Two Ships Meetings

We all know how these things end…

The following is a true story dating back to 2006, as told by email and personal account. I met a beautiful woman on an adult site and we moved the conversation to email..

This is just a photo of equipment I'll bring with me. I hope you like it.

Yes, I like the equipment, glad you'll be bringing it along. I need to take some more photos.

Thanks, I'm glad you like the pictures. I can't wait to see … Read more

A break before Xmas Meetings

A brief chance meet on a beach leads to an erotic night of MFM pleasure...…

We took a trip up to QLD to enjoy the Gold Coast before Xmas overran us. On the beach Shona met a guy who began to chat her up. It turned out, amongst other things, he had separated from his wife some months back and was lonely. He was really pleasant and ended up inviting Shona and I back to his apartment for drinks and a view of the whole beach. Once in the apartment Brent gave us the grand tour and we particularly noticed the king size bed… Read more

Soiled, stained... Meetings

Such a sexy surprise, Stained, soiled and ready to play again.…

Arriving home late from Xmas drinks, our bedroom was softly lit. I said "Hi" to Shona, I leant in and kissed her. The kiss back from her was very intense. I got her message and quickly stripped and climbed into bed. Shona pressed up tightly against me, literally pulling me onto her body. Shona seemed to be in a very cheeky mood and was very bubbly. She quickly grabbed hold of my cock and left me no doubt she was feeling very frisky.
Shona … Read more

10 inch Meetings

I didn't expect that....…

I meet a guy from here many years ago, he was one of the first guys I had hooked up with. I had had some minor experience with guys, and was keen for more. My experience was limited to stroking and sucking a guys cock at this time and I was keen to play more. We chatted during the day online and organised a time that evening to meet at his place.

I arrived, my heart was in my chest and I was as horny as a teenager. He opened the door and invi… Read more

Fun with another mans Wife Meetings

That soft moist feeling on first entry…

Meet the most amazing women on SH she was married but as we all are she was a little bored of the same old same old.

We chatted for around a week and we both got very excited everytime to the point I was having to release Myself after every chat. Well after one of these chats she decided to invite me over as she was doing the same. Of course I quickly agreed took down her address and got in the car with a Rock hard cock thinking about what was… Read more

Home, home again. Meetings

I had been invited away to share a birthday weekend.…

It was just after 11pm. I managed to sneak into our home and then even our bedroom without waking Ric. As I closed in on Ric's sleeping form, I jumped onto the bed, fully dressed, and kissed him, he woke. I was hungry for my man. I tried to express that hunger in my kiss.

Ric opened his mouth and I sunk my tongue in, kissing him deeply. Ric wrapped me in his arms and he quickly discovered my unzipped, dishevelled, sexy lace dress. It seemed… Read more

Free Beach Meetings

Great to see…

I went down to the Free beach here in Darwin today well this morning and walking along the path seen some guys all naked and talking and also holding some cocks, there were 2 guys fucking each other too bareback too whih looked nice to see on of them who was being fucked he had tanned torso and legs but bum an cock area where white like he was wering shorts but wasnt.
I stood there for awhile watching them having their morning fuck session the… Read more

Part 2 - Maslin's Beach Fun with a Wonderful Couple Meetings

The continuation of my meets with a wonderful couple…

So, this is the follow on from the time I met with Mrs P and Mr B at Maslin's Beach.

I stayed in regular contact with Mrs P and we arranged for a meet a few weeks after our initial meet. It was hard to arrange at first because of family issues / children / work etc, but we eventually worked out a day that suited. The original plan was arranged that both Mrs P and Mr B would be there, but due to unexpected work matters, Mr B couldn't be there.… Read more

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A weekend to remember... Meetings

A meeting and an encounter, this past weekend in Sydney.…

Our new friend David kindly settled our tab and the three of us left the bar. Our hotel was just across the street from the bar we had met up in. David walked with us and I did not quite know if Shona would actually ask him to join us. When we got to the revolving door however, Shona boldly asked David “Would you like to come up for a bit?" David of course was really keen and we all headed across to the lift.

Once on the fifth floor, as we … Read more

So Naughty, so full... Meetings

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a date.…

My sexy Shona calls me at work to tell and tease me that she has a picked up a date with a new, very keen, online man tonight, I am anxious, but as she tells me he is taking her out for drinks and a “very naughty” evening. This is what we both want, but it's always out of my hands and I am always both nervous and excited in equal parts, every single time.

I arrive home to find Shona starting to get ready for this new date. I watch, laid o… Read more

My wife plays up in a Sydney hotel bar... Meetings

Our night in town hots up, way beyond our imagination!…

My wife plays up in a hotel bar...

I always loved the stories I read about a husband and his wife going into a bar where she sits by herself at the bar, the husband sits nearby to secretly observe while new men hit on her. I liked them so much, that I shared with my wife how that particular scenario had actually become one my intense fantasies. We thought about it for several years, playing out fantasies until my wife Shona actually pulled it … Read more

Teenager again Meetings

Teasing times…

My knees r shacking as u answer your door. A compleat nervous wreck as our eyes meet for the first time. U already have a drink in hand for me as u know how shy I am.
U invite me in to watch a movie, it's dark and cool as we sit on the couch, as the movie plays we make small talk, "it's like been a teenager again" not sure how or wen to touch u. So I ask if u want a massage and u agree.
As u sit between my legs I rub your shoulders and arms. … Read more

Fist meet. Meetings



Finally i gets to meet cheeky in person. All day ive been thinking about everything that could go wrong, even thinking to himself "wonder what side cheek I should kiss" I know it's silly but can't help it.
But I am so xcited and nervous at the same time, and 9pm can't come quick anoth.
As I pull into the carport, gathering my courage, and most important my drinks lol. U answer the door and, I know instantly I'm in trouble, your smil… Read more

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A wonderful night Meetings

Thank you Ms M…

Last night my partner arranged a great late Birthday present we met up with this wonderful person we have been out of the swinging life for about 6-10 years and her and husband made as feel so comfortable. We talked for most of the night and got down to business she grabbed my member for dear life he got hard and she made me feel so great so thank you Ms M and Mr S . We had a great time.
Yours sincerely
Sharon and Michael… Read more

was a fantasy Meetings

something different…

by the way... in regards to your idea about riding …

how does this sound....we could do that again...

we meet for a drink and chat... we like what we see and agree to have some fun...but since its our first naughty catch up away, we don't want to go to far....
we go to my apartment and have a quick drink, I tell you I'll be back in a min or 2...
I race in the bathroom and have a shower...
I rub and have a bit of a play while I put the… Read more

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First Couple Meetings

Massage another guys wife…

I have advertised on and off here for a few years now with limited success. Recently i completed a massage course at a community college and while not fully qualified i know the basics. I put an advert up for couples wanting to spice up their life and surprise was rewarded with a message soon after. The couple who will be called Mr and Mrs were trying to tread lightly into the scene. Typical guy wanted to see wife do something sexual with another… Read more

First woman to woman encounter Meetings

Bi curious BBW gets eaten for hours…

We met in a chat room online and instantly connected. We were an hour apart and my hubby was away so after a hot online chat we exchanged details and she drove to my place. I was dressed simply in a black lace loose top, naked underneath and nipples slightly exposed, she was hungry for pussy. Nervous as hell as she walked in, fondled my large swaying breasts kissing me deeply. We quickly moved to the bedroom, she stripped off my loose top adm… Read more

playfull fun Meetings

meetings or encounters of a sexual nature sometimes occur when we least expect it as was one Friday night me & a few it friends went out on the town doing a bit of a pub crawl slowly losing our mates along the way till only two of us remained drinking into the early hours of Saturday when we finally called a night there was only a handful of patrons drifting towards the exit and our load behaviour caused two girls to turn towards us only to smile… Read more

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The scent... Meetings

Her coy smile is quickly interrupted by his urgent need, even desperation. The scent of my wife’s wet and oozing sex fills the air within our room. He and I can both smell her, it is like a drug to both us men.. Like a mare “on heat” she raises her arse high, displaying her excited sexual wares, even wiggling back onto him, feeling the broad cock head slide along, teasing her needy cunt. She still wasn’t sure if she could fit him in, … Read more

Ric and I... Meetings

Ric and I, we love multiple men, bareback sex. Ric leaves me free to be me. I have been shared and passed around at quite a few parties. I love to lay back on a bed in a motel or Swingers club for an hour or two and have, men and women, just come and fuck me. Even having just other couples lay down and fuck next to me, it seems to help them cum kinkier and harder.
Many men will come back, just to cum inside me again, some men up to two or thr… Read more

We have a new man in our lives… Meetings

We have a new man in our lives… We invited him home…
He was eager for Shona but this first time, he wanted a run at her himself…
Shona invited him to over to have his way…
We moved to our bedroom… I set willingly myself to one side
“Oh fuck,” he smiled, shoving his fingers deep into my wife’s open pussy.
“Oh yes,” he grunted, quickly finger fucking my wife’s wet cunt before moving forward and slowing shoving his cock in… Read more

Massage Meetings

I like the way her body looks on the dark leather massage table shes taller than me near six foot long red hair country girl with big soft lips blue eyes the music is playing the candle flames sweeping across her pale skin shes on her stomach and oiled her long legs open buttocks high on the bolster cushion I'm teasing getting close but not touching her pussy my hands and forearms sliding and pushing her thighs glutes and lower back I'm just watc… Read more

Whitehaven beach. Whitsundays Meetings

On the weekend i was up at airlie beach. Which is situated in the whitsundays qld. Was at the local bar where i met this beautiful young lady from Germany she had just turned 19. So we got talking amd found out we where on the same tour to whitehaven beach the next day. But before things could go any further her friends dragged her away. So anyway the next day come and there she was on the same boat as me. We got talking again found out she was l… Read more

Secret birthday surprise meeting late one afternoon Meetings

It was late one afternoon, I had chatted to Ned about setting up a birthday surprise for his lady. I was horny and he needed someone to make the birthday present a reality in a public place. I nominated a warehouse location on the southside that had plenty of gardens for cover. My instructions were that he would bring his lady there blindfolded, I was to be the stranger, she didnt know what was going to take place but we did. I was not going to … Read more

Playful Tramp Meetings

My husband has this fantasy about me being a slutty wife. I've come to really like the idea and I certainly do love the sex.
We had the night to ourselves. We had gone to this adult store before but wanted to check out the new viewing booths. Most of them had a cock hole on the side walls. We had been in there a while, watching movies together and touching each other while strangers peaked in and watched. Some had even put their cocks through t… Read more

Personal Trainer Meetings

My wife had been telling me for a few weeks now, her new personal trainer has been flirting and hitting on her. She says he is always asking her if she is up for a private session or two.
Well today I am home and my wife comes to me grinning from ear to ear. She leads me to the quiet of our bedroom and tells me she finally caved in and had him come by the house, after I left for work ,of course.
She teased me, she said she had been curious … Read more

My first MMF exp. Meetings

Many many MANY years ago, I answered an ad in a swingers magazine from a couple looking for guys to have some fun. This was back in the days before PC's and everything was done by letters and photos in the mail. Well anyways, they replied with phone details so I contacted them and we organise to meet one Saturday.

She answered the door in just a bikini and sent me out the back to meet her hubby as he was getting the boat ready. When I got out… Read more

Fantasy FF meeting Meetings

Not a story of an actual event, just wishful thinking, haha ;)
If you have any constructive criticism I'd love to hear it. It's been a very long time since I've written anything and I'm not sure I've achieved the right tone? Thanks :)

I'm finally meeting her for coffee today. I'm excited and nervous, and I don't know what to wear! What do you wear to impress a woman? Maybe I should just go comfy casual? I settled on th… Read more

The Park... Meetings

3 Apr. 2017 at 11:19 am

It was summer and the weather was warm. Mid-morning on a weekday and they'd both been looking forward to this for weeks. There were a surprising number of people around, enjoying their morning exercise or a walk in the park with their dog. As they found a quiet place to lay down on a blanket, she was feeling shy and nervous. They'd met before and had been chatting for months, but the thought of his hands touching her an… Read more

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