30 Mar 2017

It was an overcast but warm day so I decided to get up early after doing night shift and headed down to warnbro beach to get a bit of sun on the body .

On arrival it was like most normal nude beaches with usual desperate guys lurking around in the dunes to see if they can get there rocks off. I wandered down the beach and found a nice spot to lay down and enjoy the sun and relax the way I love the most ... Naked.

Not long after getting there I noticed a middle aged couple walk up the beach and set up not far from where I was . The undressed and went for a swim for a while and then went back and layers out in the sun . She was quite attractive for mid 50s woman ... Nice tits and a shaved pussy . He was quite fit looking with a handsome looking cock. Nothing much happened over the next couple of hours except that the guys in the bush all came past to check things out as if they had never seen a naked woman before .

I was about to leave and had gathered my stuff and started walking back down the beach naked . When I got close I noticed the guy playing with her pussy and tits which at once made my cock jump to life . He looked at me as if to give me the approval to watch the two of them have a little fun . He rubbed her clit and I could see she was realy enjoying the attention as she started to shake with her first orgasm . I moved a bit closer to get a better look and was striking my rick hard cock by now ... She looked over to me and asked if I liked to watch , I nodded and said I did but would live to join in , she was a bit hesitant and asked what I would like to do . I said I'd love to lick her pussy, she nodded and said ok .

I layed out my towel and got down between her legs to see a ver wet and juicy pussy that needed a good lucking .

Now there is nothing I like better than eating pussy and making a woman cum over and over again.

I ran my tongue up the length of her slit to get a taste of her juices and then flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue a few times which sent her into another orgasm . Her legs were shaking and her foot was banging on the ground like thumper the rabbit.

I kept on licking her pussy for what seemed like half a hour , fingering her as well and getting wetter as I went

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up to give a short break . My cock was dripping with my Previn at this stage and she looked at her husband for approval for me to slide my cock into her , he nodded and slid my cock up and down her wet oussy lips before sliding deep into her . I thrusting to her a few times but didn't want to cum yet so pulled out for a bit before driving it back in. She looked at me and said not to cum in her pussy ... She wanted it on her tits . I withdrew befor a came and her husband took my place for a while , she stroked my cock and rubbed our juices over the head which made me jump ... She lent over and sucked my cock deep into her mouth , running her tongue over it .

I was so close to cumming and her husband was now on her other side . She had a cock in each hand wanking both of us .

I reached down and stated playing with her very wet and well fucked pussy . Pushing two fingers in and finding her g spot and started thrusting my fingers in and out causing her to get even wetter before squirting all over my hand and banging her feet on the ground over again and having a huge orgasm .

This sent both of us over the edge and both blew huge amounts of cum all over her tits.

We all sat there for a bit catching our breath befor going for a swim to wash off.

We introduced our selves to each other and chatted a bit and I found out that that was there first time they had ever done any thing like that

But enjoyed every minute of it

We all packed and left not before exchanging numbers

What a great day