Written by bicouple

14 Apr 2011

we always enjoy going to our nude beach, esp mid week, when most peolpe there are single guys or like us a kinky couple, today we were in luck, as we walked along the beach we saw an attrative couple, sitting near the dunes, and both were smilling as got closer, never wanting to miss out of fun, we started chatting with them and soon talk got onto sex, with me saying it is always nice to see so many usable cocks around, we all moved back some into the dunes to a nice little spot, and lay our blankets down, and as quick as lighting her mouth was on my cock, things got hot very quick, mouth and hands going every where, we all touched one another it was clear they were both bi too, after some sucking and licking my cock wanted more, my wife was already having her pussy filled by a nice big cock, so mine found the moist lips of alisons pussy and pushed home into her,,, our antics didnt take long to attract a crowd , a few guys had seen us playing and were now wanking all around us, alison wanted one big cock to suck on and was soon rewarded, she sucked him deep as my cock pounded her pussy, I asked if i could try her other hole and got a sweet smile, and quickly moved into her arse, with slow steedy pumps first up, which quickened with each stroke, the noises she made seem to do the trick and her mouth was filled with cum, I watched as my wife took another guys cock in her mouth too, her motions making his eyes roll and then splat cum was all over her face and in her mouth mmmmmmmmm,, the guy rolled back and another pushed in quick,

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