Mrs P and Mr B at Maslin's Beach.

I stayed in regular contact with Mrs P and we arranged for a meet a few weeks after our initial meet. It was hard to arrange at first because of family issues / children / work etc, but we eventually worked out a day that suited. The original plan was arranged that both Mrs P and Mr B would be there, but due to unexpected work matters, Mr B couldn't be there.… Read more

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Our little BnB. Meetings

So unexpected, a stunning night by the river.…

Our BnB place.

Many of you would not know that Shona and I have a weekender. When we found it, we wanted a cabin that gave us room for guests and we also wanted to be able to take advantage of Airbnb to help fund it.
The cabin we found was perfect for us. It is a nice cabin, on the Hawkesbury, with great views. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 main bedroom as well as 2 guest bedrooms.
My wife does not need to work. This allows her to visit the gym, sho… Read more

A weekend to remember... Meetings

A meeting and an encounter, this past weekend in Sydney.…

Our new friend David kindly settled our tab and the three of us left the bar. Our hotel was just across the street from the bar we had met up in. David walked with us and I did not quite know if Shona would actually ask him to join us. When we got to the revolving door however, Shona boldly asked David “Would you like to come up for a bit?" David of course was really keen and we all headed across to the lift.

Once on the fifth floor, as we … Read more

I have just been fucked... Meetings

I sit here musing, writing out my confession...…

My name is Shona and I have just been fucked. Yes, I am married and my husband does not know about it yet but he will soon enough. I cannot wait to tell him. But he is at work and before my pussy settles down, I want to record my day, to share, I have to tell you all and write this down, I feel so giddy.

I am not seeking anyone's approval for my actions. I couldn't care less if you judge me or what that judgement is. I feel like a sexy woman… Read more

So Naughty, so full... Meetings

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a date.…

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a picked up a date with a new, very keen, online man tonight, I am anxious, but as she tells me he is taking her out for drinks and a “very naughty” evening. This is what we both want, but it's always out of my hands and I am always both nervous and excited in equal parts, every single time.

I arrive home to find Shona starting to get ready for this new date. I watch, laid o… Read more

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New friend Meetings

Fuck buddy…

I just moved into a gated community and I have visited the pool area a few times ,each time I have chatted with a really attractive brown haired girl with C cups. ,anyway after the 7 Th time I said I could murder a drink at least a coffee, she said you can come over to mine if you like ,hubby is at work till 7 and it would be nice to have someone over. So we left and went to her flat I was sitting on her couch as she made coffee and put a robe on… Read more

My wife plays up in a Sydney hotel bar... Meetings

Our night in town hots up, way beyond our imagination!…

My wife plays up in a hotel bar...

I always loved the stories I read about a husband and his wife going into a bar where she sits by herself at the bar, the husband sits nearby to secretly observe while new men hit on her. I liked them so much, that I shared with my wife how that particular scenario had actually become one my intense fantasies. We thought about it for several years, playing out fantasies until my wife Shona actually pulled it … Read more

A Chance Meeting Meetings

They started chatting online it was a simple “Hi”…

They started chatting online it was a simple “Hi” he was shocked when he got a reply but excited at the same time. Our conversations although far apart in time and distance due to life factors still seemed to flow. You stimulated his mind you intrigued him with the people you had in common and you had the chance to meet at a mutual friends house however it wasn’t to be that night.
It was a little while after that you started to chat ag… Read more

Friday night cinema Meetings

An unexpected night of fun…

After having some drinks with mates last Friday I decided I needed to head to the cinema and see what was happening and hopefully relax. Little did I know what waited me.

I entered the cinema main area where there was only a few guys with their cocks out. I decided to check out the next room at the back of the cinema..... air-con is better and the seat are more comfortable. To my surprise there was a few people in there including a couple. No… Read more

A Slow Burn Meetings

A Stranger on a Beach…

You're lying on the beach. I see you. Admire you. Try not to let you know I'm looking at you. I lay my towel at a respectable distance and lie down. I read my book but often glance beyond it just to watch your body. I love it when you stand and stretch and go to the water to cool off and come back and towel yourself dry and lie down once more. I love the way your body moves. The inadvertent poses you strike while towelling. I don't think you noti… Read more

Teenager again Meetings

Teasing times…

My knees r shacking as u answer your door. A compleat nervous wreck as our eyes meet for the first time. U already have a drink in hand for me as u know how shy I am.
U invite me in to watch a movie, it's dark and cool as we sit on the couch, as the movie plays we make small talk, "it's like been a teenager again" not sure how or wen to touch u. So I ask if u want a massage and u agree.
As u sit between my legs I rub your shoulders and arms. … Read more

Fist meet. Meetings



Finally i gets to meet cheeky in person. All day ive been thinking about everything that could go wrong, even thinking to himself "wonder what side cheek I should kiss" I know it's silly but can't help it.
But I am so xcited and nervous at the same time, and 9pm can't come quick anoth.
As I pull into the carport, gathering my courage, and most important my drinks lol. U answer the door and, I know instantly I'm in trouble, your smil… Read more

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A wonderful night Meetings

Thank you Ms M…

Last night my partner arranged a great late Birthday present we met up with this wonderful person we have been out of the swinging life for about 6-10 years and her and husband made as feel so comfortable. We talked for most of the night and got down to business she grabbed my member for dear life he got hard and she made me feel so great so thank you Ms M and Mr S . We had a great time.
Yours sincerely
Sharon and Michael… Read more

was a fantasy Meetings

something different…

by the way... in regards to your idea about riding …

how does this sound....we could do that again...

we meet for a drink and chat... we like what we see and agree to have some fun...but since its our first naughty catch up away, we don't want to go to far....
we go to my apartment and have a quick drink, I tell you I'll be back in a min or 2...
I race in the bathroom and have a shower...
I rub and have a bit of a play while I put the… Read more

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First Couple Meetings

Massage another guys wife…

I have advertised on and off here for a few years now with limited success. Recently i completed a massage course at a community college and while not fully qualified i know the basics. I put an advert up for couples wanting to spice up their life and surprise was rewarded with a message soon after. The couple who will be called Mr and Mrs were trying to tread lightly into the scene. Typical guy wanted to see wife do something sexual with another… Read more

First woman to woman encounter Meetings

Bi curious BBW gets eaten for hours…

We met in a chat room online and instantly connected. We were an hour apart and my hubby was away so after a hot online chat we exchanged details and she drove to my place. I was dressed simply in a black lace loose top, naked underneath and nipples slightly exposed, she was hungry for pussy. Nervous as hell as she walked in, fondled my large swaying breasts kissing me deeply. We quickly moved to the bedroom, she stripped off my loose top adm… Read more

playfull fun Meetings

meetings or encounters of a sexual nature sometimes occur when we least expect it as was one Friday night me & a few it friends went out on the town doing a bit of a pub crawl slowly losing our mates along the way till only two of us remained drinking into the early hours of Saturday when we finally called a night there was only a handful of patrons drifting towards the exit and our load behaviour caused two girls to turn towards us only to smile… Read more

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The scent... Meetings

Her coy smile is quickly interrupted by his urgent need, even desperation. The scent of my wife’s wet and oozing sex fills the air within our room. He and I can both smell her, it is like a drug to both us men.. Like a mare “on heat” she raises her arse high, displaying her excited sexual wares, even wiggling back onto him, feeling the broad cock head slide along, teasing her needy cunt. She still wasn’t sure if she could fit him in, … Read more

Ric and I... Meetings

Ric and I, we love multiple men, bareback sex. Ric leaves me free to be me. I have been shared and passed around at quite a few parties. I love to lay back on a bed in a motel or Swingers club for an hour or two and have, men and women, just come and fuck me. Even having just other couples lay down and fuck next to me, it seems to help them cum kinkier and harder.
Many men will come back, just to cum inside me again, some men up to two or thr… Read more

We have a new man in our lives… Meetings

We have a new man in our lives… We invited him home…
He was eager for Shona but this first time, he wanted a run at her himself…
Shona invited him to over to have his way…
We moved to our bedroom… I set willingly myself to one side
“Oh fuck,” he smiled, shoving his fingers deep into my wife’s open pussy.
“Oh yes,” he grunted, quickly finger fucking my wife’s wet cunt before moving forward and slowing shoving his cock in… Read more

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