22 Dec 2015

My wife squeals, 'At least let me get in the front door before you try to reclaim me!"

Perhaps not directly at our door, but I do like to fuck my wife as soon as she comes home from any date. I’ll have been cock raging horny, all evening, knowing she is out being fucked, legs spread wide, by someone else. Slutily sucking, slutily fucking, her cunt pounded and her sweating body well used.

I want this guy to come inside my wife, to fill her with huge, thick ribbons of cum.

I am so rigid long before she enters, I know, the sooner I can pull aside her sticky panties, the sooner I can slide my cock into the intense heat of her cum-drenched, just fucked pussy, so much the better and the hotter!

I have been thinking about how lubed and silky it will feel, to fuck her sweet pussy, so fucked and so stretched loose, my totally delicious "sloppy girl!"

I never finger her first, I want his every creamy ooze of spunk smeared along my cock!

(Sometimes I urgently need to beat off into my wife's cunt instead of fucking her, just holding my cockhead inside her cunt lips, she lays on her back, legs spread, as I orgasm. She doesn’t mind that at all, as 4 times out of 5, the sight of my fresh cum dripping out of her pussy is enough to revive my cock and I end up fucking her as well.)

We both are as desperately eager as one another other, and both have been, since she called me to tell me she was out and on her way home.

The coffee table and the lounges are our most frequented fuck points, the floor a few times too, occasionally we make it to our bed and fuck, we always leave a cum drenched wet stain on the sheets of our marital bed. The best lube in the world is another man's cum!

I always add my own cum to her mix before I finally wipe my cock all over her sweet face.

**Leave me a comment, tell me if you like, as does my dirty mind, your partner out and about, used and fresh fucked, filled and returned.

It turns me on, tell me if it does you..