19 Feb 2017

I watched my wife get hot and quite flustered one time in the presence of one of my interstate clients. I watched her eyes, she was fascinated, staring constantly at his bulging crotch. He had on some pretty tight dark jeans on. You could the whole shape and length of his shaft, she was right to be fascinated, the damn thing really was 6' or 7" soft, very impressive.

He was known to have a big cock, amonst us blokes, we joked on it. We were at a function and having a few drinks, so we were a little down on our guard. I nudged her a bit and she admitted as I teasded her, she giggled into my shoulder, she does love big cocks. I asked her if she would like to fuck him, or at the very least, see it. At first she acted all coy and shy but as the night moved on, she whispered into my ear, biting it gently, that she would like to be fucked by him. I said "Go for it, go play up to him and see where it gets you" I laughed and left her to have her fun. It was wildest thing I have ever seen her do. I had never witnessed her act this flirty and hot.

She was so turned on (as I was). I will add that I'm not bad in cock size, had my share of compliments, but she was so flirty and keen and he instantly knew it. To my wife's very obvious excitement, he flirted back and he made himself very available. I turned distracted for a bit and when I looked back, they had disappeared, I smiled to myself.

My wife told me later, she devoured his (she said, "his honestly") HUGE! with thick girthed cock and had a wild time with it and on it. She said she sucked him very vigorously. They both got fully undressed in a vacant rear room and he layed her down on a leather couch. She even texted me and asked "Are you sure?" I sent a "devil" emoji back. They both returned some 40mins later, very smily and bubbly!

Now we were home My wife now told me, she had been so wet for him, he slid right deep, balls deep, into her. I was speechless to say the least, she said she was so hot. She said, after no more than maybe 5 strokes he was going deep, mashing her cervix, pounding into her body. I had no idea she (or any other woman) could take all of that cock so quickly, but she assured me she did, she said, she was so horny and she fucked just as hard back. Now at home as she spoke to me, as she bit my ear, telling me, she said, It didn't take her long and she was having orgasm after orgasm, her mind was an orgasmic blur. They switched positions, he sat on the couch and she got on top and rode him, "Cowgirl" like a "bitch on heat" (her words, not mine, haha!). I would have loved seeing her slide up and down on his cock, knowing her eyes were glazed over in raw lust, and now it was almost too much to take as she told me. It was about 5 minutes, she continued, of that raw fucking, when he looked up, pulled her on to his chest, into her eyes and groaned, "he was going to cum" I had expected her to say she had climbed off and sucked him, but I was wrong.

She said to me as her hand rubbed my erect cock, under my pants, "she kept riding him and he shot his spunk deep into my pussy" she said it felt like it was melting her cunt walls, his seed was so hot, so powerful in the pulsing of it's orgasm, she said he came for ages, groaning and bucking, her thights were literally flooded with runs of semen. When she finally climbed off of him, the biggest river of cum, came spilling out of her pussy. I was in shock honestly, but my wife spread her legs, as she spoke, and moved my hand into her panties, it was all true, from the liquid mess between her legs, I knew the whole story was not only hot, but true.

The moral of my story is this. More than we men think, many women are turned on by a large cock, if they can just let loose, and I am sure many fantasise just like us men do about the parts of a woman we like.

My wife can be a pretty conservative, very average woman too, but on some nights or afternoons, she will break free, turning into, as she actually said earlier "a bitch on heat!".