13 May 2020

I wrote about one of my experiences at Club X in Sydney and the time I spent with a wife and her man in the gloryhole booth. It ended with her passing her number on to me with the hope of some future fun. A few days later we exchanged a few flirtatious texts and memories from the previous encounter. She mentioned that her and her husband often stay in a hotel room in the CBD about once a month for a weekend of adventure and the next time they were doing that, she would get in touch.

A few weeks later, I was over the moon to get the text saying they were staying in a hotel, I thought great, round number 2. In previous conversations she alluded to playing alone but with the consent of her man. They were attending a gangbang party during their stay but she said, that I can come over for some 1v1 fun. I wasn't complaining at all. A lot of our conversation via text surrounded the gloryhole experience and my finish across her face and hair (see previous story). When she told me her man was going out to meet with a few mates and gave her the green light, we started to discuss what we wanted to do, seeing both of have quite a strong cum fetish, it was evident what was the main course. We had spoken about the volume of my loads and how it was a turn on for her and she loved the feeling of being covered. Something her and the husband enjoy from their gangbang adventures. So we agreed that I'd edge for a few days and that round one might not last too long, so will have to stay and make the most of the time we had alone.

Keeping with the gloryhole theme, we thought it would be hot to have me arrive to her room and find her blindfolded or tied to the bed. The night arrived and after sorting times, room numbers etc, I made my way into the city. She told me to text her when I was downstairs and that she would then leave the door ajar and make her way back to the bed to put her blindfold on. Thank god the hotel was one where you did not need key access to the lift (not sure what I would have done otherwise lol) but I made my way up to level 4 (not sure why I remember that) and down the hall to the room where I could clearly see the lock inside the door keeping it ajar. Nerves were definitely pumping because as much as we had talked about, I still didn't really know what to expect. I didn't knock, I just gently entered and quietly shut the door behind me, I made my way around the corner and there she fucking was, sitting on the edge of the bed with with a black blindfold on to me in her finest lingerie. I thought she would just have a tie or something wrapped around her eyes but it was a proper blindfold, she came prepared.

I made my way over to the bed without saying a word, making sure she knew I was there but made no contact, I hopped on the bed behind her and started to gently brush her hair and kiss her neck and back. She also looked happy with the idea of no talking. I spent a few minutes teasing her back before reaching over and caressing her tits through her bra. I could feel her nipples piercing through the lingerie, an extremely hot feeling, my cock was also busting through my jeans as like I said, I had been edging and had the mother of all loads stored away, I took it out but not to her knowledge, I came back around the front of the bed to tease her front as I did to her back. I could sense her becoming wetter and wetter as her breathing deepened. As my fingers ran along her panties feeling a little wet patch, I could see her licking her lips, I took that as my time to get ready. I maneuvered her fully on to the bed. She was kneeling on the middle of the bed and without saying anything, I moved her hands behind her back to signal to her to keep them there. I stood over her for about a minute without touching but she knew what was about to come and she slowly opened her mouth. I didn't need an invitation but I took it, I slowly pushed my cock inside her wet mouth and she immediately took a grip to it like a vacuum. There was no teasing on her end, she was straight to work. It was so hot seeing my cock being sucked ferociously from this blindfolded wife. After what was probably only about 2 minutes, I knew I wasn't holding out any longer, and I accidentally broke character and told her that I was going to cum, she started to beg me. Keeping her blindfold on, I knew i was in no danger of hitting her eyes (always a challenge for both parties).

I took my cock out and started stroking over her and positioned her head and asked if she was ready, I got no answer, it was more just a grunt of anticipation. Then days worth of edging just came pouring out. Unfortunately the first two shots went completely over her head and onto the floor but about 8 or 9 ropes covered her blindfold with much also finding its way into her mouth. I stood there admiring what I would describe as a fantastic piece of art (albeit a slutty piece), she took me deep down the back of her throat like a woman possessed to drain every last drop, It made my knees physically wobble and I collapsed onto the bed next to her. She let out a giggle and said, well i Guess i should see your handy work, I lead her to the bathroom and remember we are still yet to make eye contact with each other, despite the amazing experience, she slowly took the blindfold off and caught my eyes through the mirror. She licked a little off the blindfold before turning to me and saying, 'well that was different wasn't it lol'. We shared a kiss and a little chat before entering the shower to clean off.

During the shower, she pressed me up against the wall passionately kissing me and it was starting to awaken my downstairs again. I asked how long we had and she said best part of an hour. What do we all love about hotels? Yep, shower sex. so the next 30 minutes was filled with hot water running down to two of us as we fucked for what was actually the first time. Once finished, we both agreed that we must do something similar again at some stage. That day hasn't arrived yet but we will often exchange a few flirty texts from time to time. A rare gem and hopefully I can add to my memory bank again sometime soon.

Thank you Cath x