Written by ErotiqueMael

4 Aug 2010

Nikita begins this story!!!

You arrive at the hotel around midday …. You are told that I have already checked in. You are escorted to the room with your bags. As you enter you can smell the wafting scent of Hypnotic Poison, my perfume and find my clothes hung in the robe room. There is a note from me welcoming you. The note tells you to have a shower and to meet me at the rocks on the northern end of hotel’s lagoon swimming pool…... Look for the yellow umbrella.

You inspect my clothes and see lots of sexy alluring beach and entertaining clothes. You shower and are pleased to find that I have left you beautiful soaps and shampoos … by the time you dress and leave the room you are felling gloriously refreshed, pampered and prepared for your afternoon.

You wander through the grounds following signs to the lagoon. As you arrive you see that there are lots of people basking in a little sheltered cove of rocks out of the wind. There is a nice sandy beach and a shallow section of the lagoon. You quickly spot the yellow umbrella and me. The sun is warm …. …. I have been working on my tan and have added to it from the bottle. My skin glistens with sunscreen and you can smell the delicious fragrance of coconut oil …. I like to add it to my screen as it is such an erotic perfume and I love the extra moisturizing feel it has and the shine that it adds to my skin. I am lying face down. You hover over me wondering if I am asleep. You check in your mind … this is the right place ..… the umbrella is yellow … you stare at my back and bottom

I am wearing a white bikini … the bottoms are cut very short in a “Brazilian” style well below my hips … I think you like what you see. You say “hello .. Nikita” and I stir and role on to my back … I reach up with my hand and we greet each other … we immediately feel at ease. …. You stare at my breasts, as the triangles of my top are so tiny you cannot believe they cover my nipples at all. We talk for a moment and then much to my surprise you introduce me to the people immediately around us. There are 3 handsome young men who seem to be single and more than disappointed that you have appeared and a young couple. I explain that I had met these people only today and that we had had a really nice chat on the beach. You are more than surprised when I tell them that I am your secretary and that we are in town for a conference on Monday.

I excuse myself for a moment as I need a dip to cool off and to remove the oil from my skin ….. you watch me walk to the water and watch as others stare and you feel excited and intrigued.

My swim is just a quick dip and I return … I can see your staring and pants bulging and I smile …. I assess you as I approach and am impressed with your style …. This time I greet you properly.. I kiss you on the cheek and give you a long hug … I am pleased you do not mind the feeling on the water from my skin soaking your clothes .. I give you my sexiest smile and then a long sensual hug … I make sure my breasts push hard into your chest and I enjoy your gasp and the feel of your knees going soft …. I turn, wink at my new friends. Your mind spins as I thank you for my new swim suit … I ask would you like to see it as I wanted you to be the first person to do so … you nod and I slowly release the string of my bikini top and let it fall to the sand. I strip off my bottoms to reveal the tiniest g-string you have ever seen … I do a slow 360 degree turn for all to see and lie down on my towel. I feel lots of sets of eyes and feel the daggers for you from my new male friends.

We decide to stay on the beach for a little while … I enjoy watching you strip down to your swimmers and am very pleased with the body I see. I hand you my screen and tell you that it is very important that I do not get burnt ….. and that I love a man who loves his work …. I lie back and tell you to pop open the bubbly that I have brought. MMMM mmmmm … I love bubbles on the beach ….

I remind you that I need my screen …. I roll over onto my front and relax … I hear you shake the bottle and squirt some liquid onto your hands …. you starts with my shoulders …. Then back and arms … you are good at this and I start to feel light headed and very relaxed … You slide down my back … linger on my bare checks and finish my legs … I love the nervousness of your fingers. I love the feeling of hands on my body! ....................? Do you? I roll over and just smile. You note that every eye is watching you and you smile and rub screen on my breasts … you love the feeling of my nipples standing erect in your palms.

I stand ….. give you a smile …and take you by the hand a lead you into the pool … you see the whole beach stare as we frolic in the pool … you feel the crowd on the beach stare at you and you pretend not to notice anyone or anything ………….. we stroll back .. lingering on the waters edge for maximum effect … you are surprised when I slip on a top and tiny shorts and tell you that we are leaving. We say goodbye to everyone and return to our room.

I tell you to shower and to wait in the bathroom until I call for you. After your shower I call your name. You enter the room and your eyes try to take in all the new things you see. Before you can do that fully, I call your name again and you see that I am standing on the outside balcony in the sun. I shrug my shoulder and my robe falls to reveal my body. I am wearing mid length black leather boots, black suspenders, lace stockings …. No knickers or top … my breasts are perfumed …… You are aware that the balcony is quite public and suspect that I can be seen. I tell you … to sit in a chair in the middle of the room close to the bed. I stand behind you .. stroke your shoulders and hair and gently bite your shoulders … I like your firm muscles and my hands slide over your chest …. Before you can react I stretch your hands behind you and before you know what has happened I bind your hands together firmly with a silk scarf. I kiss your ears and neck …. I stand in front of you a smile … I let you stare for a while and then run the backs of my nails gently over my breasts and nipples until they become as taught as they can be … I offer each nipple to your mouth and you lick and suck greedily … a little to hard, but that’s OK.

I walk over to the closet and remove a shoe box ….. out of the box I lift my smallest vibrating dildo … it is 8 inches long … really soft and spungy …. I have 4 in total .. see attached pics …. Mmmm! I sit on the bed in front of you ….. massage some lubricant on the toy … lift my ankles to the side and spread my legs … as I work it into me I can see you wrestle with the scarf but to know avail … when I bind a man he stays to tied! I tell you to sit still and watch and enjoy …. I take a couple of plunges .. and bury it … and then I turn it on … I love the hum of my toy! I lie back but lock my ankles over your thighs so you are very close to me … I sit up again and take the other 3 out of the box … I ask you which one you would like me to use next and much to my fear indicate the huge black one … it was bought for me as a gift which is a long story for another time … it really is too big! I squeeze the huge knob in and turn it on … lock my eyes onto yours and head myself towards an orgasm … as it approaches I reach and grab my smaller one and plunge it in and out and over my clit until I scream … I hope you like a woman who is a noisy fuck, as I am!

I recover …. Well sort of …. I stand and walk behind you … this time I blind fold you and bite you hard on the neck …. You feel me circle you then suddenly you feel it .. it cannot be … OH GOD … you feel my hair against your thighs and then … OH can it really be … my mouth kissing your cock … is it .. you are not sure … you want to believe it when you feel me go deeper and then deeper and then you cannot believe it .. you feels my lips against your torso … it feels like you have been totally swallowed … is that what is happening … is that what you are experiencing …. You feel hot breath and then my lips sliding up and off your cock …. You feel me stand … you feel the blind fold ripped off.

I move from behind you running my hand up your back … I stand over you smiling.. your eyes are dilated and your gaze glassy … I bend and kiss you ever so softly …. Forehead then eyes .. then neck and shoulders .. little butterfly kisses .. barely touching …. I stroke your chest, then breasts ….. your eyes close …. Then your nipples ….. belly and the inside of your thighs ….. I stand and wrap my arms around you … you feels my breasts on your chest … you drink in my perfume ….. I whisper to you … you can have anything you want right now … you can have it bound … you can have me bound .. you can be blown or I will fuck you right now in the chair ..ANYTHING!

Just as you are about to answer there is a knock on the door …. This time I am surprised … I say sit still … laugh as you can hardly do anything else … open the door and peak out from behind it … I am surprised to see that it is the female from the couple at the lagoon and she is holding my towel .. she apologizes for interrupting and explains she wanted to return it … I reach out and thank her kindness, but she does not immediately leave .. she lingers making small talk and then finally asks if we would join them for dinner …. I say that I had better consult you, open the door and motion for her to enter …. She notes that I am naked and then she sees you(!!) … naked, erect, tied and blindfolded surrounded my sex toys .. before she runs I explain who is there and ask you if we could do dinner tonight … you nod and matter of factly tell her that will be nice and I escort her out arranging to meet them at the bar at 7pm … I turn close the door and fall to the floor in laughter … I turn to you and say “where were we’?

Nikita asks me to finish the Story……….My response is as follows

Nikita says to me in her wicked dark voice “Where Were We”. Suddenly a sparkle enters Nikita’ s eyes and she says. I have better idea and , in her best secretarial voice she rings the Concierge and after some gentle cajoling, we find out that Sara and Mike are in suite 813, just above us.

Hi Sara, its Nikita, we hope we did not surprise you this afternoon with our toys and stuff. I thought you and Mike would like to come to our apartment tonight, I will cook for us all and we will make it a night to remember. Come to our apartment at around 7pm. Sara and Mike would love to come said Nikita, with a wink which promised a night of never ending delights.

It was 6:00 and I was getting out of the shower as my secretary, Nikita, came into the bathroom.

"I opened the two bottles of wine and I just put the salmon in the oven," she said. "Sara and Mike should be here in about an hour."

As she told me about the wine and the salmon, I was distracted by the seductive way she was dressed. She was wearing a pair of skin tight stretch pants that clung to every curve of her legs and hips. They were so low cut in the waist that the top half of her little red thong was plainly visible. She wore a little white oxford top that was probably a size too small, but she did not bother to button it. Instead, she just tied the bottom in a small knot and showed her lace red bra that pushed her c-cup breasts up to show off her ample cleavage. My secretary was dressed to kill.

I walked up behind her as she applied her lipstick. Still naked from the shower it was obvious that my dick was starting to get hard from just looking at her.

"Wow, you look hot tonight," I said as I pushed my dick into her pants. Her high heeled sandals put her ass right at the same height as my dick. "I love the way you dress slutty but with class” I said with my hard on growing.

"Hold on cowboy," Nikita replied pushing my hips away. "You are going to have to wait until later, but I promise you that I will rock your world tonight." She smiled with a 'I want to fuck you so bad right now' look on her face, but I did not press the matter. Instead, I finished drying off and went in the bedroom to get dressed.

While in the bedroom, I could not get over how Nikita was dressed. I also could not wait to see what Sara was wearing tonight after what she saw this afternoon.

I finished getting ready and headed downstairs to see Nikita finishing the salad and main course. About the same time, the doorbell rang. It was Mike and Sara. Nikita met me at the door as we greeted our new friends. I noticed Mike was stunned by Nikita's appearance. However, I barely noticed that because my eyes were fixed on Sara. She was wearing an unbelievably low but top that was cut to below her chest. All that was covering her bra less breasts were two strips of thin fabric. The top was very tight and it was not hard to see her nipples trying to poke through the top. The top stopped just above her navel. She, too, was wearing a pair of low cut stretch pants that allowed her purple thong to show with super high heeled sandals.

Mike and I just stood there frozen looking at the other' ladies.

"Hi Mike," Nikita said to break the silence. She, then, walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Noticing that she was making him a little hard, she gave a little pat on the crotch that made him blush a little.

Sara followed her "Hi James" with a hug and a kiss as well. Sara then looked at Nikita and said laughingly, "Seems like we are both dressed for ACTION tonight."

Nikita replied, "Well I guess we will just have share the spotlight tonight." She then gave Sara a hug and a peck on the mouth. As the two sets of eyes met, I swear I noticed a look of longing in both to just get lost in passion with each other. Even if I did not see what I did, it definitely gave me a little rise in my pants.

We then went to the kitchen and began drinking wine. By the time we finished dinner, we had opened a third bottle of wine and were all pretty buzzed. Throughout dinner Nikita had kept stroking my cock and I was so horny. I could tell that Sara had done the same to Mike, because he had the same look on his face. Sara and Nikita knew it too because they kept looking at each other giggling. It almost seemed they had a bet to see if they could get us to cum in our pants.

We finished off the third bottle and I got up to get another bottle. As I walked out of the dining room to get wine, Sara shouted out “do you have anycards”. I got the wine and found a set of playing cards. As I reentered the dining room, I found Nikita and Sara both sitting on Mike's lap. Sara was kissing his neck, while Nikita was kissing him deeply and passionately. Both of the women had their hands on his obvious hard on and were massaging it. I was shocked, but not mad to see my secretary kissing another man so passionately. In fact, I do not know if it was the wine or not, but I was very aroused.

As I sat the wine and cards on the table, Sara got up and walked over to me. She just reached up and pulled my head to her, which I did not protest. We began to kiss. It felt weird to kiss another woman. I had not kissed anyone other than Nikita since we began working together. However, as I kissed Sara I grabbed her ass and pulled it into me. Our hips met and we began to grind them into each other. She could feel my hard on and I could feel the warmth of her pussy through the clothes. I looked over and noticed that Nikita had straddled Mike and they too were grinding into each other.

Suddenly, Sara said "OK, time for some strip poker." With that Nikita got off of Mike's lap and the obvious bulge in his pants. Nikita replied, "But we have to do it in the living room so the table won't block any views." She then grabbed me by my bulge and led me into the living room. We got to the living room when I whispered in her ear, "Are you OK with all of this?" She did not reply, but instead kissed me like she has never kissed me before.

Sara and Mike entered the room right behind us. Sara said, "All right. Strip Poker time, but with a twist. The winner of the hand gets to take the piece of clothing off of the loser. However, they must do it seductively enough for the two bystanders, or the winner of the hand will lose a piece of clothing also."

"But what if I win the hand and Mike loses the hand?" I questioned.

"Too bad," Nikita replied to this. "If I lose and Sara wins, I think you would expect us to play by the rules."

I looked over at Mike and he seemed to be all right with the rules so I nodded in agreement.

I began shuffling the cards, which was hard considering the amount of wine we had consumed. While I was doing this, we decided that Nikita's bra would come off with her shirt to even out the clothing.

I dealt the first hand. After we had adjusted our 5 card draw hands, we laid down our cards, which showed that Nikita had one the hand and Mike had lost. She moved quickly to him and began unbuttoning his shirt while she kissed his neck. As she took off his shirt she kissed just about every part of his chest. I was finding myself very turned on by the site of my secretary doing this. I looked over at Sara and she was enjoying the show also because she had her hand on her pants and was slowly massaging her pussy.

Sara dealt the second hand, which I won and she lost. I removed her top to expose a beautiful set of tits. I slowly cupped each one and sucked on the nipples as she was moaning and coming close to orgasm.

Mike dealt the next hand and he lost again, while Sara won. She slowly removed each shoe and sock and kissed each of his toes. The next hand I lost and Sara won and she removed my shirt while kissing my chest. As she was doing this I looked over at Nikita who watching closely and massaging her pussy through her pants. I saw her eyes close as she had an orgasm.

The next hand I lost again and Nikita took off my shoes and socks in a way she never had before. "It looks like someone is a poker pro," Mike said to Nikita, since she had not lost yet. Mike and I had lost our shirts and shoes and Sara her top, but Nikita was still wearing everything. As if one cue Nikita lost the next hand Sara won again. In my mind, this is what I had been waiting for the entire game.

Sara moved over to Nikita and straddled her lap while she began to untie the little loop knot in Nikita's shirt. Sara then began to kiss Nikita as she removed the shirt. Nikita obviously loved it because she pulled Sara closer to her to feel her tits against her own chest. The two girls kissed passionately and Sara then undid Nikita's lacy red bra. Sara began to suck on each tit. Soon she sat back up and began to kiss Nikita again while pressing her large breasts against Nikita's large breasts. The site of these two hot women kissing and fondling each other was almost too much. My cock was about as hard as it could get. Mike was also really into it because he had his hand on his pants and was also massaging his own cock. Then almost as quickly as she had begun, Sara was back to her spot and ready for the next hand.

The next hand Mike lost and Sara won and she slowly took off his pants while show kissed his hard penis through his powder blue thong. Nikita lost the next hand and since Mike won he slowly took off her shoes. The next hand he won and did the same thing to Sara.

Mike's winning streak continued as he won the next hand, which I had lost. As I stood up nervously to have him take off my pants. He also stood up and walked toward me as I noticed how good he looked in just his thong underwear. He nervously undid my pants as I suddenly gained confidence and reached out and pulled his bare ass to me so I could feel his hard penis against my own hard penis. With less nerves, he pulled my pants down to my knees and then put his hands on my ass, which was bare from my own black thong underwear, pulled me even closer against him. I had never done this with a man before. In fact, I had never even fantasized about another man, but as Mike and I ground our hips together, the feeling of his cock against me was very arousing. Mike then bent down to take my pants the rest of the way off, but before he did he stopped and gave my cock a few long kisses through my underwear. While he did this, one of his hands was tracing my thong seam from the top of my ass through my crack and placed more pressure as he got to my asshole. I thought I was going to cum right there, but he stopped as he got my pants completely off me. It must have been very erotic, because the women were very quiet during my depantsing, but gave us an ovation after it was over.

The next hand I won as Sara lost. I slowly kissed each of tits as I struggled to get her way too tight pants off. I got them to her knees when I realized she was unable to move with her pants there. So I stopped and began to slowly tongue her wet pussy through her underwear, while I traced her thong underwear with my hand just as Mike had done to me. She began to moan and move her hips, but she had to be careful to not fall because of her pants at her knees and all the wine. After a short time, Mike and Nikita began to chide us to get on with it so they could get off too. So I finished taking Sara's pants off show all she had on was her purple thong.

As luck would have it, Nikita lost next while Mike won and he followed almost the same procedure that I had done with his wife. As we began to shuffle the cards for the next hand Sara said, "Look we are all in our nice colorful thongs, but I don't know about you Nikita but I can't wait to get it off of me so my wet pussy can get some air finally."

When she said that, the realization of what was going on hit me. I do not know if it had been the wine or whatever, but I had never thought of what we were doing. Nikita and I had never even been naked with another couple, let alone some of the things we had already done earlier. I said I had to go to the bathroom and looked at Nikita to go with me to the bathroom. When we got there I asked her if she was OK with what was happening. She told me she was worried that I was the one who was going to get upset. When I reassured her that I was living out a fantasy that I had assumed would never happen, she told me the same thing. I then looked at my hot secretary standing there in just her red thong with a wet spot on it and pulled her to me and kissed her deeply.

When we returned to the living room, Sara and Mike were deep in a kiss themselves. Nikita broke them up when she said it was time to finish the game. None of us were sober enough to know whose turn it was to deal so I picked up the cards and dealt the next hand.

I won the hand while Nikita lost. I had her lie on her back while I slowly slid her panties off and dove my head into her completely shaved pussy and sucked it like I had never before tasted anything so sweet. Nikita was obviously ready to cum, because within minutes she was grinding her pussy into my face as I felt her body shudder and then go limp. I worked my way up to her ear as I whispered how much I loved her and then kissed her deeply.

Sara picked up the cards as I was returning to my spot. The next hand Sara lost and Nikita won. Nikita had regained her composure after the orgasm and jumped over to Sara and had her thong off before Sara had laid completely back. With eager enthusiasm, Nikita began licking Sara's pussy like she had eaten out many women and was a seasoned veteran. I was so turned on watching my secretary eat another women's pussy. Just like Nikita had been with me, the sexual tension that had been going on throughout the evening had Sara ready to cum, which she did with a very strong orgasm. As Nikita pulled away, I noticed that Sara's pussy was also completely shaved.

As we began the next hand, I noticed that Nikita and Sara remained close to each other and had their hands on each other's inner thigh. The next hand Sara lost again, but since she had no more clothes on we reshuffled and played again. This time Sara won and I lost. She quickly had me out of my underwear and my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock differently than Nikita had ever done before, but she was excellent. She had one hand cupping my balls while her other hand slowly probed my asshole. It was an incredible feeling. I then noticed that Nikita had moved behind Sara and began slowly finger fucking her pussy. Sara began to moan with her mouth wrapped around my cock and I could not hold it any longer. I started to cum. I expected Sara to pull away, but instead she swallowed every drop of one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever had in my life.

We regained our spots for the next hand. I still had a hard on because I was still so turned on by everything that was happening. For the final hand we decided that Mike could not play since he still had his thing on and had to lose the next hand. We decided the winner would finish Mike. I won. I would be lying if I said I was disappointed. Ever since our dance earlier, I wanted to have Mike's cock in my hand. He lied on his back while I approached him and slid his underwear off. I quickly grabbed his throbbing hard on in my hand and began to slowly jerk him off in the way that I had done to myself so many times in the past. With his cock right before my face started flicking my tongue on the base of it and then on his balls. I looked toward his face and noticed him looking at me with a look of great pleasure. Seeing him enjoy this so much I moved to the tip of his cock and slowly put it in my mouth. His cock was not super huge, but it was probably about 6 or 7 inches (about the same as mine). I slid about half of it down my throat and then began to bob my head up and down on it. I had never sucked a cock before in my life, but I seemed to naturally know what to do. This scene obviously was being enjoyed by the women, because they were intently watching us while they finger fucked each other. I felt Mike began to get ready to cum. I had never tasted any cum other than my own on my secretary's tongue after she had swallowed me, and I knew I could not pull away from Mike. He unloaded an intense orgasm into my mouth and I struggled to swallow it all. I little bit came out of my mouth and onto my chin. Nikita was quickly there to lick it up and kiss me deeply. It was so erotic to be kissing her with another man's cum on both of our tongues.

Sara, feeling left out for the moment, moved over to us and asked Nikita if she could cut in. She began to kiss me deeply while she stroked my still hard cock. She then gently pushed me to my back and slowly sank herself down on to my cock. Her wet pussy felt great around my cock. It felt different than Nikita's, but it was still very nice. Sara began slowly rocking back and forth as I sat up to bury my face into her tits. Mike had quickly recovered as well since he was now fucking my secretary from behind. Both women were moaning loudly as all four of us were grinding into each other's ladies. After a while, I turned Sara over and began to fuck her from behind. I heard Nikita have an intense orgasm, which then brought Sara over the edge as well. I looked over and saw Mike fucking Nikita with an intense animal passion that she was really enjoying. Seeing that pushed me over the edge as I grabbed Sara hips and pulled them hard into me. As I began to cum, it pushed her over the edge and we came together as I filled her pussy with cum. As I collapsed in exhaustion next to Sara, I heard Mike and Nikita come together and fill her pussy with cum. They too collapsed in exhaustion next to us as all four of us began to pass out from an evening that none of us had ever experienced before. As I went off to sleep naked next to two beautiful naked women and another naked man, I wondered what the morning would bring.

The next morning arrived before I knew it. I was awaken by the wonderful feeling of a wet mouth wrapped around my cock. My first site as I opened my eyes was my secretary in a 69 with Mike. She was sucking his cock right in front of me. It was one of the most amazing sites I had ever seen, let alone first thing in the morning. Whatever hangover I should have had was nowhere to be found since I was fully enjoying Sara deep throat my entire 6½ inches.

After a short while Sara said something into Nikita's ear and Nikita got up and went toward the bedroom. Mike turned around to watch his wife return to my cock. Soon Nikita returned with the bottle of KY liquid we kept in the nightstand next to our bed. Sara grabbed it from her and began to lubricate my cock. As she did this, Nikita laid back on the couch right above my head. Mike then got his knees and entered my secretary directly above my head. I had seen closeups on porn movies, but to see one in real life was amazing, especially since it was my secretary.

Sara was continuing to stroke my cock to get it really lubed. She then put some on her hand and began to lubricate Mike's asshole. As she did this, she whispered in my ear, "I want you to fuck my husband's ass. Don't worry about him, I fuck him with a strap-on sometimes, so his ass can handle it."

I was stunned. I had never done anyone in the ass before. While Nikita was wild in bed, it was about the only thing she did not want to do. I got to my knees behind Mike and watched his ass move back and forth as he was fucking Nikita. Sara grabbed my cock and slid it to Mike's ass and guided me into him. I entered him easily. It was so wonderfully tight around my cock. I heard him moan loudly and I wondered if I had hurt him, but he looked back at me and pushed his ass back into me to take me all the way into him.

It did not take long for the three of us to find a rhythm as I fucked Mike's ass while he fucked Nikita. It was unbelievable. The night before I had sucked and swallowed my first cock and now I was butt fucking another guy. I had never understood bi-sexual men before, but know I wondered why I had never thought I could be one of them.

As I was thinking about all of this, I noticed that Sara had moved above Nikita so that she could have her lick her pussy. Since I was on the end of the train I could see all of us move together. The moaning was loud and would have probably been heard outside if it had not been the middle of the summer and the a/c was on.

Soon I felt Mike's ass began to tense as he was about to put a load into my secretary's pussy. His ass became very tight as he did this, which pushed me to the brink of cumming. As his hips went into convulsions when he came, it pushed me over the edge and I filled his ass with cum. As we slowly untangled our bodies, Nikita sat up and began to kiss Sara. Mike turned around and without thinking, I moved toward him and began to kiss him. He pulled me closer to him and we embraced. Kissing a man was not that different from kissing a woman. His mouth and tongue were bigger and stronger, but I was soon lost in his embrace.

Soon we decided it was time to shower. Sara and Mike went to the downstairs bathroom, while Nikita and I went upstairs. Nikita got into the shower first, but I joined her soon afterwards.

"Wow," she said. "I think last night and this morning may have been the most erotic sexual experience I have ever had. Just thinking about right now has my pussy already getting hot. Remembering how you and Mike enjoyed each other is all I have to think of to get me in the mood in the future."

I could not think of anything to say so I just pulled her to me and kissed her. As we kissed I could feel my cock starting to come back to life again.

"Shit, I think you really enjoyed yourself too. I don't know if I can remember you having so much staying power," Nikita said. She stroked my dick back to attention. As she turned around and stuck her ass out she said, "I want you to fuck my pussy just as hard as you fucked Mike. If you can't fuck me hard enough, I am going to go downstairs and have Mike do it."

That challenge was all I needed. I did not even use my fingers to open her pussy. I just thrust my cock into her as deep as I could. She gasped in delight. I began to fuck her like I had never fucked her before. She began to scream and yell with pleasure as the first of her orgasms hit her. From the bathroom downstairs, which was directly below us, I heard Sara screaming in delight also as I guess Mike was fucking the shit out of her. Hearing this I began to fuck Nikita harder so she would cum louder than our counterparts downstairs. We fucked for about 30 minutes before I came and filled Nikita's pussy one more time with cum.

We finished in the shower and dried off. We got dressed in some sweats and went downstairs. Mike and Sara were also dressed. They said they needed to leave because they had something to do that evening. The four of us said goodbye and said we need to get together again soon. We decided on Thursday night we would go to their house for dinner. I guess we need to get out the strap-on dildo so Nikita can get my ass ready for Mike.