Written by Anonymous

25 Feb 2019

They started chatting online it was a simple “Hi” he was shocked when he got a reply but excited at the same time. Our conversations although far apart in time and distance due to life factors still seemed to flow. You stimulated his mind you intrigued him with the people you had in common and you had the chance to meet at a mutual friends house however it wasn’t to be that night.

It was a little while after that you started to chat again your lives working in mysterious ways you going through your things him going through his. As time grew on you chatted more and more and about a whole range of different things and quite often about random crap that had nothing to do with anything, this is just chatting and nothing else one day maybe we might meet. So this chat goes on for quite some time before by chance you get to meet by fate, he is working in your region and you are free to get away from your house and so it is planned.

The night has finally come to see each other the anticipation is growing the messages are more frequent and more erotic then before. You have arranged to meet in a quiet dark secluded place perfect for all sorts of mischief. He arrives but you are not yet there he waits around for a while and message to see how far away you are, you tell him you are not too far away but he has enough time to go and do another job or two before you arrive.

He arrives back, and you are still not there yet and he is thinking that you may have pulled the pin on meeting me so he messages you and you are only around the corner, he waits. Headlights appear turning up the dark dirt driveway to where we are to meet for the first time. Although it is dark the light from his truck shows her angelic face she is more beautiful in person than in your pictures her scent is so intoxicating he starts to get aroused by the sheer fact that someone of her beauty is standing before him. You gaze into each other’s eyes the only word that you both mutter nervously is “Hi”. You embrace each other in each other’s arms to find your lips locking so passionately almost like you had been together forever her kiss is like heaven her skin so soft her eyes so submissive.

You drop to your knees and release his throbbing cock from his shorts before admiring it and taking it into your mouth you begin to work on it like you have done many icy pole ice blocks in your life time almost like you have been waiting for this one this moment, you look up to him with eyes of beauty and submissiveness begging to be kissed so he obliges and while kissing you he raises you to your feet and releases your breasts from your top and begins to kiss and lick and nibble at your nipples driving you crazy, he runs his hands all over your body feeling every centimeter of your skin, his hand slips down your pants feeling your arse squeezing gently while kissing you hard and passionately. He moves his hand around the front to feel your wet pussy and throbbing clit, he teases them with his fingers before you are begging for more you have cum already once but are wanting more, he goes down and with his mouth and tongue he continues to please you while you are leaning on your car bonnet feeling the warmth from the engine on the cold night your body so hot and not worried about the temperature.

He spins you around in one motion and bends you over the bonnet of your car and rams his hard cock into your waiting pussy, it’s not long and you have cum again he feels the pulsing walls contacting and expanding on his rock hard cock, he continues to fuck you hard then slow, then he grabs your plaited ponytail and rams you harder and harder you reach back with you hands so you can get him inside you more he can feel you about to cum you push him out as your sweet pussy gushes hot cum from your pussy everywhere, he enters again harder faster till you cum again this time as you cum his cock throbs and explodes a hot load of cum into your pussy you cum again. Then with cum dripping out your gorgeous pussy you turn around kiss him with such passion and vigor before dropping to your knees once more to clean your juices off his still hard cock, although ultra sensitive he loves every second, it’s not long before you get him rock hard again and continue to suck his cock awaiting a second load to be unleashed in your hot mouth, you suck it and kiss it and caress it so wanting, so needing, like you haven’t had a cock in your life before. You love it like a new toy you want it so bad you try and take it all but it’s to big to all fit in your mouth and down your throat your gag reflexes kick in. Now hard again and being so dominant he picks you up turns you around and fucks you again from behind harder faster till you cum yet again, your legs so weak from pleasure he holds you up by your hips and with every thrust fills you so much so perfectly with his hard cock you cum again now struggling to stay standing at all he unleashes another hot load of cum into your wanting pussy. This time he goes down to clean you up with his tongue you thinking wow this is hot I have never had a guy do this before to me, he comes back up and kisses you but there is a surprise for you as he has brought up a mouthful of lovely sweet hot juicy cum to share with you, he carefully transfers it from his mouth to yours you love the taste of your juices combined and it makes you cum again without being touched at all. Unfortunately he has to go back to work and you have to get dinner for your kids, you part ways and wonder if anything could be that good ever again.